Lowstakes MTT - Part 2

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seeberger reviews the hand history of a $2 on demand MTT that he recently won in one of his coachings. In the second part he advances deeper into the tournament and gets into some interesting situations while building his stack.


FullTilt hand history review Low stakes MTT

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the second part of seeberger's micro MTT series!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Bburaurl


    Huh, a read that you will hit a full house on the river :D

    P.S. as for me, this was really weird.. I hate these flops - with a straight and with a flush draw and three overcards - when I have small pocket pairs. I Just can't make a c-bet with two opponents, weather of 1/4 or of 1/2, I just check fold unless they are both nits...
  • teampoland


    Hello sir, very nice video. One question though, why is your open raise with AA bigger than with AJ with blind being the same in both spots? Isn't that an obvious leak?
  • Tiltberger


    as I said the small cbet was a mistake in that spot -> i guess i thought i was just playing against 1 opponent an make 1/3 - 1/2 potsize bet.

    def. not on these limits teampoland.
    If regulars/thinking players are on my tables i make normally the same raisesizes with my whole range.
    But on these limits nearly all players don't really look at your raisesizes. So in my mind its not a leak to bet your value hands a little higher preflop to protect.
  • rlyBorderline


    around min 34: finaltable bubble with 6 other players on your table? couldnt be right, the other table would be 3max.
  • Tiltberger


    sorry -> you're right! I guess it was money bubble. Sorry for the mistake
  • fruitcake1


    would like to see final table
  • Bartmannn


    Great video!
    The KQs hand, where u called the AI push from the SB + the A7s where u pushed from SB into 2 limpers are definetly hands i wouldnt have played like this. Cause when I did I almost always lost.I seem to be pretty unlucky when it comes to coinflips, so i try to avoid them.
    Am I too nitty? Are those plays things u have to do (+ win them) when u wanna ship a tourney?
  • Tiltberger


    #7 i just produced it :)
    #8 kqs -> you need to call it. Because with the deadmoney involved also if you flip its +ev in the longrun. And if you want to reach final tables and top positions its really impossible or very very difficult to avoid flips.
  • kdouble08


    good stuff, good coaching!

    though I must admit I saw 2 miracles:
    - in the last 2 years I haven't seen any games at fulltilt when the showdowns were won in some 80 % by the BEST HAND;
    - it's also been a long time since I saw something like having 7 AA/KK-s in a row and neither of them meeting 2 pairs/set or better when reaching the flop.

    all in all, u really should give some money to St. Lady Luck in return. I just would like to know how much time did u have to wait for being so lucky? :-))
  • pppppp555555


    nice play. How long you have to play pker to reach this level of judgment like yours?
  • Tiltberger


    thanks for the feedback, I know i had a sick run, but a video where i just lose all my flips or fav. hands wouldn't be show any interesting spots ;)

    #11 -> i'm playing mtts since 2 years, but with huge volume, will to learn new things and good content you can reach a good level soon.
  • Threnoidia



    I think the last Hand is an easy anytwo Ship or not? guess you didnt notive the Bigblind sitting out?
  • madein1984


    34:00 here I make a small bet (~half pot), just to decrease the number of players in the hand. It makes it easier to know where you're at and you dont give 4s, 5s Aces and gutshots the chance to see a free turn. I also think you get more value from weaker Kings, though not too sure about that.
  • weedo25


    hand at 29 min what if he bets like 1100-1800 on turn? or he bet river 2/3 pot?
  • noulispa


    i want to see the third part like crazy gj man !
  • pinokio42


    very good video :)
  • PLraja


    When part three will come to us ?
  • globalcash


    tx. we waitng for part 3.
  • TotalStar


    @ 13:
    obv. YES!
    i´m pretty sure seeberger didn`t realized the bb sitting out...
  • And3street


    Very good session of MTT. Please someone tell me what happened to the first part, cos I can't seem to find it.
  • Saka000


    Why did you say that aloha 2004 played wrong his 44 on 21:20?
    I mean calling pre flop...what is wrong about to call 600 and see will you hit the set?
    In the video you also call a min raise with small pairs pre flop...
  • Metallee


    Very good video! I like the way that you treated the fish friends:)

    Once I played with you in 4$ rush on demand. I think you made a coaching. Don't you want to make a video about some low stake rush MTTs? I would love to watch that too!

  • h34dhunt3r


    @ Saka00

    Yeah, he did some calls with small pocket pairs but it was on early stages of tournament, where he had good odds, but if you look, that guy aloha was short so in that spot or he is all-in or fold, it depends on read on raiser's range, did he get itm, and many other things, so that call is very loose play in that spot.
  • DarkNeo1


    Cardrack ;) Wp tho, nice vid
  • Redakloren


    Great video ! I like the way you teach us your thinking process !! Thanks from France ;) We miss the dot com :(
  • comodus14


    Hi.I am from bulgarian community.Cgr for the ivideo. My question is for the last hand of the part 2. You are in the B, SB is a short stack, and BB is sit out. Can you push your chips here becouse SB is on the bubble and he must fold all hands here. TY

    Best regards I am waiting more videos for the limit :D
  • supermenka


    Nice run good.
    "How to play with monster?" :D
  • erlent


    @ Saka00

    the problem in thas situation is, that the stacks of the players are to small compared to the raisesize. if you try to trap other players by hitting a set, your stack and the stack of the other player has to be 20 times the raisesize to make it profitable. because if you hit the set you whant to get paid off. but theres another problem, at this point of the tournament players look for situations where players limp and they go all in because they smell weakness and the pot is so big that stealing gets prifitable. i dont think that the odds are very important in this situation.
  • nicopoker90


    nice video !


    Very informative. Thank you.
  • santus4


    Great english,great poker .. 5* :))
  • brenomilo


    nice video
  • Barreirinh0s


    is this turbo?
  • AdamLaw33


    Thanks a lot, very well done.