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In his first video for faarcyde analyses a session he played on Full Tilt.


FullTilt Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • Fox999


  • Fistor


    omgwtfbbq?????? how awesome is that? :D need platinum FAST!!
  • LgWz



    So nice, thanks a million times for this. Can't watch now (hey it's xmas) but will do later.
  • bibersuperstar


    very nice video :)
  • kanzler80


    Welcome Faarcyde! Nice to have you here. I'm looking forward to seeing more great Coaching Content from you. Merry Xmas and a happy new year.
  • z4tz


    Nice video! Looking forward to more of them.
  • Fox999


    like this vid really...more of him
  • Shujee


    Sick producer, vGG!
  • Schris7


    at 1:00:09 with the a4 on the bb is it a bad move to raise or shove on that spot? there are few dead chips outhere u re most of the time ahead of the ss,
    and if u do shove with what range the sb should call u?
  • lessthanthreee


    great to have you here faarcyde!

    awesome first vid, looking forward to more.

    46:30 - 10bbs eff bvb vs a 31/16 fish. Very surprised you didnt snap shoving pre. So much FE, such a pretty hand (good equity when called etc) he is so risk-averse against us. Im probably shipping ATC there tbh.

    54:30 - again surprised you dont snap shove Q7o pre bvb against this fish for 9bbs eff
  • lessthanthreee


    ^^ for clarification the first one was the T8s vs the sb limp.
  • faarcyde


    @lessthanthree - For the T8s hand you can see me double clutch with the all in. i think shoving is fine but I don't mind checking a playable hand in position to a really bad player who is liable to limp call with A5o/22/K7s type hands. As for the Q7 I would say pretty much the same thing except it would be more profitable to shove in this situation than the first one.

    @Schris7: I don't think it is worth it to shove for so few chips even though he will always is much more valuable to have an almost guaranteed step in the pay ladder. I don't want the shortie to double up a couple times and then be back in it. If the shortie in this situation had 200 or so and therefore less likelihood that he could double/triple/quadruple up as easily I think it becomes a better play.

    Merry Christmas everyone, look forward to working with the PokerStrategy community.
  • Gdzila


    my coin AK > JJ )
  • Jakoebchen


    Yay! :-)
  • Chuckey


    thanks for this video!
  • chiller666


    nice one!!!
    notes on you have been taken ;-)
  • Cornie4ever


    Very nice! Like your reasonable level-headed approach, never run into speculative "out of control" spot, only played good spots. And also good change of dynamics!!

    Looking forward to your videos. Merry X-mas ;-)
  • variancekiller


    hello faarcyde. Anywhere I can download the layout you got for Full tilt. Been looking for a no-nonsense one for a while?

    will be watching this one as soon as I am platina, 1 more month :)
  • faarcyde


    @yvonnejansen: I think it is around $20.
  • elekadammate


    Very good video!

    Could you make a superturbo video too, please.

    Thank you,
  • elekadammate



    55:28 - Q9o: is raise/folding or pushing an option here?
  • faarcyde


    @elekadammate: I think raise/folding > folding > shoving. It was likely a lazy fold as I was commenting about the previous hand. I don't like stuffing it because I don't recognize either of the medium/big stacks and can't count on them to fold enough to make it profitable.

    And yes I will make a super turbo video at some point in the near future.
  • alejandrosh


    M O A R
    btw +1 for superturbo
  • elekadammate


    It would be very interesting, if you would introduce this type and compare turbo VS superturbo and show us ur point of view.

    Very looking forward to !!
  • UrielSeptim


    Hi, faarcyde, nice to have you here!

    I'm a bit surprised that you've said nothing to the first hand on table 3 (bottom left) where you've flopped TP with 94s in an unraised pot OOP. What ist your strategy there? I never know how to play OOP in this unraised pots. Either you fold a lot of the time the best hand or you play a big pot without any idea what your hand is worth. I assume, you've play this spots very weak according to your general approach to save chips for later stages.

    For your next videos I'm interested to learn more about the differences between SH and FR SNGs, because we have almost no content for SH here and I am very inclined to learn this type of games. (Unfortunately, on European sites there are other payout structures in 6max SNGs (60-40 on Party and 70-30 on iPoker).

    Btw. nice video-format and nice coaching-skills!
  • spl4t


    liked it too. i'm looking forward to hearing more about swings n stuff
  • spl4t


    also, 6max sng content would be awesome %)
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, faarcyde :)

    Some questions and feedback from Russian community...

    waterbee174 (aka wmzpwnz) says hello and sends his best regards :) He didn't float you with QJ on the 2nd table on T242 board, because he considered that deuce was bad for him. The only thing that he could represent was a float with air, because with Ax-hands he would play checkdown.
  • faarcyde


    @ Koqtistiy: Tell him if he floats with queen high on that board he needs to bet when checked to because he never has showdown value ;)
  • Laiwinsh


    Wow, thanks for the video!