$55 MTT Userreview - Part 2

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  • MTT
  • $55
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Jonathan Little continues his review of gehtduer's deep run in a $55 tournament. Here in part 2 we are getting into the money and find some tough preflop spots when reraised.


$55 MTT Userreview series User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the second part of Jonathan's user review video!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • cjchalmers


    excellent video .. have enjoyed both parts...

    looking forward to the next installment...

    on a note of the mic... quality is high and breathing interference is minimal...

    keep up the good work :0
  • gehtduer


    hello everyone,

    it was funny to see that i hate my plays in some spots but jonh did a great job finding the spots where i missplayed someth.
    i dont like my minreraise with ATs at all given peoples stacksizes and positions.
  • TheRebuz


    about that 99 hand (37min)

    should we really call a 4betAI there??
    imo we r only way ahead if villain has very loose 4bet shoving range, otherwise imo hero is fliping or way behind. i know we have pot odds EQ vs tightish range too(like 88+,AJs+), but does is worth risking 50% from 40bb stack in that spot, hoping that we r not crushed and that we will win a flip?
    btw what range do u think villain will shove there?

    were u thinking to call 4betAI there or u were planing to fold if villain shove?
  • geoelt


    i think getting it in there with 99 is perfectly standard...

    but another question:

    @ min 35:

    jonathan do u really like a bet there with AQ, AK? I think i even check behind AJ there, cause i do really think i have good sdv. I dont think u get too many pairs to lay down, i mean what are u representing on this board after checking behind flop and turn. should the 4 have halepd u? or the 5? if i'm in the BB's shoes, it think i snap here with T2! its just soooo often AK, AQ imo...
  • geoelt


    SB not BB, sry for that (and no, i wouldnt have been in the hand with T2 unless it was a missclick :D )
  • QuadzNoGood


    Thank you, verry interesting video.
  • TheRebuz


    @ geoelt
    standard to 3bet call a 4betAI with 99... u mean standard vs that kind of loose villain or standard by all means? hmm... what range do u think villain will 4betAI there? (as i can see that will be his first time to 4bet)

    about that AQ hand in 35min i think as hand was played no 1 will fold pair if we bet on river no worse will call no better will fold, so i like check behind
  • SolidSilver


    its a much better sound quality!
  • gehtduer


    @the rebuz:
    of course im not 3bet/folding my 99. i was kind of agressive and he is opening light, so i expect him to jam almost any pair on me.(or even garbage)
    the problem with 99 is that we dont want to flat pre because he has around 20bb which leads us to ugly postflopdecisions, we fold the best hand too often or we pay him off.....

    i agree with you for the AQ-hand, the problem. is that we rep abs. nothing by betting, esp. if we are an early-raiser.
  • tornquist23


    good job JL
  • i5bet72o


    i dont even mind just 3b shoving the 99. He raised to like 17.7K and has like 160K behind so i think shoving looks weaker (b/c guys generally dont 3b/fold vs utg).
  • JonathanLittle


    @rebuz once you 3bet here, getting such good odds, you cant fold. If you know they will only 4bet better, you can consider calling instead of 3betting but even then, its never that bad to get in for 20bbs with 99.

    @geoelt I think it is close between checking and betting. Honestly, it probably doesnt matter too much either way.
  • jmackenzie


    @5.01 I'm pretty sure the 3better feels that you are iso-ing the UTG limp with a wide range and his 3bet will look "Strong"

    Also in this video and the one before you talk a lot about UTG opening ranges being tight, but people open so loose these days I think you give people too much credit.

    As an aside, I know this video is a few months old...
  • jmackenzie


    I take back some of my earlier comments about UTG raises as you start talking about themm @20mins ish :)
  • jmackenzie


    @31min Im pretty sure its a snap call unless he is huuuuuuge nit because you have been so active and you have a hand with pretty decent equity vs his jamming range. He is going to be jamming wide here expecting folds vs an "obv btn steal"
  • jmackenzie


    @30min sorry, AT OTB hand
  • jmackenzie


    @33min when you talk about being at the gym and watching a video...I'd be really interested to know what video/coach you were watching :)
  • JonathanLittle


    I watch numerous videos from numerous sites. I have been studying a lot of cash game and mix game stuff lately, as that is what I am weak at.