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In his newest video faarcyde reviews a session he played on fulltilt and shows you how to adjust against regulars and fishier players to achieve the maximum winrate.


FullTilt Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by faarcyde!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • lessthanthreee


    that T9o HU hand @ 48:00 is pretty interesting. Do you think there can be an argument for shipping flopg. I dont see him folding any kind of gutshot or OESD after betting so big. Also on the turn after we flat he still might just ship his draws for 3/4PSB and we would have to fold turn. Also if he checks turn and we check back, I find that SO many unknowns see that as super-weak and be more likely to bluff shove river. If u flat for pot control or to re-evaluate you end up folding with the best too often, or free-rolling villains that would happily bet/call flop with 35-40% equity.
  • z4tz


    About your notes. You make them very long. Wouldn't it be more efficient shortening them quite a bit so you can spend more time focusing on the tables and less time writing notes.
  • faarcyde


    @Lessthanthree: I don't like shipping flop with this type of player just because I think he is so libel to bluff on future streets. Also the minraise preflop is a little alarming and I'd rather keep the pot a bit smaller until I know what type of hands he is doing that with. In reviewing the video I tend to disagree with myself on how I would have to fold turn if he shoved...it would be very dependent on how the texture of the board ran out.
  • faarcyde


    @Z4tz: It is a personal preference...the way my brain works I like to read out notes long hand. If I have to process a bunch of short-handed notation I find it is tougher to translate in my brain.
  • d1sAA


    Hello, faarcyde! There's a question from our Russian community:

    19:19, 2nd table, chat box.
  • d1sAA


    And a little bit more:
    as for the new ideas, can you please make a video on heads-up?
  • d1sAA


    And more!

    24:41 i dont agree with your thoughts here.
    "I have K4s which isn't an awful hand". I think it IS aweful, esp because we're gonna be playing it OOP if BB calls.
    "I could shoved here and it'd be +EV, but i decided that he's gonna be folding a lot here because he's pretty tight" - Pfff, what's so bad about stealing blinds without any resistance with such shitty hand as K4s?

    And a little bit of advice: it's much more comfortable to play with the animation turned off ;)
  • faarcyde


    @d1sAA: I was referring to Beanmo who I play with a lot. He makes some moves on me because he knows I am a bit more LAG than other people. As for heads up, I am not sure. I will consider it in the future.

    For the K4s hand, the guy was so tight/passive I think raising it is slightly better than shoving although it is hard to quantify that. Against such a passive player I don't think it will be tough to play against him postflop.
  • d1sAA


    Back to the question about chat.
    Our member is curious what did you write there (seemed like you wanted to write it somewhere else but missclicked) and then delete?