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Unam takes part in some self analysis using the poker tools available for SnG players. He reviews a SnG recently played as part of a live coaching session and highlights any suboptimal lines he takes.


PokerStars Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by Unam!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Jakoebchen


    I acutally got the QJs Hand +EV if you readjust the Calling/Overcallingranges of the Blinds to realistic tight Levels.
  • randompeople


    I can feel Redoom's pain... rarely making comments but:
    - poor game understanding
    - bad wiz usage

    >>to PS management: please pay someone good and make !really educational videos.

    >>to Unam sorry if I was too rude, I'm not trying to be mean, just my point of view, and 89o was a fold )
  • sirilidion


    well with Unam having 2100 and the blinds being 300/600 he is getting 2 to 1 on the call and considering how short he will be and that the second short stack is very unlikely to stack of his stack I can see this to be a marginal call

    the JQ easy call good odds very unlikely to get a better spot to get it in imo

    A7o call and a fold to the big stack who you got a tight read on since I am not seeing him reshoving with a range where A7o is ahead and still have a decent chipstack.
  • ElNunho


    Omg that bubble was a nightmare!
    Very interesting video, I still don't have a clue on many of the hard spots...
    My 2 cents:
    I would definitely push 63o BvB with the random player on the big blind, I really don't see him calling with more than 3o%.
    I would also fold 89o, I think we can still hope to be first in next hand and get a positive diff% push vs the random.
    I think the call with QJs is fine with such a short stack, better than pushing a random hand on the chipleader next hand but I'm still not sure...
  • Fox999


    yeah new unam vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fox999


    #3: could be that unam isnt in his best form in his vid, but u write poor game understanding than i would like to see a vid from u and then see that u have a better game understanding...i dont believe u have lol
  • LgWz


    Hey Unam

    63o: I think this one is close, the fact that he was looser earlier doesn't mean he won't be extremely risk averse like many fish are when calling all his chips on the bubble (he might not be, but it's a possibility to be considered). The stack setups are a lot nicer if we push and he folds than just giving him blinds and antes though, meh spot but I might shove.

    QJs: I actually got this to +0.09% being a little optimistic on overcalling ranges and calling ranges when he fold, but you can safely take negative edges anyway here so it should be a good push. Situation gets really terrible if you fold so go for it!

    98o: I think it's safe to say he's on 100%, so you get -1.16% on a call, but checking on Holdem Resources, your equity drops from 19.44% to 15.41% (-4.41%!) of the prize pool if you fold this hand and your stack will be really small. So even a -1.16% call looks awesome imo, 2 cards 8+ vs ATC :P
  • Fox999


    89 is a fold i think...u getting definitly better spots in later hands i think
  • flocen


    manu definitly hasnt poor game understanding

    the 89 call is really really close, i like that kind of calls against regulars, just to show them, they havent too much foldequity against me, when i'm down to 2,5bb or less. with that marginal hand its really close, i'd liked the call more with a stack that is 100-200 chips shorter
  • bogie


    The 89 hand is a good call, thinking outside the box is what seperates the 15%+ ROI winner from the rest.well played.
  • alejandrosh



    also being imaginary separates a 15%+ ROI winner at this games
  • sOgNoLoCo


    Great video! Please keep up analyzing such close spots!
    Cant really think on how this could ever be seen as poor understanding.
    Very deep study of very challengin situation, thank you man!

    Just a note, in an A3o hand it seems that you confuse the calling and overcalling range in wiz, but maybe just my poor english talking ;)
  • Rabotorg


    Сделайте пожалуйста перевод на русский.
  • gedwashere91


    I like the 89o call, taking into account that if we win this reg will now push less on us, we will be chipleader and able to exploit the bubble extensively and gain chips fast, etc. etc. and if we fold then we're pretty well fucked :P
  • gedwashere91


    Great video though Unam, I've been trying to watch more vids recently but they're normally very dull, this one kept me interested :D
  • Puscherbilbo


    @8 Are u sure that Wizard hasn´t already deducted your blind? So the -EV has to be added to the already lost EV due to paying the blind.
  • Puscherbilbo


    Unams reads on opponents appear off sometimes. Axel_Stone could be a Reg and just adjusting his play to table and Stacksize.
  • Puscherbilbo


    I dont like the 98o call because we can achieve the same result in the next hand in the SB and a close enough result on the Button. So we could wait for a better hand to make that same play. Also there is a slim possibility that something good happens like a SD between two other players.
  • lessthanthreee


    89o good call.

    next hand we wont have the benefit of doubling to become chip leader and the future benefits of bubble abuse. so taking this spot with 89o looks like the best opportunity imo.
  • CBFunk


    Hey guys,

    Unam is on holidays at the moment. He will answer your comments when he´s back
  • Unam


    I hope you don't mistake my "I am not sure what the best solution is" for bad game understanding, it is just my way of trying to say, that IMHO it is a extremely close situation, and to solve it we would need more information then we could ever have (eg. exact ranges of our opponents or how will the future EV exactly be).
    So we could discuss better (or I could avoid mistakes in future) if you could explain what you didn't like

    And don't fear I would be angry at you for stating your opinion. Honest feedback is worth a lot to me and that includes negative feedback as well.
  • Unam


    @ 8 and 17
    AFAIK wizard already took my EV loose into its calculation, so the -1% is on top of the Blindloss.
  • Unam


    @ all,
    thanks for all the good replays and your reasoning, whether to call 89 or to fold it, something that I didn't mention is metagame vs radoom and I think if we take that into our calculation, then the call should be better then the fold (but I just can't say: "you have to call this" cause it is very very close imho)
  • goldchess


    Early stages:

    A2o hand- I really don't like the complete. It's a hand that plays super awful, OOP you don't have many chances to steal the pot, and I don't see how you can value bet that effectively if you hit your A- it is not clear if the fish will call 3 bets with some middle pair, and you might end up value owning yourself vs better Ax

    AJs hand- I would have raised this one, I don't see how this could ever be awful from MP1, and with the huge fish in the BB we will gain a ton of value
  • randompeople


    @22 Unam: it was not only about some specific hands, it seems that you using WIZ just to justify your decision, example: villain called you with A9o with one limper and your shove, after that when you shoved 7bb you left default with range 6.4. "Poor game understanding" was about setting correct ranges that I think was sometimes far away form correct.

    IMHO. But what can I know - I am just a low stacks moron. GL to all ))
  • Presley60


    John Wayne what random peaople say ?
  • HariRadovan


    I really liked that video. There were a lot of interesting situations and you made the best decision in every single hand (except of the AK-fold of course :-).

    The QJs-call is very good: you dont have foldequity with your stack and have to play one of the next 2 hands if you fold. On average they will be worse than QJs, you have an equity-edge vs. radooms pushing-range + dead money from the blinds.

    The call with 98o is necessary because you are the small stack, get good pot odds and most importantly loose your foldequity if you fold. If your stack was 3BB or less and you are the short stack I think you should call with 100% of your hands. Here you had 3.5 BBs so I would fold my worst 20% of hands or so. Folding 98o would be a serious blunder.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Perrinjoo


    its 2 funny to take seriuosly this video.
  • vidrata


    #20, #8 +1

    Nice video Unam. Interesting spots.

    I like the QJs call, the 98o as well.
  • mergelina


    dont u think. when a player like "sodamnlucky" raises 2,25bb from SB with a 13bb stack, its EXTREMELY suspicious? prehaps a call is an option at this spot?
  • Common13


    А7о Ev- call IMHO
    89o very very very closely
    but with such great luck you had won that tournament ;)
  • kurrkabin


    Man,that was a tough material.Very hard decisions and marginal spots.QJs is a must call,you can't fold that one in that situation.I like the a7o call as well.89o was close.In my view,if you call and win-you are getting a reasonable chance to finish first.If you fold-you lose your fold equity and your chance to end up in the money decreases by a lot.It's a very close spot where any decision is marginal,I like the call better though.
    Keep up the good work.
  • Varangino


    I enjoyed watching the video a lot.

    The QJs is an immediate call for me. Like you said, it's a Now or Never spot.

    Although you did luck out to some extent, it must also be said that Redoom also lucked out, firstly by hving AT in that spot when he's shoving 70% or more, and then also by hitting the flop. So I don't feel his pain at all, as another commenter suggested.

    Same for the 89o. You simply had to make a choice sooner or later, and 89 is as good as it gets.

    The A7 would be an instafold to me. I'd hope that Redoom wins that hand which would allow me to abuse the other two, especially the tight player, more easily. On top of that, A7 is just one of those no-win hands - the opponent either has you dominated or has two live cards.

    Keep making vids!
  • TeddybaermitHolzgewehr


    I would have called QJs either, but I think its bottom range of this -ev call. If you had a worse hand I might would wait for beeing the big-blind because you dont only double-up, but you are also through the blind for the moment.