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Watch this live video from lessthanthree and follow his thoughts while he is playing the $6 SnG on Poker Stars.


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  • Huckebein


  • LaimonasM


    thanks, good video
  • Fistor


    the stats are pretty hard to read :(
  • PtiiiPtaaa


    Very nice Video! You explained everything very clear!

    Just one thing, The hand where you Opened J9 and flopped an oesd. Why don/t check the turn behind? If he calls the flop he is never going to fold the turn in my opinion.

    - What programm do you use for auto shoving and auto folding ?

  • Luupainaja


    Thanks, good video.

    At 25:02 on bottom left can you consider pushing 96s because BB sits out and BU and SB are tight?
  • fireocean


    what program do you use for the stats?
  • lessthanthreee


    #3, sorry about that. I was experimenting with different table sizes for the video. Next time I will try get them more readable.

    #4, which minute is that j9 hand? I use table ninja .

    #5, that is definitely a good spot to shove. Because the BB is sitting out you can consider that like a BTN shove into 2 tight opponents. Missed that spot.

    #6, i use holdem manager.
  • lessthanthreee


    #4, found the J9 14:40 . Because our opponent is so short, we cant fold an OESD on the turn getting almost 4:1. So I'm just going to shove with some fold-equity hoping that occasionally he will fold small pairs,3x and even Tx. we cant ever c/f getting those odds with our hand so I am just going to take the initiative and generate some fold-equity. The reason why I took this line was his stack size, he is just too short, we are committed after he flats the flop.
  • Bartmannn


    Nice video, very nice hitting skills! ;)
  • viewer88


    @5 folding KQs pre after two limpers a bit weak imo :p

    @15 I would usualy fold J9s pre vs such a loose player and try to potcontrol postflop, I don't hate the turnshove but you just get called way to often

    @32 the 86o HU is a fold imo vs a regular

    nice video! I really learned a lot from the bubble and ITM parts which this video has a fair share off :)
  • bonebt


    nice video

    your stats r messed up, maybe cos u dint use prefer sit option on stars and they r showing wrong stats for wrong player

    - about that A9 hand (26:14) BB vs SB on bubble, when SB opens 4x i think that you r never ahead vs his range and with your stack size imo fold is best

    - about that A2 hand (32:00) on BTN at bubble i think u should shove there (although is marginal cos u r in folding war)cos u have same stack as other short stack and u havent shove from BTN yet and your image should be tight
  • lessthanthreee



    yep, you can limp behind there. i just clicked auto-fold for some reason.

    J9s, awkward hand mainly because of stack sizes. I try not to be results oriented. I think sometimes a lot of fish will call flop fold turn with that stack.

    86o, cant find that hand? do you have an exact time stamp?


    i thought there may have been a problem, Im sorry about that. Hopefully you can still take away some general principles to use with stats and I will try and fix the problem next time I do a stars video.

    A9o - I think fish will 4x their weak hands and 2x or 2.5x their monsters. And most fish will open any Ax in the SB (we dominate most Ax) and a lot of players will even 4x fold on the bubble which is fantastic for us. So im pretty happy getting it in with A9o with fold-equity unless i have a specific read on his raise size.

    A2o - my reads at the time (the stats may have been incorrect) were that the blinds had a 30-50% VPIP. which is very loose for unknowns. I think they will call me with any ace, any broadway, any pair and maybe a few extra high Kx,Qx,Jx combos (around a 30% range). and against 2 loosish call ranges we just cant profitably shove 4BBs with A2o, especially while in a folding war. We may have a tight image, but a lot of unknowns wont recognise that, they will just look at their hand and call/fold. I would much ratehr shove a hand like QJs in that spot because it will have a lot more equity against their call range. A2o is not a great shoving hand, especially when its a marginal spot.
  • viewer88


    Ah it was 43o at aprox 34:40 left top corner. Dunno if your stats worked at that moment
  • blackleaf1984


    Nice Vid less! U ran pretty nice for some reason ;). Watchin u playing those sngs i might will give it a try as well.

    Keep up da good work!
  • lessthanthreee



    ahh yeah i shove atc there against unknowns. and nash against most regs. the stats i had on him looked reasonably tight so i was just shipping atc. if i had a read that he was a regular i definitely would have folded the 43o :)
  • cohkka


    for future videos please play 4 tables sized to fit the screen and pull other tables in if there are interesting spots. it's just better to follow for the viewer and if you compare with the other video coaches almost everybody does it this way.
  • onepark


    Very nice video <3
  • Anssi


    I pretty much hate the A9o shove. In that table you have shoved 62o and it went to showdown, you won't have respect. IMO those 4x raises are exactly hands that are decently strong but don't want to see showdown. All middle pocket pairs, aces (people do it with AK, AQ, AJ too.) I also dislike shoving QTo right after 62o shove. Minraise should be much better.
  • lessthanthreee


    the QTo i usually r/f there. but with 13BBs its going to be a profitable shove against most unknowns. with these blinds having stats of the 15-20VPIP range I am going to get flat called pretty wide by hands that would easily fold to a 13bb shove. On the other hand, I think making a small BTN raise in that spot even if you get flat called wider might open up more exploitative post-flop plays to make in position. I dont think its -EV to shove the QTo, but raising small certainly looks to be a lower variance play mainly because these villains dont look like the type to re-shove wide.
    You can see by my thinking in game.. it was a close decision for me.

    and the A9o. I was probably calling a shove (there were ante's in play as well). and I do think we have FE in that spot. So if i was prepared to call a shove, and I dont have a specific read that this 4x is a monster. then im just shipping and getting ready to take that important note. I'm still happy with my play mainly because it was 'readless' and we stand to gain so much against villains that will r/f there. Also I dont think A9o is doing that badly against his range, but my perception of unknowns on the 6s could be way off. If we are folding A9 then what about AT/AJ? Id have a real hard time folding AT bvb for that stack without some very good reads on an unknowns 4x bvb range.
  • Nickita86


    very lucky player
  • LgWz


    Hey, just watched this one! Had some trouble reading stack sizes and stats but nice one anyway. Hands:

    15:50 you shove A9o in a spot I'd basically never open shove (I'd r/f). BB is auto all-in 5 handed so you're basically shoving 13bb into 2 big stacks on the bubble. Another problem is that you'll only beat the BB at showdown 60% of the time.

    16:30 A2o on the CO for 7bb, I got the impression you'd open fold it (someone raised before you though). Is that correct? I never ever ever fold there.

    27:25 A2s 5bb UTG with antes, fist pump shove for me. Suited aces don't play that badly when called and there's half your stack on the pot. I haven't played 6.50s in 18 months or so but I don't feel people will call you light enough to make it bad. Nash gives 25% btw (and you can afford a -EV push).

    Waiting for the next ones ^^
  • lessthanthreee


    A8o - seems really std to me. with effectively a 12bb stack at t150 being the clear short stack im just open shoving every +EV spot unless im inducing because getting flatted there really sucks. and unknowns might be capable of some light reshoves in that spot. it sucks that the BB is reduced so our risk:reward is worse but i still think its decent.
    nash is ATo+ so its close. if u think unknowns arent going to reshove light then a small raise is a lot better.

    A2o - its close. in wizard its about +0.15 at best. BB looked a bit loose which is why I opted for a fold. its not an auto Ax spot from the CO. its highly opponent dependent.

    A2s - i agree upon review. u can see by my thinking in game I was on the fence. the antes make it pretty good. :)
  • narkorito


    Great video ty ;)
  • clemensfritz08


  • Dzionter1


  • Leffy


    Great video.. I feel like I learned quite a bit watching this. Hopefully I can prove that I learned something at the tables :D
  • belthazorrrr


    in this video u didnt runned runned like god... i would like to see a video of running bad...
  • lessthanthreee


    ill try my hardest to run bad next time. after all, results are everything in poker right?

    try focus on the theories and strategies rather than the cards that fall.
  • pierojr


    great vid thx!
  • gadouk


    nice video !
  • BigAl123456


    Very good Vid <3, After watching u play HU in this vid I belive I have been playing to tight.
  • herekPL


    #27 that's good 4 us cos we can watch many spots in late game
  • Tim64


    14:30, the J9 hand again. Been thinking on this re your comment "The reason why I took this line was his stack size, he is just too short, we are committed after he flats the flop." I totally agree; once he flats our flop cbet we have to jam the turn for odds/outs/feQ. So main Qn is whether the cbet itself is good. I think we can go either way, but I would say that if we cbet and he shoves we are always comitted vs his stacksize, but never ahead. So checking behind flop seems like a promising alternative. What do you say? Cheers big ears.
  • lessthanthreee


    @Tim64. I think we just have good enough hand strength/fold equity on the flop to get it in if we can. I also think overbet shoving the flop is an option, but i find this looks exactly like what it is (a draw). so by bet/calling I hope to look really strong and maybe fold out some mid pairs that might snap off an overbet shove. Shoving pre is also fine, but i think against these nitty unknowns i prefer raising small to fold to a reshove. Although, if I thought they would flat call with these stack sizes I would have opted for a shove.
  • Tim64


    p.s. forgot to say: excellent video.
  • DanDule


    Thank's for the video, it was really helpful. 6 tables was maybe a little too small for me because i couldn't see all the stats. I really must concentrate more on pushing against the tight opponents, and be more relaxed while having a small stack.

  • palante88


    very lucky session ;) It never happens to me;)

    But very nice video, thank you ver much
  • spongio


    thanks for the video, and besides the run good was fun too :)
  • jwiedemann


    ice video I ve learned to shove just any TWO...and hit every time....great

    Thats poker ul
  • Castle93


    20mins in, where yu folded AJ to his raise of 3x was it because he was a tight player or is AJ not strong enough, against an unknown where you knew yu had very little if any FE would you shove there? I recently had the exact same situation where i was against AK and wasnt sure if AJ was ahead of an unknowns range with about 8-10BB
  • lessthanthreee



    in that situation I felt his 3x was more of a 'trap raise'. usually you can just 3bet shove against a CO range and it will show a profit. Looking back at that hand it looks pretty close and I dont mind a 3bet shove in this situation either given he is raising from late position.
  • jimira


    At 22:30 (with A3s on BTN) you state that any ace on the BTN and 10bb is a shove.
    Now I would certainly think that this is only a "rule of thumb" and not something to do blindly!
    I can see many setups - and not only on the bubble - where we cannot push any ace with 10bb from the BTN, especially with one or two loose opponents.
  • lessthanthreee



    the only situation i can think of where an ace on the button for 10bbs is a fold is on the bubble. I think even against extremely loose blinds its still going to be a shove outside the bubble unless there are some really short stacks around (still ICM implications 5-6handed)
  • jimira


    Can't understand that.

    Unless of course; you set the edge to cero (sngwizz), I guess in most situations we can push almost any ace.

    But if you think you are a good player and better than most other in the sng you play, then you set the edge to .10 or .20 because you don't want to make marginal shoves, but can wait for better spots.

    I guess in higher BI games we can/must make those marginal shoves, but in midBI games and below we don't want those thin edges - right?
  • lessthanthreee


    Yes jimira, that is correct. in most situations an ace on the btn with 10bbs or less will be more than a +0.2 edge. there are a few situations where hands like A2o-A6o will be marginal folds with a hero edge, but pushing any ace on the btn is a good rule of thumb.
  • AdamLaw33


    Thanks good vid.. More please..
  • s0cru3l


    Nice vid, thank you.

    I have one question:

    13:48 QQ - when your oponent bets 1/2 of his stack on the turn, i think he will always call your push, which is 2x of his raise.
  • lessthanthreee



    i agree he will usually just call off his last few chips. it doesnt really matter whether you shove now or call and call any river. against a thinking player i like shoving the turn more because flatting again for such a big % of his stack screams that we have a monster. against a fish I want to just keep letting him hang himself. I have seen fish bet/fold here occasionally (not often though)
  • antstruk


    Great video, please keep producing :)
  • Dodozz


    I like this video so much, good job :)
  • Jimanyjerk


    Every video I've watched by <3 sounds like it's recorded in the middle of a highway :P I swear some of those vehicles in the background just missed you!
    Otherwise great vid as always!
  • maythany


    great video :)