The Diamond party in Cologne (HQ)

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The Diamond event in Cologne brought a great number of PokerStrategists, Coaches, Mods and other staff of together at one table, all within a rustic setting. The video team was also present, and presents to you now the video of the event.


The Diamond party in Cologne

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  • timowe88


  • brechet


    moué, cetait mieux a lyon ...
    meilleur repas, meilleur sallee a manger :p ....

    plus de monde que chez nous .... mais niveau activité ils font que boire? lol
  • peche025


    'This is not a bullshit event' thanks for the info
  • arisko


    is it just me or does it feel like there's a "the killers" song in every video??
  • kebabistan


    oh wow they look like the most boring people on the planet and this is probably the most boring party one can participate in
  • Skaya971


    @5 +1000
  • HonzaCZE


    I think it looks good. I'd like to go to party like this, cause i like poker and all about it
  • nefarious26


    Looks like fun...............
  • doddy759


    ever heard of a PINT glass?
  • DIABLO31377


    Ai em chess killers+poker killers-Ai em tha best
  • Jackyfresh1


    Ich warte besser bis ich Black member werde ;)
  • nikiita


    Dom Kölsch lol