How to play on the river

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This video focuses on how to play on the river.


How to play on the river Theory Video

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    me 2
  • bankrollmanagment


    good one
  • datsmahname


    In situation C we should bluff to avoid getting bluffed if we have a good reason to believe our opponent has air.

    I don't want to split hairs, but its much more often the case that we can see ourselves as behind with 5-high.

    Its only in idealized situations where we "know" he has the nut low that check/calling is clearly right.
  • datsmahname


    inducing a bluff also makes sense if your opponent is likely to check back the river with better hands. In this way his range is less likely to include value bets. For instance, in the example given we might see a check back from a weak 8x or small pp like 77.

    Some board textures will make such check backs with weak/marginal made hands more likely and this decrease in possible value bets makes it easier to induce a bluff.
  • chabanoll


    ривер меня тоже очень волнует и пугает
  • ooSYNCROoo


    Nice Video!!! "... you should ask yourself if you are playing as well with clownfish..." lol.. very nice!