$55 MTT Userreview - Part 3

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It's the third and final part of Jonathan Little's review of PokerStrategy.com member gehtduer. Action continues with 3 tables left to the final table.


$55 MTT Userreview series User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the last part of Jonathan's MTT user review!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • label55


    very nice job from both!
  • Ribbo


    yes, it's always nice to ship tournaments :)
  • SirTommy83


    First i wand to thank you for this nice MTT-Video.

    But i have a small critique.
    Sometimes you skip the hands to fast and at the FT i would like to see all bust outs, because it is interesting with which hands the people go all in.
  • TheRebuz


    about that K7hh hand in 21min
    i think check shoving flop is fine and imo that was hero intention when he checks flop.
    i think that c/rAI flop is better then b/c on flop (cos we add some Feq, depending on that how much villain bets on flop, or even we can just call and shove any turn -> kinda postponed stop and go play), but on the other hand hero was a preflop aggressor (he 3 bets) and we have to keep lead in the hand so Cbet/c(or shove any turn if got caled) with backdoor str8draw and flush draw is fine too

    Q for HERO
    i'm really interested what were your intention when u check on flop...
    why u check on flop?
    what was your plan if he bets?
    what was your plan for turn if villain checks on flop and
    a) turn came 2,3,4,5,6,T,J not heart of corse
    b) turn came 7,8,9,q,k,a
    c) heart

    p.s. congrats on your win, gg
  • Tahigwa


    very nice plays and comments. Mr Little seems to have a sixth sense of the opponents ranges. also his videos are fun to watch, i definatly like to watch more of his content.
  • gehtduer


    hey guys, i hope you like the vid as much as me, im just going to comment about my thoughts in some hands:

    QJs-hand: actually i hate my call pre, hes def. too short to call here, folding is better.
    On the flop i tanked after he checked, i looked up his stats and saw he is winning player and thats why i checked back. i almost was afraid when he checked because good players wont give up this flop very often and i feared he would shove on me a lot, so i wanted to realise my equity there and also if i do hit, hes never going to buy it.

    78o-hand in the sb firstin:
    actually i didnt like raising there because herdgolf was one of the better players on the table and has a huge stack. So i think hes is going to make plays on me so often that i like folding the 78. I just think hes never folding there, hes eather calling and looking to outplay IP or reraising which puts me in ugly spots.
    also personally i almost nerver fold my bb ag sb-opens if where not shallowstacked, im just putting pressure on the sb everytime and force him to have a hand.

    min 30: i think folding the Q4o and the 78o on the button is bad because they are clearly not playin back at me enough, so seing the vid, i probably like raising any2 from the button ag these guys, especially seing that xehf3211 is superweak.

    the 33-hand HU: i dfly hate checking back the flop because he hasnt been overagressive, picking it up there or occasionally getting value from A-high or overs is a lot better.

    the last hand HU: this is a really ugly spot, i
    remeber i tanked for years.... but i thought (even as a fish, which he was), he would realize that im agressive and would bet smaller to induce sth with a really big hand.
    and calling on the flop sucks becoz youre getting in ugly turndecisions.

    anyway, thanks a lot JL, you did a great job, im looking to work on these few things which you were complaining about :)
  • gehtduer


    @ 5:

    first thank you for talking about this hand, i almost forgot it :)

    the plan was to check/shove, inducing bets from random hands, i actually also balance this with topset or AA sometimes. of course i also sometimes check/fold there.

    Now the turn becomes intresting and pretty tricky actually:
    1) on a blank i would bet huuge(3/4 of the pot) and commit it because he never has a good made hand when he checks back the flop. i hope that hes folding small pairs at that point.
    If a no-heart A,K or Q hits, i think betting is also very good because it hits my range very hard (AQ,AK). and i dont expect him to have AQ or AK because he should shove it pre.

    On a 7,8 or 9(non-heart), i would check with the intention of check-shoving(although it sucks) just to make decisions easier.

    on a heart, i bet twice for value, prob a bit smaller on the turn, hoping that he shoves it in with random flushdraws or str8draws.
  • i5bet72o


    how much did u end up winning $ wise?
  • sirilidion


    wasn't EliasViritas the gut that interviewed the pokerstratymember that busted out last year EPT's for pokerstrategy?
  • Grindithard


    EliasVeritas sure is a former livereporter for PokerStrategy.com..
  • gehtduer


    better reporter than pokerplayer though:)
  • JonathanLittle


    Im glad you guys liked it.
  • EliasVeritas


    I always wonder how I make it deep in a tournament as well.
  • vidrata


    Very nice video and good job from both of you!
  • jmackenzie


    @6.41 I think that folding the A5o to the 2nd sucessive 3b is closer than you think. I mean he 3b the hand before but maybe he thinks that he is getting the better of you
    Obv the lowest variance route is to fold, but I think there are merits to sticking it in here. From a table image perspective I like people to think that they can't play back at me too easily. Especially vs a table of randoms. I've tried to OPR this guy but can't find him...

    If he folds he's still got 23bb to work with.

    I haven't actually ran the equity numbers and maybe I should but im getting tired and just spewing out comments. I wanted to watch this video series to the conclusion :)

    With A5 suited, instinctively, I'm feeling a 4b jam is def sexy here.
  • JonathanLittle


    While I am all for 4bet jamming all kinds of stuff, I tend to only do it when I have a really good reason and right there, I am not sure I do.
  • nnssoonn


    Good videos! 1+

    If I win a tournament: is it possible that you can review it and comment on it?
  • JonathanLittle


    You can email it in and if the guys in charge think it will make a good video, ill go over it.