NL $400-600 SSS Session Review

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $400 - $600
  • Fullring
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Session Review

Comments (14)

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  • Blennus


    nice Video, i am really looking forward to other Videos from you.

    I think you played the T7 Hand good, you have to bet the turn and call twice, he can easy have a Flushdraw, or another Ten.
  • allizdoR


    10:30 TT
    I would bet/3-bet. I didn't like the possibility of given a freecard on this Board.
    And on 560 Hands the River AF is not realy exact. He also is higher then the Turn AF, so I think he is able to steal the Pot on the River.

    16 KK
    You would fold KK? Realy? Are you sure? I have I missunderstood you? You can only fold KK, if you know he will only 4-bet AA, then its OK. But you will nearly never know it.

    T7 against Maniac
    I think it was ok. If he c/r the Flop, I would try to raise PreFlop and see how he play this situation.

    Overall I think there where some nice Hand in your video.
    But I think you are a bit to slow, some things are standard for an advanced video and you talked so long about it.
  • xarry2


    @ allzidor:

    10:30 as I said I'm not very content with the c/r try on the flop. bet/call/push is better here.

    @16: of course not :) i must have misspelled something which happens sometimes (especially if i'm speaking english...)

    @T7: I didn't do this because he complete/reraised me before. In these spots I often don't raise trash and T7o is imo trash.

    maybe there arent so many very interesting spots but I already recorded 2 hours to get these...
    you mean I talk to slow? I didn't get that point.
    but thx for your feedback!
  • helemaalnicks


    nice vid!

    I like the 10 7 hand. Potcontrol in sss :). I prob would've pushed the AK hand though @ 28. His PFR was pretty high.
  • wettongl


    very nice hand at the end and very nice vid overall.

    the T7 ist very good. I dont know how else to find a better "Kompromiss" between buiding the pot for value and keeping small if we are behind.

    definitely looking forward to your next one.

    you must consider that maybe for you and a some other guys most of these things are already quite standard or at least known. Now if anybode just emerges from playing ABC-SSS he needs exakt comments on these advanced SSS approaches. In my opinion you can't blame a coach for getting to much into detail, because he has to think about the hole Range of listeners and not only the "Monsters" ;)
  • gezza999


    Where do those stats come from? I do not have access to those stats that you have surrounding the players names. How do I get those stats up?
  • xarry2


    u need either poker ace hud or the elephant to display the stats from your pokertracker database to the tables on your screen
  • Therabidfox


    De faja PP skinje van Xarry2-nek, de seholsem találom :S Ez egyedi vagy letudom valahonnan tölteni? Plz valaki segítsen. Ty.
  • devilses


    Remek kis videó.
    Több érdekes leosztást találtam benne.
  • Trox


    i wish i had ur luck when playing SSS :p
  • Tim64


    Yeah, I can only agree - this is an awsome video. No one else out there makes high stakes SSS look so interesting, exact and...profitable. Really like the call with AJ v SB and BB - great odds and don't commit whole stack with a marginal hand.
  • diutza


    Very good video and all your videos, It will help me getting up the limits.
    You had some luck over there, but you played them correctly.
  • Dodozz


    good video, that game when he had Q2..he had fullhouse on flop, I would just say that you did a correct desicion.. I actually dont play on NL600 but I would do the same thing when you hit on turn T..
  • tomasa82


    Full table