Weird lines in MTTs

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55 - $525
  • Fullring
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John Little reviews some hands from mid to high stakes MTT's where either him or the opponent played a hand in an unconventional way. He shows how reads and history can lead you to make more profit by not picking the standard line.


FullTilt hand history review thematic video Wierd lines in MTTs

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new JonathanLittle video!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Raiden1905


  • D1verS


    джонатан, ты супер про!!!(честно)
    но где евульп???))
  • D1verS


    sorry to #3.
    jonatan, nice play,very much you help
  • Tillit


    wierd is weird
    no really, its weird
  • itSmIn3z


    Hey Jonathan, there is a nice program on this site called Equilab. I think it is way better to do equity-calculations and similar stuff. Would be nice if you could work a bit with the program and use it the next time instead of propokertools...
  • intothejungle


    1st hand, would you consider JsTs, Js7s, QJ?
    75o, JTs UTG, JTs vs 75s - I'm pretty sure I've seen them in some other video of yours :)
    Also, what do you play these days? I don't see you in OPR. Do you play live?

    And another question - I haven't seen you take/have notes on any of your opponents. For the higher buyin mtts, where the fields are smaller, you'd meet the same people, or am I wrong? I watched this guy "illegit" on pokertube and that's his biggest advice - take notes on people so you can better play against them, and assign them ranges when they playback. What's your stance on notes?
  • bonebt


    at 4:00 min when villain shove on Tc9h7s Qs you dont have JsTs & AsJs &JQ in villain range which imo r very very likely hands + some KQ hands
  • bonebt


    that JTs when you call 3 bet and thenover shove on flop with OESD
    imo with those stack sizes and SPR donk bet ~ 1700-1800 and calling a shove looks stronger and increase our fold eq
  • androniks


    Very, very useful video.
    Like all JonathanLittles VOD!
  • xWoodayx


    I have to say that i like your videos THE MOST! actually, im quitting or pulling forwards most of the videos when coaches are talking like an hour about a hand or a spot in which it is pretty clear what to do. but your videos are really interesting and nice! you got a nice voice to listen to too, only the volume in the last video could have been a little bit higher. but nice job!
  • JonathanLittle


    7, I think he could for sure have all the hands you listed although I think most of them will generlaly be discounted, as I think he would probably not push those. Also, if they are in the range, they only make up a small percent of it so ignoring them wont make the calculation too far off.

    I play mostly live tournaments. I think taking notes is very necessary. I use holdem manager for general stats and take notes when I see something that stands out in my opponents game.

    9, I think donking like 2/3 pot has some merit although I prefer to just put a lot of pressure on my opponent as I would rather have him fold AK than bet it himself when I check to him or just get silly and jam it in over a donk because he thinks donks are weak.

    Im glad everyone likes the videos. Email support and let them know what else you would like to see.