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Ever thought of playing in Vegas? In this video mbml will share his tips in case you want to visit the worlds biggest playground. He will talk about what games to play and where, the typical opponents and the adjustments and tricks you can make in live games.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy mbml's guide to Las Vegas!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Ithafeer


    video does not start :-(
  • Huckebein


    Sorry, don't have your problem, works fine for me! Does the problem still exist?
  • AlexPiterFM


    I can't see it, too
  • AlexPiterFM


    Oh, it's started! after a minute or so.
  • phot0


    indeed. be patient
  • scottie19


    error code: not found....
  • TheNaturat


    Vegas isn't worlds biggest playground anymore - latest numbers shows that Macau has about 4 times (!) higher money traffic
  • hjkhjk


    Very interesting info. Good work.
  • Maxim222


    перевести бы, очень интересно
  • elhh82


    @8, i think in terms of poker, i think Vegas is still the best, especially when you talk about the low stakes games. Macau has pretty high rake AFAIK, but if you have mirrions to play with, then all the action is def. in Macau.
  • StyleAni


    Yeah the "Will you show if I fold" question is quite controversial when playing live but I also tend to say no in an indirect way:) Great vid!
  • Konti23


    I really liked your Vegas' memories and tips. Thanks for sharing!
  • dainauskiene


    Very nice video, thanks. I think the theories explained here often applies to other live games as well.
  • Guuruu


    video not working!
  • TxPoker888


    Nice video, thanks. Would be great if somebody talked about FLHE or H.O.R.S.E./mixed games in Vegas as well.
  • i5bet72o


    i think alot of these tips apply to all live poker games, not just vegas. also did u know that the city i live in has more casino/capita then vegas :)
  • Amokeeva


    "avoid alcohol if u care about winning"
    %-))) So weak!!!-)))
  • NymXXL


    Nice vid! But how about bankroll management? If I would like to play 5/10 in Vegas what is the number of BI needed? According to your experience with varience and edges between you and other players. Thanks.
  • vins12


  • mbml


    I'm glad you guys enjoyed the video. It was quite fun to play live everyday for six days in a row. Though I played quite badly, I made 1k at poker, probably running 2-3k above EV during the trip
  • DrPepperIce


    Nice video.
  • lulualine


    #19, interesting question, an answer would be nice ;) I'm more interested in BRM for 1/2 though.
  • KnuckleRollG


    real nice, keep up the good work, like it a lot