Live session with faarcyde

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  • SNG
  • $55 - $109
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Faarcyde plays a session on a mixture of FR and SH SNGs with buyins $55 and $119. He shows how to play against other regulars and analyzes some interesting hands in SNG wizard.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by faarcyde!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • LgWz


    Nice keep them coming!
  • Spockomatic


  • GutsForSale


    actually Mekhi Phifer is kinda fishy , but wantthis4ever has pretty good ROI , but i agree with you, that sometimes he is doing kinda weird things and he is damnn lucky =))

    nice video. would be fair to have 2 SH and 2 FR tables =)) or 4 SH =))
  • Hlynkinn


    "... I would shove all day long and twice on sundays"
  • faarcyde


    @GutsForSale: Yeah, Mekhi isn't great but he isn't spewing a bunch of money into the game either.
  • Hasi31


    16:45: isn´t that a perfect spot for a float? I mean that GTmaster-guy is completing almost every single hand in the SB & donks any flop. Apart from your equity you got from your OESD, isn´t he is going to give up on most of his hands on the turn?

    Push A7o against sb complete for the same reasons?
  • faarcyde


    @Hasi31: The problem is we are so short if we float and bet the turn and he doesn't fold, it hurts our fold equity so much in future hands I just don't like it much. As I said in the video as well, it is really apparent when the draws come in so I don't think we have any sort of implied odds. If I had an overcard there to go along with the OESD I would feel a lot better about peeling.

    For the A7o, I think it we are too deep just to stick it might be +EV vs a certain calling range but I don't think it is the optimal play. Raising is an option, but we had raised his limp a short while ago and thought he might call or limp reraise with some frequency, and with a hand like A7o it just isn't going to play all that well.
  • maniac



    cool video gj imo.
    could you please give another example for using our equity edge hu. you mention a A2o on 236r board and said that if we range villain on many ax hands, we just get it in amazingly.