PLO600 Live with GodlikeRoy

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $600
  • Shorthanded
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Our PLO coach Rohit 'godlikeroy' Bhasin plays the 100bb PLO cashtables at 3/6 on Poker Stars and focuses a lot on deep play. He discusses the advantages of deep play against shortstacking in PLO and handvalues heads up vs. multi way.


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Comments (20)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by GolikeRoy!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • simon6184


    Your screenname should be "RunlikeGod" ;)

    Nice video and good explanations.
  • Addicted2Aces


    sick 3way all-in @ the end :)
  • klimbo


    Great video! Would love to see more of the same - 2 tables, 100bb+

  • Kyyberi


    I like 2 tabling, as it gives you more time to explain things and your thoughts.
  • weickenmeier


    live play is great! but 4tabling would be nice as well.
  • GodlikeRoy


    Thanks for the replies all.

    I think the problem with 4-tabling live play is that I would be rushing through decisions without being able to explain my thoughts very well.
  • suitedeule


    2 tables are def better than 4, i think 3 are fine, too when u fill up the 4th spot w/ the hand replayer window so u have a chacne to talk about hands while not clustering up the screen
  • kaiptn


    good video, even though I dont expect you to play that loose normaly ;)
    I remember you were playing pretty tight and straightforward when I sat at the tables with you.

    I would love to see a theory-video about shallow tables, some stuff about good 3betting ranges/frequencies, with which hands we can call 4bets 50bb deep and how to leverage our stack for bluffraises / multiple barrels...
  • GodlikeRoy


    A lot of the time I will play 12+ tables and thus play a much tighter style. I sacrifice a little bit in EV by playing so tight but make up for it by playing more tables.

    I'm trying to play looser and fewer tables as a general rule now though.


  • DrPepper


    Last hand is sick. "RunlikeGod" seems to be a proper name for you. Nice video, I like the two table format.
  • AlCaTrAzzALZ


    2 tabling for live PLO vids is good, altho i think if u wanted to cover more hands, doing a session review in HEM would probably do that?
  • GodlikeRoy


    Yeah I agree with that. My next video that should be released any day is another 2-tabling live video but after that I plan on making a session review in HEM. I had some very interesting hands from a recent 5/10 session against a huge fish where stacks got to be 200-600bb deep.
  • Fedieltje


    Again a great vid GodlikeRoy.
    Learned a lot again and hope to be able to apply some of your thoughts onto my game.
  • Thormtos91


    Nice vid!

    I like the 2 tables rather than 4, less hands, but higher quality.

    And live or session review are both nice. A session review where only certain hands are pointed out, not as the whole session is somewhat less interesting imo.
  • KevinhoStar


    2 tabling is nice
    3 tabling would work also imo

    please keep doing live sessions, sessionreviews are so boring to watch most of the time
  • dcv


    I think 2 tabling is well may be you can try 3 tabling see if its worth :) good video though :)
  • hellmutt


    nice video
  • Grezky99


    10.30 katottu
  • provoman


    Hi Ray,
    can you explain me why donk on 11:50 min on right table from BB with AAJT with nut flush on flop?
    Thare is raisor from Buton and you must expect c-bet from him....
    Do you prevent the hand from sets?