Leakfinder for Micro-Stakes NL

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In this video Yersh explains the importance of plugging leaks and how to make more profit by avoiding big mistakes. He introduces the concept through a user session review.


Leakfinder Theory Video Unibet User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


  • Tahigwa


  • krason


    dont agree w A4 fold on AA9 board
  • Oger88


    Great video!! But you analyze the leaks of a platinium member on NL 50 and its free for all people who register on pokerstrategy and played a hand......
    So you get comments like #3 ....
    min 39: why fold ip with that great odds to a fish with a very strong range? you just need to know not to overplay marginal pairs, but you can get his hole stack by flopping a monster. Greetings Oger88
  • manic0712


    great video, great explainations, want more of it
  • kenthmp


    How do I put an opponent on a range?
  • serroyce


    #3 fish
  • mindslow


    great :D
  • TexasTommy


    very nice vid,
    i want more, more, more
  • Justr3l4x


    really good video, thx. ;)

    hopefully we`ll see some more videos made by you.
  • r4mses


    one of the best explained videos I`ve seen here!
  • bebek


    #11 +10000000000
  • Yersh


    lol, never thought that it'll be translated to English :)
  • duder1n0


    Thank you Yersh, excellent stuff!
    Very much looking forward to future parts... :)
  • Depor07


    Good video, your description fits me to a tee.
    Thanks Bro.
  • Yersh


    to #9,#10,14
    Do not expect a lot, I made 6 videos so far, 5 of them are leakfinders and only 2 contain theory. I don't make videos frequently cause I'm doing this mostly for fun.
    You can post all questions in my blog. It's on Russian forum, but I can answer in English too, when I have free time.
  • liseiris


    So great so good.... I'm waiting for others video from you.
  • Grinder23


    tbh i rly dont like the fold A4s on AA9.
    Specialy vs shorty on nl50. Specialy even if he have Ace in range of A2-A8 most of the time we split. With the money in the pot and stacks left im okay with that + some % of the time we ahead vs his strange played TT+/9x/XsXs etc.
  • MITStudent


    the game you're playing is called poker?
  • justmario666


    Nice movie; thanks.
    Re: Oger88 We should be glad that we still have players like someone who never folds his A4.
  • krason


    hi, im no. 3.

    like 19 said the times that we would split and fold would be a huge part of his range.
    im not that big of a fish, i played nl50 couple of years ago and moved on ;) - dont know the gamestyle of the players on these stakes. but given he is a shortstack + pot odds + handrange its auto call or allin. never fold!

    i like the other part of the vid. very much tho!

  • krason


    and in the end i dont think most of you guys realise that we are not behind vs A5 -_-

  • krason


    the moment he minraises we have to put 8$ (he would be all in) more to win a total pot of 27$

    so that means if we have 8/27 % equity, the play would be +- 0 EV. that would be around 30%. but if we give him ONLY Ax we have 35%.

    and sorry for the spam :D

    4,7,21: ty for folding in these spots, you keep the fish alife :) omnomnom
  • kriko92


    Great video, thanks :)
  • ionutd


    awesome vid, looking forward to more Yersh content :)
  • PtiiiPtaaa


    Very nice video!

    Also don't like the A4 fold though..
  • KidBurns


    Your Video is fine!

    but your A4 hand is terrible analyzed!
    I see him miniraising here with a ton of hands.Stuff like 97,T9,J9,Q9,K9 any
    small pair 22-88 even TT,JJ,QQ,KK which he slowplayed preflop and all his fludhdraws.Finally dont forget the spewy bluffs he will sometimes have.That´s a lot of hands!!!
    And as Grinder says there are enough hands against we will split (A2-A8).

    hope to see more from you.
  • Sinnology


    Nice video,looking forward to see more.
  • greccos


    very good video
  • MrIndependent


    Very nice, thank you.
  • KetiVase


    Amazing video ! Thanks
  • hackbinder


    Wow... up to minute 12 he basically described me. Great video.
  • asunder


    Very nice vid, although as already some have said - fold with A4 is bad imo, as against most aces we will end up spliting.
  • donkeyshot


    Nice 1, enjoyed very much.
  • ragney


    OMG sick video. Excellent stuff! I want more... :(
  • Gabinr1


    Very nice vid. I like how Yersh reviewed the session - well organized and straight to the point.
  • Classified181


    Very nice video sir, WP. LoL at how he makes is sound so simple and easy though.
  • Rap1d007


    Great video, I like reasonings, make much sense when watching, harder to apply in game :D
  • pdfbq


    The best!
    We want more!!
  • Keiji


    very very good video!
  • Matziano


    nice pls more =)
  • Sinnology


    Haha, watched this video now, and was pretty amazed,by seeing I ve comment it before, which means I watched it before aslo, couldnt bring to reminder tho.
    Love the video once again.

  • Member0815


    I agree with oger, I would always take my shot with fishes, when they have a good range and the stack size is fitting, also in this one situation with 64s I don´t think that move is not profitable, espacially since me hits are probably considered as blanks
  • Member0815


    still nice video of course :)
  • riskcore


    Really well done, really clear and concise, really enjoy all your videos
  • BadeaCelRau


    Pure gold video! Want more from Yersh!!!
  • dariusgeorgel


    Just Awesome. Thanks a lot.
  • fishlock


    Great vidio, make's me realise I've got so much to learn, will go back to basic's and start again
  • Jaccuzzi


    very nice video, i tend to do that mistake of learning advanced things while having forgoten some basic stuff. Thanks.
  • Krzych113


    ask yourself:
    with what hands a passive fish would you raised with if he folds/call 90% of the time ?
    Give yourself an answer will tell you why doing what you said is not good, and actually.. bad
    I love the " I don't agree " msg
  • muel294


    great video. Yersh is so posh
  • MancaMulas


  • diablik7


    Good video. Sample, sample, sample. The Hero is too confident with the stats. "Fold to donk bet = 100%". Yeah, but it happened ONCE.
  • rogervieri


    @39.15: the much discussed A4 hand...I have a definitely problem to let go big hands...I know it's my flaw...how to not be a callingstation?!?! :fishcrying:
  • Yersh


    to #55
    practicing puting oppenents on a precise range will help you to understand when your nut hand like trips or flash or even fh is not really nut against opponent's possible holdings
  • jimmy21492


    Great Video Yersh
    Will you make any more videos in english or translate some of your other russian videos?
    I hope so.
  • sipox


    Really great video, one of the most helpful i have ever seen. Good job.
  • Enzo55


    the best video i have seen so far.
    i am learing much more an know wat to leren and wat not to use at wat limmit. have bin winning ever sins i have seen this video so ty verry much. hope you make more videos and hope i am abel to cee them. i am onley bronze ty ty ty
  • fortunewheel


    lol at giving people advice to isloate 25 big blind shortstackers with 89o that's just f terrible rofl
  • fortunewheel


    Hero has ridiculous betsizing tells. Zomg a drawy flop let me potbet my toppair. I'm 100 % positive that even a remotely capable villain should be able to spot this and exploit the sh** out of him.
  • fortunewheel


    min 41 ur basically talking about manipulating ranges by chechking the flop with trips and a weak kicker which is fine. I think going broke vs this shortstack IF u check the flop and give him a chance to hit one of his picture cards or whatever is way better than considering going broke after cbetting the flop w A4 on AA9
  • fortunewheel


    basically the A4 hand i'd check flop and call a donkbet on turn and river which would probably mean playing for stacks with the shorty. if villainc hechks turn i'd bet small so i can fold to a reraise since he is so short. moral of the story. not beating any hands besides hands that can hit on turn to pair up/fluhsh up but flushes are a small part of villains range so we shouldn't be too concerned
  • DecMate


    Thanks yosh i enjoyed it :)
    The A4 hand, Hmm, i'm not too sure about it. Most of the times it will be a chop if his ace is lower then a 9, and most likely will be if he hasn't raised, unless he never 3b's pre w/ AJo+.
    Its close, maybe i should take your advice and stop holding on to the flopped trips vs fish lol :D
  • DecMate


    **Yersh sorry! ^
  • Th334


    Great stuff!Thanks.

    PS: From now on, we'll be calling any controversial situation "the A4 case", lol.
  • luizsilveira


    I watched this video on release and am watching the second time now. It was as useful as the first, good stuff.
  • tonyhawk49


    That is a very good content. Usally good players make Videos describing how they play. I think yersh style is waaay better. I want more of this and less blabla.
  • MarliesB


    Hi, the TT hand @27 mins: Why are we valuebetting the turn when the flush came in?
  • ferrari1f


    What an excellent video. Best of the beginners series so far!
  • UrDrawlndead


    Why is there not more videos of coach like him , the structure and topics and the ways he convey his toughts are definitly of a strong value. Im sad that theres not more about this series. Thank you anyway for this verry good video, its gold.
  • Alex00057


    nice video !!!