firsttsunami floods - Part 4

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4 - $3/$6
  • Shorthanded
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firsttsunami plays 4 tables of 2/4 and 3/6 limit on room Poker. He faces some aggressive opponents and finds some tricky river spots


Firsttsunami floods Live Video series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by firsttsunami!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Valdano


    "Es ist leider ein Systemfehler aufgetreten."
  • fuerstIN


    Hey firsttsunami:
    Good and interesting Vid, thanks for that!

    Overlapping is fine now!
    I got some questions:
    Min 2:30 : Upper Right Table, easy Vbet on the T against OCs and Gutshots.
    After the check I might be inclined to Vbet against K high, but not sure about that

    Min 5:10 Upper Right Table, do you always Cbet that Turn?Im not sure if me might have foldeed a pair on the turn and you wont get to fold AT, AK T9, KT; given that that gguys is passive he might aswell raise a spiked FD...Maybe c/f on the T is best?

    Min 15: Bottom Right, I think you should either ch behid the T and call the River, or b/ca the Turn and call any none club , non J or Q River because he was so aggressiv, tho he c/c c/r with strong hands b4

    Min 16 :D I won't against that guy coz I dont have any fold-equity and oops I just c/r him accidently :D

    MIn 22:19: ATo would it be better to c/c the Flop?You get 13:1 and probs 14:1 coz Karlo will never fold and u might have around 2 outs...
    Sure its close and u dont know where ur at when u hit a T or an A but still I think you can aswell call and c/r if u hit!
    With a BackdoorFD it would be an pretty clear call I think.

    MIn 23: Bottom Right Wouldn't u think Its better to wait until the Turn if he c/r you on the FLop?He c/r u b4 only with strong hands, but he did that on the Turn so he might c/r a draw on the Flop.I think he also knows that you Cbet nearly any Turn aswell so I think a c/r on the Flop is way weaker than and c/r on the Turn so I would call a c/r on the Flop to raise the Turn to get more money out of his "weaker ahnds I dont expect him to have stronger hands in his flop c/r-ing range...
    as played is a 3bet on the turn easy imo

    Min 28: Bottom Right.
    What do you think about a raise 4 free SD? He might fold Pockets < 99 but still may call with FDs and sicne he waited untill the turn to c/r with his stronger hands b4 I think thats viable aswell.

    Min 29 Bottom Right: why dou you raise the donkbet on the Turn?!Those kind of players do that frequently with a K and sometimes with a 9 or a bluff. However they dont fold a K ever and they just fold with bluffs. I prefer a calldown coz he might continue to bluff the River in case he was bluffing. If he then checks a blank River do you Vbet against A or check behind ( in case you just called the Turn)?

    Min 31:36 Bottom Left: what do you think about r/f the River? I don't see him 3betting an A,he's only 3betting a flush or maybe a good Q!I dont really see him bluff3betting here!

    MIn 34: Upper Right: WOuld you b/3bet the Turn with your AK against ca F r T from Hensgens?or would you prefer to Calldown?

    Min 34:39: Upper Right what do you think of calling AQs preflop against that guy who you have been run over to "slowplay" and call down ui and just raise if you im prove?!

    Min 36:40 I think that an A33 Board is really bad to c/r bluff if you have been running someone over!
    Just because you can't repp that much and he will call you down with Q high I think just because you have been running him over and therefore he just thinks you can't have it again. If the board would be Q33 i think it's fine tho.

    Min 37:33 : I think you have an easy Cbet on the Turn ; hensgens would have raised any pair ( which he did b4 with 66 on 9s8s3 ) and the other guy would have capped any strong hand pre or raise the Flop if he hit and they both will call with overs or any kind of draw.

    Min 37:45 : Top left : would you barrel the River if a 3rd heart fell on the turn and you would have been called?
  • firsttsunami


    first thank you for your comprehensive feedback. i'll react to your feedback withing the next few days but i can't do it right now because i play the gladiator promotion. :)
  • fuerstIN


    Yeah No worries :)
    Ther's no rush but you have to be prepared to answer to abit of feedback on other vids tho too :P
    gl with the promo!
  • firsttsunami


    as no tables are running right now i'm trying to give you feedback for at least a few situations

    @ 5:10

    I do not always bet the turn. when you equitlate this situation you'll figure out that you'll be behind due to the Jx and Qx combinations. i do sometimes play c/c though it is obvious but why betting when no better hand is folding and you risk to get raised and this check is also a kind of exploit of the call flop raise Turn Valuemove.

    since my turnbettingrange would get too strong, i do also have to bet sometimes and depending on my opponent and the current dynamic i play bet/fold or bet/call call blank River. because of the fact that i play c/c sometimes with A high, opponents are supposed to perceive my hand stranger that they actually is and when i did play c/c with a high a lot and then bet with Ax, i use to play bet/fold because the opponent should suspect to be against a strong range

    @ 22:19
    i need to have around 3.5 Outs to call but i do only have 3 outs against skootas cappingrange and reverse implied odds and not even a backdoor flushdraw. with bd flushdraw i'd definitely call but given the few outs and reverse implied odds, i'd rather let it go on the flop


    this crafty guy has absolute maniac tendencies up to that time and against such a guy i want to induce more action by 3betting. he may have capped the turn and even the river and i could have lost 2bB and i don't think that he gives up any pairs that he checkraist on the turn. in a different situation when i put my opponent way often on a bluff, i just call the turn and raise the river. definitely an option but against retards i rather take the risk of folding but taking the opportunity to let him cap the turn with any draw or pair

    the raise wasn't good tbh. calldown would have been definitely better

    i got tables now. will give feedback on the rest later. :)
  • firsttsunami


    thank you fuerst. if you like you can add me on skype "firsttsunami"

    2:30 it's basically an easy bet yes. didn't pay enough attention whereby it's not a crucial mistake against unknown because with a cr you put yourself into a tough spot and he may bluffbet with a hand like 79 that he'd foldet to a turnbet but when you look at his comprehensive peeling-range you are right that it's basically a bet for free showdown
  • firsttsunami


    thank you fuerst. if you like you can add me on skype "firsttsunami"

    2:30 it's basically an easy bet yes. didn't pay enough attention whereby it's not a crucial mistake against unknown because with a cr you put yourself into a tough spot and he may bluffbet with a hand like 79 that he'd foldet to a turnbet but when you look at his comprehensive peeling-range you are right that it's basically a bet for free showdown
  • firsttsunami



    why raising the river? His Range has me beat and there is almost no worse hand calling but too many better ones that call. With A9 or AT a raise might become profitable but not with A4


    i do that occasionally but you have position and such a strong hand that you usually don't wanna loose value by just calling. you basically loose too much value AQs when you just call with strong hands like AQs is


    It's certainly a level spot but i would also checkraise my aces there and my c/r is well balanced and i was perceived as being tight and less bluffy. i can rep enough and with a tight image overall i think it's ok to sometimes bluffraise an Axx dry-Flop.


    It's actually a no brainer bet on the turn yes.


    as enough flushdraws are in his range, i'd definitely fire the river again with T high no showdownvalue. on such a board where your opponent calls with enough draws and you have no showdownvalue, you should always fire the river again.
  • Dollyy


    I would prefer you playing just three tables.
  • firsttsunami


    yes. i'll either focus on 2 tabling live videos or alternatively on sessionreviews. 4 tables are definitely too much 8)
  • fuerstIN


    Hey Firsttsunami!
    Thanks alot for your fast answer!
    Sorry I didnt check ealier but I didn't expect you to answer soon as you said that you in the next days!However I appreciate that you answered so fast!

    All your answered did make sense to me!

    just too more questions:
    The A4o Hand in Min 34:36
    Let's say that he b/ca the River with every A < A7 and all PPs > 88+ and only 3betting a FH,AK,AQ,KQ ,QJ and the Flush, how much Equity would we need to raise and call?!66,6 %
    If we raise and fold how much woukd that be?!
    I just can't solve it right now.
    If my assumptions are right then we have 69% against that calling-Range which would make this a profitable raise/fold.AT would be 82%...

    And then sth more general about 3betting in the BB.What do you normally 3bet from the BB against a standard Reg?I struggle with than...

    I commented on the second Part of this series aswell so would be nice if you could answer aswell on my comments :)

    I'll add you in Skype wither later when Im back home or tomorrow :) thanks for the offer!
  • firsttsunami



    i was confused first as the mentioned hand took place 3 minutes before on 31:36 :D

    We need 66% to play raise/call and against bizzark i don't like playing raise/fold though i do delay strong madehands like the Q to the river but this guy did plays on me, 3betting the turn with air or K high that he could go crazy with a hand like JTs KJ or something like that. and when you consider his 3betting range from the SB (he 3bets quite loosely) you'll find out that he has a queen more frequently in his range than a normal 3bettor does. i've seen him even 3betting with QTo in that situation and so the queens and the better aces are way too likely to justify a raise.

    when you intend to play raise/fold then you need 50% equity as you loose 1BB if you succeed and the same amount if you fail.

    when you want to compute how much equity you do actually need (as the 2/3 rule does assume that he is going to 3bet each better hand) you have to determine the 16,6% as 100% and then find out how many better hands he 3bets out of his range and take that %ual part and mulitply it with the 16,6%.

    3betting out of the bigblind:

    against aggressive and showdownbound opponent i do just 3bet showdownvalueable hands like KQ and rather stay away from deceptive 3bets with suited connectors. depending on how much the open from the BU you have to determine your 3bet range individually, adjusted to your opponents BU-Opening-Range.

    against straight forward tags and nitty opponents that use to play fit or fold poker and do not backfire a lot, i like it more to take the initiative. not only for foldequity but mainly due to the fact that nitty opponents do contibet the turn too infrequent that the the line c/c c/r suffers a big loss of value when your opponent checks back with A and K high and you have an overpair on a lowcard dry board board.

    against thinking opponents i do mix my 3bets that my perceived call and 3bet-range is very wide and could contain from 87s to AA.
  • firsttsunami


    ... depending on how much he opens from the BU you @the 2nd paragraph from the bottom up i used "board" 2 times. i allow you to keep all the mistakes for you. ;)
  • firsttsunami


    i'd like you to give feedback to my latest video and have all your question been answered accurately now? if not, let me know :)
  • fuerstIN


    Thanks for the long answer :9
    Yes,do did in deed answer them accurately :)
    Oh well and don't worry about the mistakes I'll figure it out anyways!

    Watching the next episode is on my to-do-list!
    I just don't find the time right mow coz I'm busy with my studies but I'll watch it this Weekend.
    being busy is also the reason y I didnt met u on skype so far, but we'll fix it soon ;)
    In the meanwhile u could look over my comments to the 2nd episode ;)
    I would appreciate that :)
  • taavi1337


    Vry nice video, thank you!