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Jonathan Little shares his thoughts on tournament deepstack play. The hands discussed all have a tournament buy-in of $100 or greater


Deepstacked Play hand history review thematic video

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  • CBFunk


  • Fistor


    what about the "MTT $2" description for this? did i miss something?
  • SolidSilver


    i like this vid so much! would also like to see him playing a final table...
  • RealRauch


    Please note that your equity calculations in the second half of the vid are all wrong. You always left the board "5s3d2dTs" in the calculation.
  • Ribbo


    Thanks for that RealRauch, i'm not sure how that slipped past me. I'm sure Jonathan will have something to say about it soon. :-)
  • Tahigwa


    I dont hear the sound in the 4 minute preview... is it just on my side or does anyone else have the same problem with this video?
  • TheRebuz


    #4 lol :)))

    about that AJ vs A8 hand
    Why u bet that big on river? only worse hands that will call(and i dont think that they will call always) in that spot imo r A9,A6,AT,A5,
    with your bet sizing imo you r not giving a chance to villains with hands like 44-66,8x,7x to make a hero call on river
    imo in that hand 350-400bet on river will be optimal
  • Leito99


    i would like to see a replay of a deepstacked tourney please :)
    like a $22 or $55 deepstack
  • Fabuleuss


  • Kariyou77


    Hi JL!

    First, thank you for all the great vids you create.

    I wonder if you perhaps is interested of making some ind of video of my 16th place in Sunday Million a couple of weeks ago? I thought you might need some material.

    I've addes you as a friend here at PS and if you are interested just send me an IGM.
  • JonathanLittle


    I actually mentioned that I messed up the equity calc later I think or maybe it was in a later video. Either way, sorry for that. Im an idiot sometimes.

    As for the AJ, I think we will for sure get called by all worse As on the river, making it a clear bet.

    If you have a hh you would like me to review, send it in to Clemens and if he thinks I should review it, he will send it to me. Thanks.
  • Devinco


    great one! I really like your videos!
  • Kariyou77


    Ok, will do!
  • NatRPheM


    I have seen at least 2 times in your videos that you saying Calling is out of the question when I am surten you mean folding, cause you have ended up calling both times. Just got a little confusing. Please correct me if I am wrong.