Sunday Million - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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JonathanLittle brings you a hand history review of his play at the Sunday Million.


hand history review PokerStars Sunday Million

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  • CBFunk


  • GutsForSale


    Wow , Jonathan plays with HM now?? Finally! :))
  • paradoxpoker


    the -449.471$ is just the number of chips you lost during the 37k hands. but you loose chips every tournament you dont win so its obvious that you are down in chips overall ;)
  • taschendamenfalter


    that beautiful black and the silence - very relaxing indeed
  • sanyiagumicukor


    +1 :DDD
  • nnssoonn


    I feel the depth and darkness
  • Orator001


    сделайте на неделю для золота плиииз!!!!
  • Spinosa


    2 Orator001 уже просили удаляют посты...

    Суп о статы...
  • Quentin73


    very nice content - would be nice if u could speak a little bit slower
  • ihufa


    Can some of the real mtt coaches please comment on the quality of these videos?
  • alejandrosh


    wtf was that call with TJs to a 12bb guy raising 3bbs OOP? am I a total fish for thinking that was beyond horrible?
  • ihufa


    to me it seems most these vids could be played by any breakeven/slight losing mtt player and the discussion is usually not impressive
  • MikeAK47


    Vid doesn't work.
  • JonathanLittle


    You dont want to win the pot by pushing out worse hands with QT on AAQ because most of them are drawing slim to dead. You dont want fold equity when you have 100% equity against their foldiing range.

    There is nothng wrong with pushing variance a bit in large tournaments like the sunday million if you are playing to win and not cash.

    Calling in spots where you are risking a small amount to win a decently large amount when you hit are usually decent spots to make the call. Obviously you stand to win the full 12bbs when you hit and you will lose 2.5 or whatever it was when you miss. So, will you make the best hand and hold up 1/3 the time or so with JTs? I think so.
  • JonathanLittle


    When you have 100% equity against someones folding range, like wth QT on AAQ, you dont want fold equity. You want to figure out how to get them to stick it in with their air.

    With the AJ, in huge mtts like the sunday million, it isnt terrible to add some variance to your game because in order to get first, you simply need to get chips at some point. Also, when you raise a ton from late postion, you need to be looking for guys to try to outplay you and then take advantage of them.

    With the JTs, I am calling 3bbs to win 13.5bbs or so when I hit. I am pretty sure you will make the best hand any hold up something like 35% of the time with hands like JTs making this a decent spot to call with fair implied odds. Obviously the math is quite difficult but if someone can post it and prove me wrong, I could be swayed.
  • pils3


    quote "Can some of the real mtt coaches please comment on the quality of these videos?"

    I dont get these flames, who would be this real mtt coach?
    I can understand that someone who is taught straight abc poker doesnt understand some plays. but let me tell you that jonathan littles vids are of a high quality and you CAN learn a lot watching them if you open your mind a little
  • Bieleleo


    nice one
  • JonathanLittle


    Thanks. :-) ABC isnt the way to beat the highest stake games imo.
  • hypertyper


    I haven't even seen this vid yet but how dare people diss JonathanLittle like this?!?!?
  • Gameslave


    #19 Could you please explain how you think you flop with JTs so good that you are 35% ahead of the timeagainst villians range and always wins? I guess you know, you should know, that he raises only hands there he wants to get his stack in with, so most of his range just dominates you. And even he is more aggressive you have only J-high. What do you do on a QJ5 flop? On a KT8? On a Q87? On a 665? AK9? One minute or so earlier you fold T7s just because of that and then you call with JTs, I just don't understand why that should be a good play.
  • Gameslave


    I even think that his range is really strong, like AA-JJ, AKs,AKo,AQs and AQo because weaker hands he would probably just shove. But even if I take a range of AA-99, AK and AQ, you just have 40% equity in 35% of the flops (propokertools), not 100% that is a big difference. Btw against 99+ AQ+ you have just 33% preflop (!), so if you wanna have 35% chance to win his stack better shove pre so you don't have to guess if your JT is good on a given flop.
  • HTM10


    Good stuff. That JTs in pretty bad like said. Even bad villains knows they are committed with that open. Some tricky players might try to look strong like that with KJ+ 22+ but bad players do it with very strong hand. Overall JTs just isnt good enoughto get involved.

    But I really like your videos and please keep it up! :)
  • JonathanLittle


    JTs is much better than T7s. I think you are also assuming the opponent's range is tighter than I think it is. Obviously I am going any time I have overcards+gutshot or better.