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This is a short introduction to the EquiLab tool. You can download it at



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  • Adstriker87


    great video :)

    in the end i felt like sitting in an airplane :D
  • OnkelHotte


    Download this great software here:
  • Ratatuj


    Will it deal with omaha someday?
  • Ribbo


    Ratatuj, we certainly would like there to be an Omaha version someday, and it has been talked about. These things take time, but be aware everyone involved in the decision making of Equilab would like there to be versions for every game type :)

    It's all a question of finding the time!
  • TwiceT


    same for PLO would be nuts!!!!!

    ribbo just sits around & flames poor coaches, he has time enough!
  • knb22


    Is that your voice Ribbo? You sound like an old british grandpa :D
  • adsr


    Норм прога
  • goldchess


    Am I missing something? What is the difference between this and equilator?
  • mbml


    oh yea ribbo is a british right maybe its him
  • Helipacter


    Goldchess, this is only one third of the tool - hopefully a video for the other two sections will appear soon!
  • OnkelHotte


    @8: Equilab has additional unique features which will be explained in later videos. Furthermore the Equilab calculates faster and is more convenient to use.

    It is worth a try:)