Userreview with Boomer2k10: Rothko - Part 2

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In the second part of his userreview series Boomer goes on with analyzing the session of Rothko to find more leaks to plug.


FullTilt User Session Review Userreview with Boomer2k10

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new user session review by Boomer!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • m3ta


    I have a question on the A6o hand on K33.

    If we call A4+ here shouldnt we also call QJ because vs his bluffs its the same hand and we have better EQ vs 88 and 77.
  • Boomer2k10



    Do you have a timestamp for this?

    The answer to your question is actually yes. We probably should be peeling QJ there.

    If you're confused as to what to call here the best strategy is probably to basically look at the price you're getting and your range and fold the bottom of it. (in this situation that would mean bottom 20%)

    This means that our opponent can't just show a profit by betting any 2 cards on this flop.

    Obviously this changes with the reads you gain on your opponents donking range.
  • datsmahname


    Try 5:20 Boomer. A6o as BB/PFR vs fishy SB/limper --- K33 flop.
  • Boomer2k10



    Thanks, yeah that's the one I thought.

    Going back to #3 just going to re-iterate we're probably going to have to peel QJ, QT and maybe even some other hands here to make sure this isn't a default profitable bet but once we get a better read on him we can think about what we're going to do with our range but for now folding the bottom 20% of our range is obviously the balanced line.
  • Guuruu


    Tag limit on video title plz
  • Rothko


    Thank you for your clear and always well exposed advices Boomer. :)
  • bergi88


    well done!
    helped me alot.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    26:00 22 UR

    I would definitiely raise the Turn here!! Villain will bet close to 100% of his prefloprange on the turn again and if he folds Kx, Qx that would be a great rsult for us as we have 12 Outs against those hands but he doesn't know it, so he folds incorrectly (!) for the Pot Odds we give him, not nowing that which would be great for us. Otherwise we just gain 1 BB more which is ok as well of course.

    And I wouldn't think about folding the River here, he can valuebet AK and this single hand is enough to call 22 here as the pot is so big.

    31:00 this is a calldown for me against his turnraise, he can't represent the A at all as he limped preflop and he has 26 PFR, so he will limp those hands very seldom. His range is polarized between monster or draws or nothing, he will seldom play another pair than Ax like that, so we can bet/calldown imo. And that's why I think the Turnbet is good as we do have an easy calldown vs raise imo.
  • ZergZoul


    I liked the detailed explanations.
    More FL Videos Plz!
  • Boomer2k10


    Thanks for the comments guys

    @Zerg - I'm trying :)
  • fembot26


    Thanks for the excellent videos, Boomer - I don't play limit hold'em or any kind of cash-games, but I was entertained and learned a lot, and took at least until the next day to forget it all again. But seriously, the table-selection information is worth its weight in gold, and I've already used some of the ideas for SNGs. How long did it take to develop your methods of thinking about a hand and how to play it? That kind of thought process seems almost like magic to a player at my level.
  • Boomer2k10



    Thanks for the kind comments

    As far as your question re: how long it took to develop my thought process I can't really give a good answer.

    I've always tried to surround myself with as much knowledge about the game as I can, I went through a period for about a year where I would pretty much fall asleep at night reading a poker book, be it SSHE or Stox's book or any of the Sklansky books. I've had video site memberships for probably 3 years now and that sheer amount of information has helped.

    However what also does it is the ability to question, it's why I try and aacknowledge every comment on a video of mine and sometimes even stir up a bit of debate.

    It's fine being shown what to do but you don't learn until you do it yourself.

    I try to get this over in my next video coming out (Where I make a boo-boo or twelve), if you copy my play you'll probably do alright but you'll never be better than me. If you learn to question what I do, and understand the underlying principles and how to act from there that's where true improvement comes from.

    So really there's no magic involved :) but it's just a case of being inquisitive and having people around who will answer questions for you and in time you'll develop thought processes for yourself and continue to do so.

    I still do all the time, recently a hand in the hand judging forum lead to me thinking of a whole new way to balance ranges etc and explore...and nerdy as that is it's exciting to me :)

    Hope this helps.
  • fembot26


    Thanks again, Boomer - that's very helpful feedback. One nice thing is that in your videos you sound engaged and hence engaging - there's no chance you could make a video on SNGs or MTTs? :) Actually, I haven't heard of a video on limit hold'em MTTs...
  • Boomer2k10


    haha I'm afraid this is very unlikely as I personally really disklike playing tournaments, plus I'm not very good at them so I doubt PS would want me coaching them, and I think Limit Holdem Tournaments are just about the worst thing ever. Although I did commentate on the League of Champions with Ribbo so anything is possible :)

    If I decide to play a bit more HU I may look into HU Limit SnGs but that's about it. Currently I'm pretty much married to 6-max LHE Cash Games
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    hey boomer, could you pleasy react to my comment #9?! I guess you didn't see it?
  • Boomer2k10


    HI Hamburg

    I did see your comments, I thought I'd gone over them really.

    22 - I'm not sure we really should call here. We're getting 7-1 so I suppose if he value bets 100% of his AK combos then we probably have to call, haven't crunched the numbers but 15 combos of AK we beat is more than likely enough vs his value hand range, but to be honest I'm not sure this guy is capable of value-betting AK-High (He seems a standard 28/20 TAG), it's a lot rarer than most people think, especailly at 1/2. Add to the fact that's quite a scary river leads me to believe he's not value betting all AK combos here.

    KJo - Yes I agree with calling down as played but I'm not sure betting to induce a bluff here is really the best line as it's not the best line to extract value from his floats/peels as he's going to fold a lot of them so the only value our bet really has is from inducing a bluff, whereas it's much easier for him to bet when checked to so really it's about bluff raising frequencies which we don't know enough about yet so I'd prefer a x/c, x/c line if we want to see SD here over a b/c, x/c line.
  • Boomer2k10


    I do agree with you on the 22 hand though that we should be raising the turn. It doesn't really get much better than that

    As for calling the river, again a bit torn and I don't really think it makes a lot of difference either way but I'm certainly not going to chastise a call or a fold here becasue it can be justified completely by what you think your opponent's range is. Kind of another reason why I want to be aggro on the turn