Super Stack Early Antes MTT

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $75
  • Fullring
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mkc reviews the final stage of a super stack early antes tournament he won. Watch how he shipped 20k and learn some moves.


FullTilt Session Review Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy this unique MTT video by mkc!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • label55


  • Chreide


    Very nice video,
    you also explained everything very well and in detail, too :)
  • Wills


    hey there

    when I started watching this vid 1 hour ago, u had 100 views and two votes with 1 star...dont understand those guys, they even didnt explain in the comments

    in reality this vid is REALLY good! especially in the beginning I thought you are abit short in words, but I guess for most viewers here (which have a more advanced knowledge) your statements were fitting perfectly.

    overall nice thoughts, plays, didactical explanations and content at all!

    I really hope, you are going for more vids here!


    nice one! are you sure about the KQo fold in the start though? I'd say it's a quite easy push even against a tight player? Please let me know how you think :)
  • bannerpilot


    если не ошибаюсь было же данное видео на русском?
  • kpuctuHa777


    Причем на русском для СЕРЕБРА! Объясните, почему?
  • p0rkus


    #8 says that the original video was restricted to silver members and above - why is the translation platinum only?
  • Sevuninhooo


    very nice! strong play.
  • kpuctuHa777


    Скилл наших игроков с серебряным статусом = скиллу ваших игроков со статусом платина(ничего личного)?)
  • ncuxuk


    11) +1 !! 10 минут украли ((
  • diegohada


    nice vid, good explanations! looking forward to the next videos!
  • kpuctuHa777


    Учись народ, как статус вода уменшить!
  • Huckebein


    Thank you for the feedback! Please keep the comments in English!
  • Wills


    lol bring more russians on :)

    amazing, that mkc is russian, when I saw the vid I was 100% sure he is native brit, coz his good pronunciation

    some infos about him would be nice, mb a news?!

  • pokerjan


    Very good Video and explanations. Thank you.
  • gehtduer


    like your style of playing but you go to fast overall i think. I agree we should fast forward in some standart spots but i like to put some more thinking into some intresting hands!

    anyway thx for the vid!
  • Kaitz20


    What can I say. Imo best MTT video I´ve seen last year. (and I´ve seen a lot of videos :))Since 4-betting has become quite common nowadays games, then how light would you 3-bet/5-bet shove co/bu vs bb/sb? Jonathan Little likes to shove a lot and in his videos he is usually also manage to make a lot of folds. So I personally think 3-betting for value and shoving over 4-bets should be around 66+, AJ+, ATs+ KQ- agree:)? Looking forward to your next videos :)
  • JLB766


    Nice GG !
  • Guesswhat


    Nice Vid!

    @16: This vid has been translated from Russian. Very good translation and voice-over!!
  • JohnPhoenix


    Great Video. Thanks.
  • Pendall


    if chips stacks be 50/50 in HU u deal?
  • vidrata


    Great video! Thanks!
    Looking forward for more vids from you.
  • Wills


    lol @19 u should know, that this question is kinda senseless without more infos like villains behaviour, table flow, history, momentum, planetary configuration, . . .
  • cojonel


    not bad:D very intersting
  • fusionpk


    super dislike 66 hand where u flat in blinds vs what u call "active stealer", way prefer 3b'ing pre and c/r'ing flop to fold out alot of his overcards that have equity and get value from any A high that peels (maybe Ac peels) + his other draws etc.
  • Omoschan


    i like the fact that u always say: "we" i almost felt like i won some money too :D
  • pokerilaku


    very nice vid, commenting on almost every hand is +++++++. Gz for the tournament win.
  • gordanar


    2:53 you open JTo from CO, and all players behind you have under 18bb stacks. What you think about just jamming JT here? They will resteal often and you can't call with JT.
  • ddfgh12


    well played
  • MrS212i


    That was an awesome video! :D
  • pkapusta


    really good of the best mtt vid, ihave ever seen.molodec...peter