Midstakes Rocket - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $8/$16 - $15/$30
  • Shorthanded
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JohnnyRocket1 plays 4 tables of LHE from stakes of 8/16 to 15/30. In it he talks about playing through a downswing and has to deal with some big hands not going his way


FullTilt Live Video Midstakes Rocket

Comments (13)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by johnnyrocket!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • zorgar


    The guy thats ruinning u over is 20k down on 10/20
  • Blackk


    Good video as usual
  • anyutapilz


    5:30 UL A2s: I would call the river against other busted flusdraws and busted pockets 55-88. Its not very probable but the pot is rather big. Too loose?
  • bluffem


    Nice 4min :)
  • xlabix


    I think you should play less tables. You timed out about 5-6 times and misses the action sometimes.
  • damianpat


    Okay I love your movies, but you don't have to all the time explain your stats, instead you could tell for example which style do you prefer
  • damianpat


    and there is also other question, you use timing tells a lot, do you trust them?

    I know that some regs use them on purpose, for example they think a lot with monster and bet fast with trash

    and a lot of people are watching your vides, aren't you afraid that they can start level you?
  • johnnyrocket1


    zorgar, uh oh, that's no good

    thanks black

    any: It is a simple combo problem, either way I think it is close and I wouldn't be super worried either way in these close spots
  • johnnyrocket1


    xlabix, I typically never do, it is impossible to cater to everyone's wishes for videos, there will only be one like this every so often, but some want to see this so I have to put some of these out.

    damian, sounds good I'll try to cut back some on the explanations

    the timing tell you talk about is one used a lot, and they are not tricking, that is actually the most common obvious one, I use whatever I think narrows their ranges more correctly, timing is one of them

    I don't get scared of the leveling as I keep adjusting on the go, I don't think anyone is gaining edges on me by watching videos, I keep a lot of my play much more basic for videos to explain things and don't get abstract with them like I typically play, I don't have any set game plan and always adjust on the go so I don't worry too much about people gaining edges on me from watching my videos
  • damianpat


    I have no idea, why you play in 16:45 your set such a passively, you tells:

    "he can have AA or tens"

    are you afraid of higher sets?
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Johnny. Some feedback from the Russian community:

    " 00:50 We have ATo, 2 pair and the villain donks into us. You call the Turn intending to raise any blank River. But there are many two-pair and other combos: every Qxs & 9xs (spades), QJ, JT, T9. They all will call our Turn raise. But when you call and they don't hit the River, they will mostly play something other than bet/call - check/call, check/fold, bet/fold. With our Turn raise we'll get those 3 BB more often. What do you think of this sequence?
  • taavi1337


    At #12: I'm also raising the turn in that spot to get more from draws and weaker pairsthat might c/f or c/c the river.

    At 31:47 you just complete A6s on Sb vs 1 limper, very easy raise imo

    At 32:43 I would rather check behind the flop vs 3 opponents, you don't have much fold equity, you can't fold to a c/r and should be happy to take a free card

    At 33:15 you call a donkbet on Qx9cc with 44 on BL table and then snapfold a blank turn without any further comments. Against a 52/20 fish it should be easy calldown on blanks imo

    At 34:35 "dry board, I'll fire again" on the turn, wtf? You contibet turn on K632 rainbow against 3 players OOP ? You can't really expect to be ahead or get lots of hands to fold. Imo somebody always has 6x+ in that spot, they won't "peel the board with any two" if it's K63 rainbow no matter how big the pot is. Easy c/f on the turn for me

    Nice vid :)