Hand Judging - Episode 1

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Boomer2k10 shows us the value of the PokerStrategy.com hand judging forums with this review of recent hands posted in the Silver level Limit Holdem forums. This is a 2 part video with part 2 covering the Gold level forums.


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  • CBFunk


  • madorjan


    Hi Boomer2k10!
    Very nice vid, thank you for making it and putting my hand in.
    However, I wouldn't put JJ (and AA?) into SB's range, because he really should go for the c/r here IMO. Any thoughts on that?
  • Boomer2k10



    Thanks and to answer your question

    Actually I find his donk on the flop to be hyper scary. Yes he should x/r but to me this looks very much like a "shove money in" style bet, you'll often see it from weaker players, they'll have a monster, get excited and just want bets to go in no matter what and really fear it getting checked even though there's no reason to believe that so I don't think we can write them out of his range here.
  • sixhigh


    at the AcTs hand of Achil at a Flop of Qc3cQh you say that the 8s on the T doesn´t change our equity. That is not true: I equilated it and our EQ drops to 14-15%. The reason is clear. On the Flop we are mostly playing against better aces or against pairs, so we are actually alomost never ahead and our EQ only comes from our outs against better hands. AND the EQ is calculated from Flop to River (2 cards to come!). On the Turn (as on the Flop)we are still most likely behind and now there is only 1 card to come. Therefore our EQ drops significantly. I think: generally we do not have showdownvalue and we only call for our outs.
  • Boomer2k10


    @ sixhigh

    What range did you use there? The worst I got our equity to was about 20% there when doing calculations.

    Our equity does change and it may have been a mis-speak on my behalf, the way I probably should have phrased it was that the 8 isn't a bad enough card that we should be making a major change in our plan however now I can see folding a lot of rivers.
  • sixhigh


    Hi Boomer,

    I used the following range, which is already a bit looser than recommended by the chart:

    77+, ATs+, KQs, ATo+
  • Boomer2k10



    Ah I see, I think I was a tad wider, I am not 100% familiar with the Preflop Charts here and don't personally use a chart but I think I expected our opponent to 3-bet a little wider than that, he appears somewhat aggressive preflop and so he may be 3-betting somewhat wider than your figures (although ATo sounds about the limit...I may not even give him that, offsuit aces generally aren't a great hand to 3-bet out of position)

    If that is indeed the case then your figures are perfectly accurate and I agree that folding the turn becomes an option to be considered, we no longer can make a flush and vs that particular range we have no SD value.
  • Rothko


    Nice vid Boomer :)
  • ElDenisius


    Nice video thx alot
  • Boomer2k10


    Thanks for your comments guys

    Oh and becasue I'm a forum fish I didn't post the link to the thread where you can register interest in getting a video review so here you go:

  • PattRiott


    As a french canadian i prefer french videos but i really appreciated that one. Just one table with few hands but deep analyse about the particular situation and other feasibility in other circumstances.

    You a good poker and english teacher, i will listen that vid in background while i play for sure!

    Thanks and well done!
  • Ribbo


    PattRiott, if you get your status to gold, you can watch his second video using the same style.
  • Funkyowo


    when are we suppose to use the rule of "call20"? I'm asking just to clarify contradiction from the charts.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    I don#t know if it's the best üplay to c/f the River in hand2. There are some busted FDs and he's a fish, so he can bet Ahigh or 3x as well as he just might not thinking about anything, we don't know it, but I don't really think that c/c is a mistake here.

    I gave Villain the following range on the river:


    this range includes 329 combos. 20 of them are busted FDs. So if he's only bluffing 13 Combos more than that c/c is profitable and I think that's given as you never know what a fish is betting in this spot. There are some that just bet any2 if checked to them. I would c/c if I don't know im very well.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    AcTs of Achil:

    I pretty much see it as sixhigh does, we are just dead against Villains range imo.

    And also if you take your range we are dropping to 14% Equity and this is just what sixhigh says, it's a snapfold on the turn for me, you don't really ive reasons for calling the turn, I think this is not a small mistake already.

    If we hadn't the BDFD on the flop I would have folded there already, as we're just calling for our outs (except against KJs but these are only 4 combos). And we just don't have it, if an Ace or a T hits we just doin't have much more than 50% Equity so I would give us 3 oust only on the flop (without BDFD as I said) and it would be a clear fold imo.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    very great video again
  • Boomer2k10



    Nice Analysis overall on the hand but on any analysis it comes down to the assumptions that have been made.

    If he's going to bluff the river w/ Ace high wouldn't he bluff some flush draws earlier? In this case it would mean he's have to bluff even MORE A-Highs.

    How about the BB we lose to the rake in the hand makeing it a big of a worse calldown? Now we need a few more combos of bluffs.

    If his peeling flop and turn range really that loose? If not again a greater portion of his range has to be bluffing.

    You may be correct in your assumptions and I can't fault the calcuations overall but the more accurate the calculations are the more accurate the assumptions have to be.

    Overall I feel very comfortable in folding here but if you feel comfortable calling here and can show me why, as you have done, I'm not going to complain at all and I think it's great
  • Boomer2k10



    Yeah, I think I may have got carried away with what I think a BB should 3-bet here. Not saying that a BB shouldn't 3-bet as much as I'd expect but the fact is most don't and it's hard pulling myself out of BB's shoes sometimes ;)

    For the ranges given again you and six are spot on and it's great having the discussion
  • Boomer2k10



    Thank-you and thanks for the good feedback
  • beni


    well done
  • Harnas31



    how to play:
    1. co 65s multi pot
    2. sb 66 vs btn steal [13:45 min]
    3. co 79s oR [19:42 min]
    4. bb 88 multi pot [24:05 min]
    5. ATo [31:30]
    6. bb JKo [38:00]
  • YohanN7


    New comment on old video: In the AT hand, IF one decides to call down turn and river, it is in my mind better to put in both of those bets on the turn.

    1.) If we happen to be ahead, then at least no "free card" will beat us.

    2.) If we are slightly behind (worse aces, low pp's), then we might make the best hand fold.

    3.) If we improve, we can possibly extract an extra bet.

    4.) We don't lose more if we are behind and don't improve.

    I wouldn't usually raise in this particular hand. I just see the sequence call-call as the worst option.