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mbml presents his new series, SoulReader which focuses on post flop play. Part 1 covers understanding equity.


Equity Soul Reader Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • Blackbird23


    doesnt work! just sound no pic
  • hypertyper


    It works fine...
  • yomatiyo


    GGREAT video! waiting for the next one. Only one thing:
    There is a mistake in the BW, when u say wh have 9 or 10 outs, we have at least 12.. cause now we have the flush draw.
    The same happens in the next hand, when u sais we have to check/fold the 3 of spade. I dont remember if it was BW.. I think not, but anyway I think it could be a check/call cause now we have the nuts flusdraw and against a stronge range.
    Or maybe I just see anything... =P
    Love the video, really well explained.
  • Gabinr1


    @34:50, that platform that you're playing on must be rigged if the flop comes T of diamonds T of diamonds 2 of spades :D lol

    honest mistake, I think that flop can be replaced with this TdTs2d

    Anyways, Great Video! I'm looking forward to the next one.
  • ever220


    37:00 i like the dry board with two Td XD
  • bra1nst0rm


    the video is damaged. i cant see anything
  • duder1n0


    Excellent stuff, very useful, and well structured! Thank you, and keep going! :)
  • AceGaylord


    nice vid again! Looking forward to the next one
  • supeyrio


    going to see more aggro playersss
  • mbml


    sorry for mistakes guys, maybe i'll do another video when my exams are done

    gl at the tables
  • dimasoff


    thx for this really nice vid! very helpful one!
  • purplefizz


    i like it
  • fishlock


    good vid
  • Adriano87


    Thanks a lot, mbml. Pretty nice vid. Very well explained.
  • IMGameOver


    Nice video! Thx a lot!