Midstakes Rocket - Part 3

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johnnyrocket fires up several 10/20 tables at Full Tilt, including 2 heads up vs Full Tilt Pro Karina Jett. Watch him raise and reraise the minimum repeatedly in this limit holdem video.


FullTilt Live Video Midstakes Rocket

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new midstakes video by johnnyrocket1!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • zorgar


    Watch him raise and reraise the minimum repeatedly in this limit holdem video.

    Beste Beschreibung ever.
  • fuerstIN


    Hey Reese!
    Thanks for the Video!
    In the beginning I didn't like it that much but after a while i started liking it better and better,especially with you saying that you wanted to produce this Vid for usseeing how you "normaly" play.
    I also enjoyed the HU part with Katherina!
    As there was alot of action I also have a bunch of questions!I hope you have the time to answer them!

    -Min 03:26 :
    Bottom right:
    what about a Raise on the Turn when the A hits?! You may get him to fold a pair ( like 22, 33 ; or you may be even ahead of some draws like QJ, JT ( though thats only 32 Kombos ) And I don't exactly know which cards he will Coldcall with.But I reckon he'd 3bet at least half of his QJ but I have absolutely no Idea about the Coldcallingranges on T/20. In addition to that you have at least 9 clean Outs, so it can't be that wrong.
    But You have only about 22 Hands from that guy so Im not really sure if you can narrwo his range that far.

    -What if a Tag coldcalls in the Sb with that Blind structure?!do you check behind that Flop aswell?

    -Min 5:10
    What would you do against Tags? b/c c/f ui on the River?!
    What if the TAG calls the Turn and the same 2 of clubds falls on the River?
    as played, what do you think of c/f the River? Or is that guy just not "straightforward" enough to ch behind with everything thats splits with you and bet the hands that beat you?

    -Min 08:54 :
    Why did you choose to 3bet the FLop with TPNK?
    wouldn't it be better against her to call the Flop and Raise the Turn ( fold if 3bet) as long as no club falls?

    -Min 09:42 :
    I think it's a fold for 5:1 with a gutter and maybe 1 -1,5 reduced outs for the A, even if he 3bets a wide range, it just hits his range too hard.Tho you said that he was going crazy lately in the last few hans he always had solid hands he was betting with ( sure it were only 3 hands but still...)

    -Min 10:29 :
    AJ what would you have done if you wouldn't have missed the action?! Cbet on the Turn is pretty clear.
    What would you do against a raise?
    what if he calls and the River blanks? Your Equity should be around 40% if my assumptions are right. Would you Vbet against A high, or try to induce bluffs from missed draws?Or would you even consider b/c against missed draws?

    -Min 16:17
    what would you do if a A ( not of diamonds) would fall? do you think that a c/r is superior to a donk?or do you think that most Regs would check behind the A?They can try to bluff with a flusd draw thats lower than K or Q high against K or Q high. However they know that the A hits your Range aswell. I think a c/r is a little bit better than donking out but I'm not sure about it.
    If you prefer, do you consider d/f the Turn with an A without a diamond?

    -Min 17:58:
    I think coldcalling with the 2/3 chip structure is farbetter than 3betting with the guy behind you being a "semiTag", he'll probably call a pretty wide range aswell and therefore your Handis pretty good, plays well postflop and your getting god odds. In addition the Shorty on the Bu will ship it in light postflop.

    -Min 23:44 Upper left with AKo:
    Don't you think a bet on the Turn is better against her?She willprobably call an A high and only raise with strong hands against you have implieds on the River if you hit.On the other Hand if you check she will check behind with ehr unimprived A highs and probably check behind with a Pocket.She might have raised a Queen on the Flop and might aswell check behind an Jack on the Turn...SO I think its close.
    What do you think about folding the River?After all you said about her I don't think she's ever bluffing here.

    -Min 32:45:
    What do you think of a c/r on the River against that guy with you A high Flush?
    I don't see him capping a bad hand frequently and I think he seems to be unreasonable but aggressive so that he might b/ca with AJ,KJ 88 or QQ and KK or b/f or maybe even b/ca with AKo or AQo

    -Min 34:55:
    On what handrange do you put your Opponent after he donked the FLop and checked the Turn?
    Mostly Tx,Qx, Flushdraws and a few 8x and straightdraws?

    -Min 39:00
    what would you do in his/her shoes with a high? b/ca the River?
    -How do you Table select?
    Do you use any Toolsor just sit on every waiting list and then see if the Table is good?

    -Min 41:15
    What do you 3bet from the BB as a default?

    -Min 41:58:
    What do you do with 9x no heart or 77 no heart in that spot?
    How does it change if you have a heart?

    -Min 44:00:
    Isn't A7s an easy Isoraise out of the Small Blind against a Buttonopenlimper?

    -Min 45:
    :D :D

    How do you analyse your sessions?Iguess you can't go through all Hands and review them Hand by Hand. What do you do instead of it and how long do you approximately do Reviews in comparision to playing?

    What do you think of doing a sessionreview?
    I know thats more effort and time you have to put in but still I think I would benefit more from that because I think you just can't go into that debth when playing about 6 tables or even more.

    So I would appreciate it alot if you could do a sessionreview :)
    It would be great aswell if you could do a Video playing on Stars preferably 3/6 and 5/T :)
  • Lasso


    "he, she, whatever" nice xD

    awesome vid man, enjoyed every sec of it. waiting for more vids to come.
  • johnnyrocket1


    fuerst, thanks, yeah I think it's best for instructional videos to be 2 tables and such, however I think it's nice to see my normal play and thoughts through them occasionally as well.

    1) I normally would, that board just smashes his range so much that I didn't think it was profitable versus the combos, I like your reasoning, if I check flop and raise turn my hand should be rather transparent as well though in this spot

    2) I think this just comes down to a history with the player, if I have them marked as weak I will assume that they aren't hand reading well and adjust, if they are pretty good I think it's okay to just assume straight forwardness here

    3) On drawy boards sometimes it's best to do whatever I think garners the most action, if I felt uncomfortable playing another club falling I would have called and raised the turn where I could see my equity shift. I like to mix it up and not take the same line a lot here, I see most fall in to that trap and then they only 3bet the flop with draws and it's easy to.
  • johnnyrocket1


    4) Yeah, against a normal regular it certainly is a fold, while he has shown hands that is not going to change my opinion on this one, he just has been going nuts the last few weeks on insane tilt so I went with it

    5) This is a great question at the river and the most important one to ask in getting good at the game, the difference between small winners and big winners is being able to adjust and constantly recognize the best line in these spots. Against a non-observant weak player it is typically best to cc since they bluff too much in obvious spots with little fold equity, versus strong regulars they can hand read and will own you on a check so it's best to bet if you plan to call since they will typically play perfect when you check, but you will get some value by betting versus his weaker hands that he will check behind
  • johnnyrocket1


    6) Regulars should bet in theory I think, but too many check back so I like leading the river

    7) cold calling isn't the worst, but narrows a players range so much that it typically is poor even if it makes sense

    8) Karina seemed semi okay, typically versus a good player I'll bet and versus weaker opposition (live pros) I like checking, at the river early in matches when it's -ev to call it usually turns to +ev by getting the information early on

    9) c/r is neat, i think it's a good option here, i really like your questions and logic

    10) your range seems pretty spot on with my thoughts here, I think it is always important to give people a 5% pure bluff range as I used to not then always get surprised so it ccan never be taken out here

    11) I'd bet/call, I just see if the game has weak players in it, I also play any decent game if I am doing well and if in a downer I game select harder, basically looking for my color markings

    12) From the BB I have zero default, some people player worse vs a 3bet, some give too much action when you flat your whole range, I'll use whatever I deem best for the spot, I really have zero defaults in my game

    13) With a heart, I have enough equity to value bet and call a cr, then I think versus most players it is fine to fold the river UI, if I don't and get cr'ed I can be giving up the best hand, I think it's great to realize who will semi bluff and bet to induce bluffs, versus people who don't semi bluff here we can bet and fold with no heart, if they play tough and aggro I'd recommend checking back the turn to not get pushed off the best hand, doing this allows our opponent to recognize our range a little better as well though

    14) Yes it is an easy raise versus a limp, I just performed all of the math on this

    I HAVE NEVER REVIEWED MY PLAY BEFORE, I do think it is valuable and I am going to start shortly and I think it is best to just do reviews with other winning players

    I made a 3/6 5/T video and I will make a bunch more, I will also do a session review at some point

    Overall: Your questions are very good, the specific questions are not as important, and most players get caught up on them, as long as you recognize the different options that I can take, that is strong, being able to decide which one is best in close spots is just a skill you acquire, and that's what brings you up the status tier of players, constantly making the best close decision in spots, also, realize why it is poor to have defaults and how to adapt on the go, I am impressed with your questions, keep it up
  • johnnyrocket1


    lasso, thanks for the kind words
  • johnnyrocket1


    lasso, thanks for the kind words, you will see a bunch more of this
  • fuerstIN


    Thanks for your fast reply Reese! I'll reply to them soon but I was pretty busy till now.
  • damianpat


    Thx for great movies. I'd like to see more your videos on lower stakes.

    I'd like to see you playing 3/6 on poker stars because of different blind structure, or see you crushing 2/4

    I'd also like to see you playing in table with regulars, and how you adjust only to them, to make the profit

    or is that table with only regs is not profitable?

  • damianpat


    and another question, how do you deel with "super users"

    it is obvious joke, but I mean very poor players, who play like 80/5 and literally crush tables for a while, and almost everything
  • johnnyrocket1


    damian, I will make those videos, a table with all regulars at low stakes should be unbeatable by another regular at that level. However, a higher stakes player may be able to beat it for a small clip, it's not beatable by a regular there because if they could beat regulars with that rake, they'd be skilled enough to be beating higher games.
  • johnnyrocket1


    Superusers aren't a huge issue any more, that is just variance you speak of, happens all the time that "fish" win a lot, that's the brilliance of poker, if the weak players always lost they wouldn't ever come back to donate to us.
  • fuerstIN


    Thanks for your Feedback and thanks for the ncie words on the End :)

    I finally got the time to have a look on the Vid again and still have some questions.
    I tried to make it a bit easier to read and refered to teh questions with teh timemarks ( which might be a bit too late or early sometimes, sorry) and the numbers you used.Hope thats not too confusing.

    -Min 08:54 :
    Why did you choose to 3bet the FLop with TPNK?
    wouldn't it be better against her to call the Flop and Raise the Turn ( fold if 3bet) as long as no club falls?

    But what if you just don't 3bet ip?!
    thats what I do by now for example tho im not playing alot HU...

    -Min 09:42 :
    Yeah your right if he's 3betting that wide 17% (he`s pretty sure doing that) or more from the BB then that's a Calldown!
    I'm really surprised about that result!

    -Min 16:17
    6) so you would probablyd/f the River against that Oppenent, or are you still calling him down?

    -Min 17:58:
    That*s true but given the fact that the guy won't be good Handreaders I think it's still better than calling.However against Regs I totally agree with you!

    -Min 23:44 Upper left with AKo:
    Good Point about the Riverplay, but I thought you had some reads that she wouldn't be bluffing.
    Still thinking about the Turnplay: Do you think a bet has more merits because she won't raise unless she has a strong hand an can call Ax etc You will pay the same amount of bets against pairs but charge her a bet for her draws an A highs, so I think a bet is superior to a check on the Turn!

    -Min 41:15
    What do you 3bet from the BB as a default?
    I see but still you must have some "guidelines" that you use against a Player you haven't played against and have no Stats on.Let's say hypothetically he was allowed to join the Game in the SB and openraises versus your BB.
    OK maybe thats a bad example because you would probably paly your good Hands a bit more passively in the beginning to induce action from bluffs and worse hands, but still would be great if you could tell me sth about your reasoning weather to 3bet or not.

    Or to put it a bit different do you think there's merit so slowplay AA or KK in the BB?Sure not doing it always but just a few times or do you think that you would loose too much Value and prefer to slowplay hands like AJ etc?

    -Min 41:58: bottom right:
    What do you do with 9x no heart or 77 no heart in that spot?
    How does it change if you have a heart?

    OK so would you raise the bet on the Flop or call teh bet on teh FLop intending to raise the Turn as a semibluff or just call till the River to improve and fold ui against a bet and check behind when checked to?
    I think I would be raising a 9 without a heart and bet the T for free SD, but with 77 no heart i dont know what to do, so I would rather fold it.WHat are your thoughts on that?

    I'm really looking forward to your next Vid :)
    Really good Vids you're doing!!!
  • damianpat


    I like your movies, but often especially when you lose a pot, when opponent did not play too well you tell "he played badly" but you dont give detailed explanation, and what would be correct play in this case ;)
  • johnnyrocket1



    3) People constantly just do that, that helps balance some but sometimes 3betting the flop garners more action or is easier to play in certain equity spots

    6) That is close, if I think he isn't capable of bluffing i'd bet/fold

    8) Turns out she does only c/r turn with big hands and slowplays til here a lot so betting the turn is good against her for information

    12) I have no default 3bets anywhere, I keep adjusting to where I am making the most or exploiting people the most or where I need to balance

    13) I have SD value if I have 77 so I wouldn't be semi bluffing the turn
  • johnnyrocket1


    damian, thanks for the constructive criticism, I try to explain well, I'll try explain everything, sometimes I think it's common sense but need to realize I should just explain anything I say