18man Turbos

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $27 - $38
  • Fullring
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Aaron Lambert plays two 18 man SnG's and spends the time to explain how your strategy should differ from other tournaments.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by Aaron, who plays 18-men SNGs this time!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Herosista


    I really dont like push A4o utg 7handed.

    This way too loose with your stack size
    A9o, A6s min in this spot

    ofsuited aces are so dominated when called
  • bart87


    Hello Aaron, love your videos, they're really good stuff - always sth new I learn with your playing style, but here I have some criticism ;). I didn't like some of your shoves being pretty deep in terms of effective stack/blind structure/average stack or risk/reward ratio. To be precise:

    - 20:30 A5o shoving from the BU into two guys sitting with 15bb on 50/100 blinds; I just fold this hand and try to build my image; Also risk/reward ratio is really small, there are no antes etc. and if they will call our shove, we will be strongly dominated with small Ax's;
    - 22:00 KQo 75/150, pretty same situation as above, but now into 4 players with 10bb (which is still almost average stack). This hand won't play well against there calling ranges and we don't earn much chips in this spot as our stack i really healthy;
    - 25:30 T6o first in SB shove... This guy is 10bb short, there are still no antes and there's no need for us to accumulate chips, cause we personally have good stack to play with later;
    - last hand, an A4o UTG shove w/ 9bb is really bottom of my shoving range there, but still rather would like to shove there 54s than weak Ax's;

    All these examples wasn't congruent with what you said in the beginning, that survival is much more important than chip accumulation. In my opinion those spots was pretty close to be good, but definitely not necessary. Thanks anyway, hope to see some new vids soon!
  • AaronLambert


    I agree I play so many MTTs that I didn't do a great job in adjusting my shoving ranges to a survival mode approach.
  • smokinnurse


    yeah, I also didn't like the spots with KQo/A5o (see #4)
    otherwise T6o SB vs BB - if the BB isn't that loose I see enough FE against a 10bb stack for loose pushes as well
  • Patrycja


    Its nice, that you use Sharkscope to make easier desicions in difficult spots....
    Sharkscope is forbidden on Poker Stars. Nice work PokerStrategy!
  • IROC2000


    ah could you or another pokerstrategy coach please do more vids of this, but for silver status for example with a lower buy in or so. that would be great!!
  • larseda


    bad video to learn sth from way to tight and the wrong spots lose, good video to keep fish, so great job
  • larseda


    just kidding great video, really find some spot were i had leaks.

  • JustgAMblin


    A4o UTG 7handed is a really bad push imo.

    even J7s is performing better here than A4o. and would u guys push J7s here?

    i dont think so....

    @ Aron:

    u should be aware of what u are playing before(!) u make a new video.

    and i dont like onetabling after half of the video.

    nothing new in this vid for me.
  • AaronLambert


    I'm with you. The best thing from this video was the it atleast brought up some good discussion.
  • bart87


    it's not imo strictly bad... it's just not optimal for those circumstances. J7s, yes, sometimes it could be shoved, but not in this exact situation... (180man, bubble or FT bubble with some shortstack's behind me, and fishy players on blinds, would be good example I think).

    keep this vids up Aaron! cheers.
  • martcho


    Thx for the good call comment with the A9o on the BB.
    u should keep recording the sng to watch the Martcho 18man show! =P

    ...just kidding, nice video!
  • AaronLambert


    Ty bart... and ya got me mart :D
  • JustgAMblin



    besides this little things. However, i like your vids. A good discuccion is often better than a perfect played sng. ;)

    so keep up ya work.

  • JustgAMblin



    "besides this little things, i liked it."

    shouldnt post a comment and chat with 3 people simulaneously. :P
  • AaronLambert



    But multitasking is something I am proud of :D.
  • Nickita86


    c T6о максимально убогий пуш...
    рисковать 1500 чипсами ради выигрыша 150 чипсов...анте нету блины маленькие, вапще непонятно :(
  • MsVariance


    thx Aaron, could you please make some more 18pl vids?
  • Pocket2Chris


    watched ur video a few minutes ago. i think, if u play the 18 men 30$+ like u, u will not be able to beat them.

    So it would be nice if u make a new 18 men vid;)
  • Anaspe


    Please translate into Russian