NL1000 with insyder19

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Watch some hot action with insyder19 on NL 1k with 2 tables on Full Tilt and 2 tables on PokerStars.


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  • Huckebein


  • Partychris


  • Rothko


    #3: Fail.
  • zorroxzunder


    warum english? deutsch wäre für alle beteiligten besser gewesen
  • bloodmoney87


    lol...kriegt diamond content 4 free und hat immernoch was zu meckern :facepalm:
  • derMarco


    n1 thx

    Aber warum englisch? Wäre Mandarin nicht besser gewesen? oÔ
  • Saruniks


    is this diamond concent? thanks, this is so helpful
  • stylus20


    hat wohl nen grund warum ihr bronze seid...

    fand das video ganz okay, war leider nicht allzuviel action aber das kommt bei live videos vor. werd im diamond forum noch nen ausführlicheren comment abgeben da ich vorallem zu der KJo 4bet-call hand ne frage hab.
  • mjsa111


    #9: fail

    war kein live-video
  • faiser


    Is that a pic of you dog? cool dog.
  • Genius91


  • HeilLoki


    Wie's halt Bronze-Leute zusammenbringen, auch bei Gratis-Diamond-Inhalten noch zu meckern.
  • Schebek


    nice br
  • HeilLoki


    KJo-Hand: "De Kwätschn is ..."
  • thorandtroll


  • h0m1e


    wow great video,never seen a video above NL50 before, interesting thought process
  • RaisyDaisyyy


    GAIL, ty and a happy new year :D
  • lsunsk


    please more live one
  • ViviMaus


    Thy for free diamond-content :)
    just one thing:
    around 44:50 wrong calculation, you play only for $1290 (-Rake) and not for $2028. So you need 60% Equity.
  • TheDuke0o


    lol @ yamchae multitabling NL1k
  • ViviMaus


    oops, me too. Shouldnt drink and calc. Didnt put final pot in calc, will be $2065 (-Rake), so 37,5%
  • CraZyNeX


    @#21 we need 60%? seriuosly? lets go HU ...
    no srsly, in the worst possible spot u need 50% ! never more.
  • nuback


    Do anyone knows which stat program is he using?
  • zoli777


    good video, but I wont understand that 2 all in call with TT and JJ :P I m little to know why u did it :P on nl30 SH where I am there is a little bit loose against a full stack :)
  • deghos


    N1ce video. thank
  • MichaelGotAA


    Thanks for access to a diamond video PS. Any chance of a Full Ring Silver or better video being made available for a week some time in the near future? There hasn't been any new Full Ring videos for bronze in some time. Thx
  • Huckebein


    @28: There is a video today on FR Rushpoker ;)
  • alejandrosh


  • obacht


  • simoska


    hi ive one question... why do you 3bet so big? dont you think this makes your light 3betting less profitable?
  • MichaelGotAA


    @29 I can't find this new Full Ring video u talk of. The newest Full Ring Bronze video I can find is dated 17th Aug - Microstakes Maniac Pt1. I would be gratefull if you could point me in the right direction.
  • Falco35


    Hi insyder,
    interessante Einblicke for me als max NL50 player! Unterschied: anscheinend sind Villains hier öfters bereit auf bestimmten Flops zu c/r. Wahrscheinlich als Bluff. Denke man könnte ab und zu auch mal Re-Raise Bluff spielen.
    Anyway thanks for content
  • insyder19


    thanks for the feedback.


    give me an example in the vid so i can explain better.

    happy new year everyone!
  • Tolledo


    just THANK UUU
  • FlunckyJack


    very interesting!
    voice's good, too,
    nice present ;)
  • pokerjan


    Thx for the Video
  • pastisa


    ty insider19 gl
  • ViviMaus


    @#24 read #23 and his calc still wrong
  • LucaLives


  • Bluffinmachine


    Lol correct me if I am wrong but I think that the coach can't really do equity maths. In this spot he just needs 27% equity!!. The video was so good but when it came to 0;45 i was like what the... correct me if I am wrong insyder But I dont think so ;>
  • Bluffinmachine


    Sryyy ! really sorry I didnt notice that he has much bigger stack than the other guy. Very good video ;)
  • Danieluq


    sicko dude! :x
  • Endurx


    stacking off with JJ and TT on possible nits with 100 hads sample i dont like this sorry
  • simoska


    #35 4:15 your 3bet size is 4bb, well i think its okay to do it with your good hand, but then again at this limit people arent so stupid and they will notice your 4bb value 3bet and 2.5-3bb bluff 3bet. If you decide to 3b bluff with 4bb or more it has to be successful more than 70% of the time to be profitable.
  • Shujee


    About your question, hasn't been launched yet, so italians are still playing on as they always did.
  • Xenomystus


    @46 its not depending on the hand its depending wether he is in position or out of position. Additionally its depending on the effective Stacksizes.
  • insyder19



    if you are IP you can 3bet even smaller than 3x just because you have such a huge advantage playing IP and playing 3bet pots OOP is just way more tough.

    SO if you have someone whos bad enough to call every 3bet and then fold postflop you can exploit that and risk very little when facing a 4bet.

    Against fish with smaller stacks you can even 3bet a bit bigger than a minraise just to isolate them. they will call very loose and c/f most flops.

    however OOP, you really dont wanna give the player IP good pot odds and pot to stack ratio postflop to call your 3bets too loose and be in positino the whole hand. You could probably do it if you only play super premium hands when you 3bet because then you also want them to call as much as possible given you pretty much get it in on most boards postflop. But if you 3bet wide incl 3bet bluffs with hands such as 89s you want to 3bet bigger OOP than IP to first of all have FOLD EQUITY preflop as well as not give your opponent too good of pot odds to call preflop with the position advantage.
  • Ranuli


    Ongame pls
  • Paisting


    very good stuff thanks :) that lololololololologuy is reid young
  • busfahrer09


    lohnt das video?
    oder random NL1K vid?

  • simoska


    #49 thanks, I get it now!
  • Sacrifice51


    Good Stuff Man!!! Gr8 pleasure to watch your play!!!
  • GtMars


    What is SQ in holdem manager?
  • insyder19


    Squeeze %
  • Sacrifice51


    LOL hat wohl nen Grund warum ihr Diamonds seid ?! Ich wars auch schon oft genug...
  • SuperiorLuck


    I know im noob but... whats the point of playing a strategy if in 1hour i could only see you losing money? There was no profit from the time you played even tho you defend you made the best decisions. What are you exactly teaching? I dont get it sorry. Even if its on the books that you should do this or that with "x" hand and in the "y" position, poker evolves and you cant really base your moves on statistics and poker books. If you have QQ on late position, someone raised before me and i re-raised before you, you will fold. Thats when you start losing money and i win. Those strats works only against ppl that follows them, but if i have my own strat im unpredictable.
  • oxhal87


    Don´t like who he analize the hands, and in many cases he´s a lot of loose, im not an expert but simply i don´t like
  • NeilSimpson


    obviously im not a high stakes player....but isnt it obvious in the jj and 1010 hands that villain has a bigger pair?surely u shuld be 4 bet folding those 2 situations?
  • Tens69


    anybody please tell me
    in 00:27
    what he say wild ???? hand to
    get into someother stuff like how to handle down things and over ???? strategy
    and 09:58
    you cant do this as much any more
    ????strategy should be as soild as possible

    thank you
  • StabiBossa


    ty interesting
  • gedavaca


    ty for show us how you lose your money... i hope that isn't the way we have to play! really :) no ofence
  • hansbans


    Alot of fish in the comments :)
  • Reaching4Zen


    I lol'd at #59 giving poker advise to 5/10 players when he's most likley a losing 2nl player.
  • Falco35


    Dont you think JJ vs the Nit is a bit to optimistic for Calling a 5BetShove?!!
    ALso the TT spot is very close.
    Okay, I dont know dynamics at NL1k but i think its to loose.
    I know youre playing a lot of HU and so youre maybe a little bit looser. But also in HU Games TT sometimes isnt a clear Broke spot.
    Comment please!
  • Falco35


    Even if we get the odds vs JJ+,AK, Range I dont think these Nits are ever 5BetShoving AK here. And without AK the Range has us Crushed.
  • anDre86


    where can i get your hud layout?

    btw: great video!
  • ThatstheTonyG


    das englisch tiltet mich.

    "on sääääää lääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääääft"
  • ThatstheTonyG


    @ 64: He won a million playing poker.What did you win in your career?
  • luizsilveira


    With that Smitty picture could you actually see the dog?

    That might actually be a good villain diversion technique...
  • theproksa


    lawwwwwled at tthetonyG
  • Dodozz


    perfect video, i really enjoyed watching it
  • sliumpupumpu


    Total fish- betting big, when he have it, betting little when he haven't. People starts free betting all hands, you should play a little tighter when it happens. It's like not you coach, but we have to teach you.
  • Zakumii


    LOL @ #59 #60 #64 and #75

    Total fish yeah? That's why he's won hundreds of thousands of dollars in PROFIT and you're probably stuck playing 5NL and are a break-even/losing player.

    Don't try and give a pro tips, it's pathetic. You the only thing you could teach him is how to be a fish.