Rush Poker - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Fullring
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mbml continues to 4 table at the speed of light with his rush poker series. Watch him play another 800+ hands in just one hour of action.


FullTilt Live Video rush poker

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new Rush poker video by mbml!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • kidzoltan


    i was waiting for this!!
  • alejgambe


    very good video i would like to see some nl200 fullring rush

    good video i repeat
  • baki21


  • Botis111


    I like this video. Very nice 3bet spots.Go on with this. Thumbs up ;)
  • mark0s


  • anko1


    no HUD?!
  • Saki13


    Nice Video

    min 2:23 Why are you calling the River? Do you see him on that many missed draws that he Bluffs?
  • Kongotto


    Min 23:00 he didnt donk into u. He 2,5 rfis A4
  • kalbassa


    3bet with 89s and fold 65s, why?
  • mbml


    #9: sorry about that yeah he actually cbetted the flop i made a mistake so I should have folded the river since the Ace hits his early position raise a lot.
    #10: 89s and 65s are the same more or less, I think it was opponent/spot dependent and for some reason the HUD wasn't showing in the video, I clearly recall having HEM turn on.
  • mbml


    #8: I have no idea what you are referring to, 2:23 shows nothing. But yeah probably (especially if the flushdraw and straightdraw both missed, the number of busted draws and bluffs increase dramatically) , if not i wouldn't make a loose call
  • Saki13


    ok, 2:23 was a litte to late, the call was at 2:10
  • antoniocalado


    i cant see this video
  • Hansshi


    switching off poker sounds makes watching more enjoyable - even though everyone uses them while playing on their own
  • Betrunkener


    horribal layout
    make animations off and you see earlyer the holecards and have more time to act.
  • mbml


    #13: Yeah I think we beat JT/QJ and also TX+flushdraws all missed, the pairing also makes it less likely he has twopair/set

    #16: Hm thanks for the advice on animation, I can probably play more hands per hour now lol
  • Lagmalix


    Please, make a sh version.
  • JonnyAce


    Overall is good play for nl100.
    Some moves looks not optimal as for me...
    Drop pocket fives at sb to mp openraise;
    Check/raise river w pocket tens worst then bet, because opp easy block-bet/fold and block-bet-size is always smaller then yours bet;
    3bet size 9bb is easy exploitable;
    in 3bet-pot cbetting 1/2 actually is very bad;
  • AceGaylord


    47:00 "this guys a nit so I'm just gonna raise and barrel the CRAP out of him" LOL!

    great vid.... again
  • Tim64


    27" you bet 55 after 2 checks and said if it was 99 you maybe check it down. Is that because so many more overcards can come on the turn to improve your opponents hands or for a different reason?
  • peche025


    17:10 when you check/raise as a bluff, what made you think/know villian would be betting 100% of his range?
  • mbml


    #21: yup precisely, 99 is invulnerable against 67s for example but not 55

    #22: I don't, but i believe most people will bet close to 100% cause it's just a spot where the Preflop Aggressor will check/fold so often. I would definitely bet here most of the time if I were in their shoes.
  • BigVices


    Hello please call as the program where you view information about the second player
  • Yoghi


    I love your vids!

    Like #22 said, you check/raised twice on a low drawy board when you had initiative. Do you balance this line? And in case yes, what hands do you use to balance this spot?
  • mbml


    @BigVices: not sure what you are talking about. i think its holdem manager just that i didn't set the settings properly for camtasia and my stats don't show, only the popup stats

    @Yoghi: don't balance all that often except when people notice im doing it quite a lot. then again i don't c/r with initiative all that often.

    this is because most people view me as the type who cbets way too often and i rather cbet into a board where i can't rep much and let them spazz at me.

    and after all this is rush so people forget such frequencies rather quickly.
  • mbml


    of course if i want to use something to balance i usually do it with a monster so i can c/r and commit myself to most turns
  • yomatiyo


    Excelent video, but if u can use just 3 tables it would be better. Cause u have nice ways to explain the hands but not that much time =P
  • st1nson


    i dont see the reason for balancing the c/r line with initiative, cause you dont get to a showdown anyway.
    so if youre balancing this with monsters without people noticing (and yea it is rush...) youre loosing a lot of value.
    so unless you see regs exploiting this no need to balance.

    nice video
    still please turn avatars off!! very hard to see villains hole cards on 4 tables...
    + poker sounds are annoying if youre playing 4 rush tables.

    i dont mind playing 4... this way you get a lot of nice spots...
  • Rothko


    Why 9bb 3bet is easy exploitable?
  • Rothko


    @19 JohnnyAce
  • Metn84


    Good Vid!
    But 2 Tables would be enough for a Video. Its quite difficult to follow your action on each table.