League of Champions - TwiceT vs Maxipouce

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TheNose reviews the match played between TwiceT and Maxipouce.


League of Champions series Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • Falco35


    No comments, na dann stz ich mal die Tradition fort und Fürste!
  • Falco35


    Ja, und ich mag Nose's Gedankengänge und vids sowieso!
  • Maxippouce


    Hey, at 13:39 I wanted to check/raise instead of donk bet the turn, but I would bet any river.

    But, that's incredible the value I lost actually, (and even TwiceT actually), I think we just tried to adapt to the other (He knew I'm nitty, and he knew I knew he's crazy maniac)
  • Maxippouce


    33:18 : I totally agree, I don't know why I bet (and so much) on the turn.
  • Maxippouce


    36:11 : I think TwiceT underestimate my range to do that, I have 77+ AJ+ and probably nothing else
  • palmtrees


    thaks very much. very nice comments. learnt to be much more agressive here