firsttsunami floods - Part 5

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4 - $3/$6
  • Shorthanded
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firsttsunami continues his live shorthanded session and gets into some interesting spots on 2/4 and 3/6 tables.


Firsttsunami floods Live Video series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by firsttsunami!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • inJules


    nice action as always -.~
  • fuerstIN


    Hey :)
    I finally got the time to watch the 5th part of you series and I also have a bunch of questions :)

    -Min 02.07:
    I think it's a c/f on the River tho there aren't that many A that Villain should have in his range.The only Ax he should have are Ax with a spiked FD on the turn or with a pair. However your not ahead of alot of hands, the only hands that you're beating are K9,Q9,Q8 and 87... So I think its a fold!

    -Whats your linie with 2Pair or a Flush?
    I like a c/r on the River here. Especially because you just c/c that spot. I think normally REGs /f or c/r that River! so I think if your c/c that River you have to have some c/r-ing hands in your range aswell!

    -Min 02:10 I think you have an easy call with your 2 here to spike a FH!especially because the BB who looks loose passive coldcalls your raise he won't cap hee and your Outs are most of the time clean. The 2 of clubs can aswell be a Moneycard against a possible FD of BB and your getting 12:1 or probs 13:1 on your call, which is enough to try to hit your FH!

    -Min 03:12 :ould you have c/c the Turn?!
    I would have c/f it, but just equilated it and with my assumptions you have around 28% and would get Pot odds of 5:1, so it would be a call??!!

    Equity Gewonnen UnentschiedenVerloren Hand
    Spieler 1: 71,610% 71,325% 0,571% 28,104% 99-44, ATs-A5s, KJs-K7s, Q8s+, JTs, AQo, A9o-A5o, KJo-K9o, QTo+

    Spieler 2: 28,390% 28,104% 0,571% 71,325% 8h8d

    What do you think about these assumptions ?! Ok if you add in that he can slowplay some big hands preflop its worse, but still you should have about 24% at least with these assumptions...
    I'm surprised to get that much equity!

    -Min 10:17:
    You have 10,5% on the Flop and getting 10:1 However only a CLub really improves you against a range which is : QQ+,AK I reckon, so I think in Game I would have peeled once, but now I like your fold :)

    -Min 14:10 : Yeah I prefer a c/r to a bet on the King, but I think I would bet an Ace because checking an Ace as a PFA looks suspicious and you might folda Hand like 77 while you are probably going to calll it on a K...

    -Min 14:45 : I think thats a standard Cbet on the Flop!Don't really see a reason not to bet.

    -Min 16:30 :
    I think I fold that, there's almost no Hand that didnt improve till the River.The onliest Hands are PPs that he might raise on the FLop trying to get teh Limper to fold outs and maybe slowing u down.
    However I think that a PP won't barrel that River again, I don't think they think that far!
    I'm really surprised to see him having KT...

    -Min 16:54 :
    Sticky Spot!
    I don't like either option, if you check he will most likely bet better hands and check counterfeited hands behind, because his AF is so low, however I don't like b/f against those guys, he might aswell check back a low flush...
    Don't really know what to do here!Maybe you can post this hand on the Forum?

    -Min 17:45:
    I think you should check that Turn because he would normally bet teh Turn with any Pair!I don't see him checking that many hands, he checks the hands he gives up and in my opinion that is a c/r pretty often, especially coz those Guys like to do some crazy things from time to time. He might aswell think that you're sick of him and therefore try to get him off a hand ...
    In additon to that I think he will fire with his hopeless hands after you checked on the Turn a fair portion on the River!

    If you're betting the Turn I think you have to tank a while then bet and call him down, because that might induce some bluffs from him imo and he's deffs capable of that.

    But again if you're lowon time do your action first and then explain it if necessary because it seemed like you would have called teh River and I really would have liked to know what he played like that :D
    Thanks ;)

    -Min 19:31 : :D hahaha Coffe tasts soo well nice random fact :)

    -Min 19:55
    QJs I think you can c/r as a luff from time to time depending how much he steals... I think he stealed 40% so I might consider a c/r as a bluff, even tho we don't ave any backdoors, with a backdoordraw I would do it kind of frequently. It just sounded that you don't even consider attacking that board, tho I'm certain you do consider it, but you're just not attacking that board too frequently ...

    -Min 21:58: K3s I guess it was is an easy call imo for 5:1... You probs were distracted y the 5/T table!

    -Min 22:10 :
    I dislike the 3bet on teh Flop! I don't see him raising worse hands here that often and even if he is after you 3bet him he will normally not put in alot more money in the pot imo!
    MAybe you can consider to call teh Flop and donk the Turn to prevent a Freecard?

    -Min 25:45: I'm not sure but maybe that could be a very very thin Vbet on the River! Normaly those AI-GUys ship it in with literally anything ( even if they have been passive before). You might have gotten a call with his K high.
    If there would be more worse A highs that could call you, I think that might be one ( in that case it sure isnt, coz u only beat A6 and Kx...)
    but maybe worth mentioning...
  • fuerstIN


    I had to split my feedback into 2 comments, coz it would have been to long otherwise....

    -Min 27:54 :
    Im not sure if peeling this Flop is good vs that guy!
    He will fire any Turn and you have to call in case you hit a 4,5 diamond and its hard for you to determine weather he will 3barrel or not, but he is deffs capable of bluffing ( which can be seen in the QK hand before)
    However I think if you peel you have to semibluff all those cards ( which you did) and I also think you have to follow through, so I like that hand as played after the Floppeel, but I'm unsure about it, against a 50% SB OR-Range you have only 21% Equity on teh Flop; every 4, 5 or diamond on the Turn means you have around 20% equity and any non 4,5 or diamond lets your equity go down to around 10%, the J no diamond ( diamond ) gives you about 58% ( 65 %)
    SO I'm not sure what to do, but that's also a scenario I struggle alot with being in the BB against an aggressive SB!
    is there any Article you can recommend on that topic?

    -Min 29:51 :
    WHat do you think about 3betting the Flop with 44? I think it might be better against him because in case he will raise teh Turn you can fold safely imo. Tho I don't see hisfold BB vs SB nor his AF on the Flop/Turn but I think he won't semibluff twice or even if he semibluffs you he has a tonn of outs, so its not that bad... But depending on his stats that might aswell be a bad play, as I said I don't know the important values, but in general what do you think about it?

    -Min 37:10 I think against that Guy I'm folding 94o in the BB here... I think 96 is a call 95 is close but 94 is just too weak for me here

    -MIn 39:25 : Which Artivel was that?

    -Min 43:02:
    I think thats an easy call on the Flop with A6o! YOu have around 40% Equity even against a 30% BU OR Range!

    I hope that I didn't rumble about too many unimprotant things :D
  • taavi1337


    Hi, nice vid. My notes:

    29:51 BR table, 44 on T99 flop. Don't you think he has lots of stuff like QJ, J8, KJ etc in his range? I would bet/call flop, c/c turn and also c/c blank river I think.

    37:13 BR defending with 94o against a 18/10 guy is a mistake imo