DoN analysis: Playing on the Bubble

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Russian producer RoyalHope makes a 2 part microseries on double or nothing SNG's. In the second part he goes on with analyzing hands in SNG wizard from the bubble stage.


don DoN analysis hand history review

Comments (23)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by RoyalHope!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • WhatTheFu


    First blood !
  • SpiderZorro


    very nice video! Good explanation and some typical DON-situations.
    I would like to see more of your videos, THANKS!
  • controle


    Love your videos, hope this isn't the last one about dons :)
  • superagente


    muy bueno me parece excelente
  • lolnutsss


    nice vid
  • yayasarika


    good one. hope to see more DoN videos!
  • Stars71


    Very nice
  • DONgreat


    lots of non marginal obvious decisions would like to see some hands were pushing or folding is a more complex matter
  • diutza


    I'm upgrading me to DoN V2.0 after this video ;)

    Thanks, great work
  • tryhardnoob


    good content but the talker is fucking annoying me.

    he's like, therefore aces are not good to PUUUUUUUUUUUSH! as it is a very negative expected value MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! like srsly cant he just talk normal? hurting my ears, if i take sound so low that it dont hurt when he scream i cant hear what he normally says. gg.
  • SvenBe


    tryhardnoob: We have received a lot of good comments about our narrator - sorry that you are one of the few listeners who is not pleased with him.
  • soczko18


    good job
  • justmario666


    Very consistent explanations. Good overview. Pretty usefull.
    Well done.
  • Nosaint


    Ask him, beg him, pribe him or blackmail him! But we need more DON videos of RoyalHope
  • Chromehead


    excellent video - i learnt a lot. i agree with other more DON videos please , especially this good.
  • p0rkus


    #11 I actually agree, this was one of my first translations and I wasn't so confident at the time :P I think all the videos that have come out since don't have so many annoying little quirks about them. Thanks for the, erm, constructive feedback! (srsly I am actually glad I got feedback on that)
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    great video, very advanced thinking, good narrator - a steady voice helps with understanding complicated situations. Impressive job with the translation as well.

    If I wanted to contact RoyalHope with few questions regarding micro-BI DBL-or-NTG SNGs, how do I go about that? -Thanks
  • kidzoltan


    Make more DON videos! Btw I think the narrator is very good.
  • jleonra


    wow very nice video, def i'll improve my game with its content.

    Also the narrator didn't bother me at all, he did a fine job imo.


    lol , the russian is horrible

    i love his english but he is wrong in content

    i cannot comment on anything for lack of info and also because he can afford to make a video on SNG on but cannot afford to purchase wizard.

    somewhat understandably being russian , but not so when hes representing this site


    also i don't like arrogance

    wizard is not enough adjusted when he recommends other action than his choosing

    when wizard recommends what he have done then yes, wizard 'does indeed reccommend here what i just did in the video

    i laugh when i see him (and other 'coaches' moving the villain range until the 'damn' software changes the decision :) funny as hell
  • doctorchip


    23:50 how can you think of folding if the short stack pushes? I would never (ever) fold AK with 4,5 BB left even if this is a DoN.