Playing the Final Table - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $160
  • Fullring
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In his new series Aaron focuses on probably the most important part of MTT's, the final table. He'll show you how to reach the big payouts in order to maximize your profits. In the first part Aaron reviews the final table of a $162 MTT, where he has a huge chiplead and dominates the table.


Playing the Final Table series Session Review

Comments (10)

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  • FishermansFriend



    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Dorfzocker75


    nice upswing
  • geoelt


    nice vid, allways like your stuff :)
  • ChrisDePiss


    sick chiplead!
  • Chreide


    Herzlichen Glückwunsch die finaltable serie ab diamond zu machen....

    das argument, dass dieses eine video zufällig nen $162 buy in ist, ist lächerlich
  • AaronLambert


    thanks guys for the kind words guys.

    #1 Raising is an option considering I do think he is weak here a ton. It is a slightly unusual play considering an all in here but we expect the all in and the iso player to be wide so I can see your point of view here. I don't really mind playing a flop here to be honest as apposed to making this move to be more of a pre-flop hand.

    #2 I do love 3betting here because of the chip dynamics. I expect him to fold a ton here and I would probably 3bet AA KK here as well because my table image is super aggro and doing anything different would be pretty much a red flag.

    #3 I still like it too :D just ya... he was willing to take a big risk here and props to him for not being scared.

    #4 Ya I think I remember what my thought process was when I was playing when the bet went out. It seems like a weird line and first thought would think to check river back but he doesn't have a King or Jack here I think ever because he was lead the river. It was an odd hand so I can understand how I misread it at first.

    #5 I can see your argument and there are really two sides to this discussion. With his stacksize I agree I think checking would be best to try to get all of his chips in. If he was deeper I like double barreling. Essentially I want to try to get as many of his chips in as possible so it depends on what you think will help make that happen.
  • gordanar


    29:10 isn't he to short to flat with KQs? I thing 3b/call is much more better..
    Nice video btw :)
  • EilatOne


    why is this diamond and the following videos of this series are gold and silver?
  • EilatOne


    makes no sense imo ? this one should be gold or silver then too
  • AaronLambert


    That decision was make by Pokerstrategy but revolves around the fact that this was a big buy-in and the other ones were much smaller. It has been lowered though so enjoy now :D.