H.O.R.S.E. MTT - Part 2

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In this microseries, RainmanTrail reviews a H.O.R.S.E MTT he played, and shows you how to beat the mixed games.


FullTilt H.O.R.S.E. MTT Session Review

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  • Pascal


  • Albatrini


    very nice, I was really looking forward to this video! MOAR
  • dimon051290


    а перевод будет?
  • DrPepper


    Finally another stud video! Feels like christmas...

    min 46: We have the KQ top pair on the turn with the spades redraw and villain donks into us. Why do we raise here? If we have the best hand we could only call in position to let him continue to bluff the river. If we are beat we should draw to our flush and keep the pot small. So why do we raise?
  • Guesswhat


    #3: Длугие и били переведены ;)

    Great work again! Tx!
  • Guesswhat


    upps, sry: "Другие"
  • Cosler


    Very nice
  • Genius91


    your laughing is so funny :D
  • elceroso


    viendo el video genial !!!!! pero nuevamente en la oficina.... ;)
  • RainmanTrail


    @4, I think that we almost never have the worst hand here. Spots like this are usually some kind of semi-bluff drawing hand by the villain or a weak top pair that is afraid of another spade. I want to get the money in now. A b/f line by the villain is very uncommon in this spot. We will usually be getting paid off here. When we do get paid off, we usually gain 3 bets. If we play it passively and hope the villain bluffs again, we gain 2 bets (not everyone is just firing off a bluff on the turn and the river). I think a turn raise is an absolute must here.
  • Pulow


    nice vid, more plz :)
  • igrovoi7777


    Can anybody explain, please.
    13.25 game stud. Hero had Ah8cAs 8h Kc 5h 9h but at showdown 8c and 9h changed places. How can it be?
  • vizerkharkiv


    #12 FTP changed places hole card on showdown every time
  • Holdemfreakie


    loved it!
  • thebatsman


    Absolutely enjoying these...you have helped my mixed game already thank you