League of Champions - TwiceT vs g3no

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TheNose reviews the match played between TwiceT and g3no in the first round of the League of Champions playoffs.


League of Champions series Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    TheNose reviews the first match of the LoC. Enjoy!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Tahigwa


    erster Comment!
  • dukkke


    le nuts!
  • i5bet72o


    so sick
  • NeP7uNe


    folding A5o in HU... sick
  • Bew4reOfn4p


    i closed the vid after the 50th explanation in 15 minutes why playing crapp hands oop is hard -.-
  • PokerNoob91


    its so hard its so sick XD
  • goldchess


    Solid game by TT, apart from folding 55. Nothing wrong with limping with these shallow stacks IMO. About hands the unexploitable pushes, you have to push them all to keep it unexploitable, e.g pushing AA for 20bb which sucks. Often it will be more +EV to limp or minraise
  • Cornie4ever


    22:40 4bet 88 would be good. But you can never expect TT to call 4bet OOP - he either folds or 5bets. So in case 4bet w 88 is effectively 4bet bluff.
  • Falco35


    nice commentary! nice vid and we see how lots of pressure could work(88<KQ 1.HU)
    nice play twicet, good work Nose
  • i5bet72o


    K7 hand: I really dont like flatting oop. playabiltiy+oop+often dominated+without incetive=really sucks
  • i5bet72o


    @connie: If he 4b 88 it should be with the intention of shoving over a 5b. In a agro match it is prob fine to get it in with 88.
  • Maxippouce


    hope I'll do the vidéo of our HU together
  • TwiceT


    i disagree with some comments, but overall a very good vid.

    overall, i think u focused a bit too much about the actual hands. most decisions where game flow/timing dependent and i was alw trying to think more about his situation than about mine.

    ofc, there were some more thoughts going on in some hands, but it would be way too much to talk about it now.

    just one thing cuz i think u are rly wrong in that regards: when we were deep in the 2nd match, the 3rd one had already started. so imo its leaving ev at the table to open nash range table (i made a shitload of moniez with (hu)sngs some years ago, so i know this table - but ofc not super used to it atm) and push/call those.
    by keeping the 2nd match as long as possible, i could put max pressure on the 3rd one that started where we were at blind level 1. and my edge with 10-20 bb is ofc waaaay smaller than playing 250bb.
    so what i did was just compl/betting as much as possible, didnt take any flip or thin +ev spot, but prepared the 2 tabling match the way i think has waaaay more value.

    hope it was clear now what i wanted to say :D

    and yeah, 55 fold was bad. i just was so confident in my skills, i thought i can even fold 22-55 and A2o there and just make sure i dont take too thin spots, but prepare game 3 in early blind levels where my edge is bigger just in case i need the 3rd match when the inevitable push/fold game for <12 bb started in match 2 and i lose a pf AI.
  • jokin4party


    is g3no serious in the QQ5JJ board spot (for exemple)?
  • smokinnurse


    'd prefer the original comments by the players, esp the naked guy ;-)
    (no offense @nose obv)

    i agree with TT - ist not ness. to go into a flip if if u think u can play ur edge better
    the player with less edge should take that opportunity but i'd always folded as well
  • smokinnurse


    *meant that 55 vs 22 spot
  • richum


    The film will not work for me. Neither the PC nor the Laptop.
  • ihufa


    why is 4betting 88 good when you can call? if you're folding to a shove anyways it boggles my mind why you'd 4bet it
  • 6thsenSe


    Min 9: First you say that 72s is a loose open 250bb deep, which is probably a very standard openraise. Then you say flatting K6o is ok. Do you really think it is a profitable play against an aggressive, competent opponent (which is the case) 250bb deep?

    "It is a nice overbet because it gives TwiceT a lot of information because when his opponent calls he probably has something better than a 3"
    "but if his opponent thinks a step further and still calls any pair, it's probably a valuebet"

    This doesn't make any sense because g3no's range doesnt include any worse pairs (imo).

    Min17: You say if you flat A2o you disguise the strength of your hand and people give you less credit on an ace high board.

    I think a default percieved bb coldcalling range includes A2s-ATs/A8o-ATo which actually makes up a bunch of the total range. Additionally to that: how many hands is he c/calling on an Ahigh board other than an Ax? How can TwiceT not give him credit for an ace in such a spot? Does "to give less credit" mean he will often pick up a second bluff- or semibluff-barrel by TwiceT on Ahigh boards?

    stopped watching there
  • dotarian


    why the fu ck would you get the nose to comment this (he lives in the 2007) ffs my opinion...
  • zilltine


    i want Gabe Kaplan to comment this
  • RiseandStrive


    nice work NOSE!! I had seen some of yours SnG FR vids and U are really improved your level thinking analysis.

    TT - U R fking master of disaster :D:D:D just pure LAG style beauty!

    58:44 freepedobear's QQ. I think this is clear bluff raise on the river, because TT already shoved that he value bets big and it's seems like clear block bet- can't really see TT calling or even reraising(pedobear seems to be pretty predictable and on tighter side). TT turn/check is clear weekness in this spot, because with K he would definitely value bet and JJ AA would 3bet pre, QT is still value bet on turn from TT perspective but freePB has blocker so it's unlikely and even if TT does decide to check turn with QT- he can't call normal-big size river reraise.
  • RiseandStrive


    80:05 KT donk onturn is good. Ax an Kx is calling and thats that is in TT range(he has showdown value so probable checks the flop) otherwise we lose value bet and 8 is good in this case for TT to call A-Kx.
  • gsergiul


    Comments were too much results oriented. Why would you 3bet weak king but not a weak ace? I don't get it, your reasoning was because if you get action you're probably behind but can't you say the same with the king? Also seeing how aggressive TwiceT was and that g3no never 3betted before that spot he probably put him on a decent hand so he thought he'd get a call to his 4bet.
  • Pascal


    Hi gsergiul,

    I agree it might sound a little result orientated
    but reasoning is a little different
    g3no didn't 3bet before so if for the first time he does twicet will put him on a mediocre or good Ace or pocket
    which will enable twicet to play pretty perfect against g3no's Ax hand

    that is the reason why Nose wants him to just call (disguise his hand strength) and instead use a hand like K5 (with some blockers but still kind of trashy) to 3bet the first time