Leakfinder - Part 2

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Aaron Lambert reviews the play of paydapiper in the $2.20 180-man MTTs on Pokerstars and analyzes his leaks.


MTSNG PokerStars series turbo User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new leakfinder video by AAronLambert!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Threnoidia


    Min. 29, A8s hand.

    I think i wouldnt call because i dont wanna loose the Chiplead for my future game.. And since this guy has(compared to the others) still a big stack and we are the chipleader he wouldnt Push too loose.
    Do you agree or is it still a leak to fold with my point of view?
    Thx ;)
  • nutsflush


    ME, not thats a snapcall!!! We want to win and are far head of his range...

  • Threnoidia


    well okay. I would snapcall A10+, maybe too tight, yea.
    so what range is good +EV call?
  • AaronLambert


    The Ace 8 call...

    It depends on the player in particular. Against some regs I would call a shove there with K5s+ K8o+ for example.

    In other spots where my opponent is tighter I might fold A5o and need a hand like A8s+ A5o+... with no reads A8o is a snap call imo
  • AaronLambert


    I meant to say A8s ATo on the end part
  • nutsflush


    thx, AAron...
  • AaronLambert


    No Problem!
  • refreene


    I'd say that you should not even call 160chips with 55 after 3bet, rerase and call. this is early stage of tournament.

    2 people showed agression, you don't know whether the 1st one will call or rerase after you. and also SB and BB may also reraise after you
  • AaronLambert


    I agree a fold is best there
  • MrPauletto


    why you dont speak russian dude?)
  • BalticCrew


    how many buyins are required for this type of tournemant
  • AaronLambert


    Some would suggest atleast 100 Buy-ins I would say you should have 200 buy-ins because you do have some mad swings in 180 mans
  • Harnas31


    [4:45] 76s - really a fold ?
    We cover everybody ,and we have decent hand ,
    I would shove, Am I really too loose ?

    Equity :

    55 25% if he had TT than 55.7%
    A2o 36% 22.6%
    76s 39% 21.6%

    Is it a leak , when I cover everybody and just shove with
    76s ?

    [22:40] hero has Q4s - so what that this guy put half his stack, he had M effective -1.89 [7 players],
    I think he did right to call with Q4s - keeping in mind that this guy
    is commited no matter what .So, we are going to keep with him, maybe except *A on flop, than I would
    hesitate to continue.
    But hero has big stack , he can play like that. He can allow himself to fiddle with him.
    Why not ?
    You give him credit of having big hand because he put half his stack ? With antes already in pot it was barely above the pot.

    Maybe I just behave like sheriff when I have big stack.
    I keep small stacks honest pre-flop. Is it really a leak ?

    Why not to play post flop if we are have big stack.
    I dont like the idea of just shove or fold.
  • tatisan


    Great review!
    I also agree you need 200 BI for 180man turbos. This is also the reason i think it would be very interesting to see a video (series of videos) about $2.5 180man turbos. The reason is:
    1. because its not that easy to put $1600 (for 200 BI at $8 180man turbos)
    2. the game is completely different at $2.5 BI as you mentioned throughout this 2 part video.
  • AcesBreaker


    woooow what a sick player. Biiig problem with push and fold phase.
  • delhi2011


    hey Aaron
    my question is how do we know what hands are right for shove or fold with right Ev ??
    thanks in advance...