Deepstacked and Bluffs

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Due to the popularity of his first video on deepstacked play, JL is back with another one on the users request. He reviews a series of cherry picked hands and focuses on how to maximize your EV in the early, deep stacked phase of an MTT and looks for some spots to put in a bluff.


Deepstacked Play hand history review thematic video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by JonathanLittle!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Falco35


    Fürsten wir mal und führen die Tradition fort!
  • Vys


    ty... nice video...
  • Frutosx


  • tiagobandeira


    cool video . . .
  • semvagas


    very good
  • i5bet72o


    @first AK hand: isnt it a little optimistic to think he will 3b AQ and AJ vs a UTG open?
    @second AK hand: I really think you really rep a draw so well on the river so u definatly have a vbet
  • pharao87


    nice vid! i like.
    4s were nice :-)
  • Kasperkopf


    for me a little bit to loooooose,
  • Kasperkopf


    @8 lol the 4s call is a nice fish-line,
    better play is maybe shove on turn, but i think the fish makes a snapcall,

    its a sign from the fish that they are the chipleader early in an mtt
  • JonathanLittle


    He could easily 3bet AQ or AJ. People arent giving respect to utg raises like they used to.

    With the 2nd AK, I think a smaller bet would be better than a 1000 bet, as he has to have something pretty decent to call, which just isnt going to happen too often.
  • Gangstahhh


    Why are those videos always so low in volume?
  • Gangstahhh


    The AK hand, (2:00)

    I do like to fold preflop, I explain why

    I think his 3bet is only AQs+ AK TT+, and that's even a pretty wide range for someone from MP who reraises a UTG raise, in the early phases you see very few 3bet's

    Now I explain why I fold,
    If the board comes A52 or K52, that's like gin for you, but you hit that 1 out of 3 times, not even considering that he probably blocks a A or a K

    Now if the board comes A52,
    If he has AQ you probably get 2 bets, maybe sometimes 3, but I think you get 2 most of the time, if he has AK you split, and TT- KK you probably get 1 bet, and the off chance that he has AA you get stacked,

    Now if the board comes K52, It's about the same story, only AQ doesnt pay you off, so you get maybe 1 bet, and if he has KK he stackes you (still a off chance, but 1 king left , 3 cards so about 3/48, so 6,6% that that happens)

    Now if you miss, 90% of the time you just lose, maybe you check it down versus AK or AQ.

    Now if you get a AKx board, you only get payed by AQ for a little, and a lot against KK and AK, which you split or lose, so also negative EV,

    So you miss 2/3 times (you lose 140 more)
    You hit 1/3 times (You get some pays, but mostly you just get 1 bet, or are beat)

    This is only because it's so early in a tournament, if you later in position and ante's come into play. That's a whole other scenario.
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Jonathan. Lots of feedback from the Russian community:

    1) 09:00 QQ - What's your game plan when you get re-raised or squeezed preflop? What if anyone moves all-in? Is it safe to call a big push with QQ early in such a tournament by default?

    Same hand postflop, if any of your opponents raises big and the stacks are smaller. Bet/fold to a big raise/push looks better in such a situation deepstacked early in a tournament. Stacking makes no sense as no draw will push the turn. We'll be behind most of the time. AdAx, AdQs and made flushes will raise our bet, but that's pretty much it. We can safely exclude KK, because of the preflop call multiway. Against the range our equity isn't really great - we're basically flipping. What's our plan when we can't just call the flop raise, because we'll get committed and don't have good expressed odds at the momemt?

    2) 36:00 Ts9s, Flop Q32 rainbow. We bet 2500 into the pot of 3800. Why so big? The board is really dry. A standard betsize with TPTK or better would be 1/2 the pot or even less. Such a bet would still look strong while our bluff would be cheaper. A 40% bet will generate almost as much fold-equity as a pot-sized bet - any air will be folded anyway. And weaker hands tend to call the flop more often when we bet smaller amount for value.
  • JonathanLittle


    If someone just overpushed over my preflop raise with the QQ, I would call as most players range is something like AK, JJ, and TT in that spot, as those are hands they are scared to play postflop.

    Postflop with top set on a monotone board, im really never looking to fold although if I get raised, I may just call and try to get to showdown. Folding a hand that has at worst, 33% equity, is usually a mistake.

    I do agree the T9 cbet is a bit large. I would like something like 2000 better.
  • NatRPheM


    Def want to see live videos, I love those, you get another feel of how you think imho.
  • Gangstahhh


    Can you maybe react to my on #13? I do not know if what i'm saying really true, and maybe you can convince me of your play
  • JonathanLittle


    17, I think folding is fine preflop as long as you know your opponent is playing a range that tight. Some opponents will also 3bet something like JJ and bet it the whole way from time to time, letting me stack him. I do agree though, folding probably isnt bad at all.
  • rubenpereira17


    Cool stuff ut why u dont use Holdem manager for reads?
  • rubenpereira17


  • JonathanLittle


    I usually use HEM in game. I am working on adding more and more stats to my hud and finding what works best for me. I really used to never use a hud and im honestly not sure it adds much to someones game that can pay attention to what is going on. That being said, it cant really hurt either.
  • Falco35


    Great Vid!!!
  • BigAl123456


    Hey Jonathon,

    you recomend calling EP raisers with SCs what would u say the minimum deepness u have to be thanks?