Five Star General - Part 11

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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ge5sterne continues his series ""Five Star General"" in which he reviews fellow PokerStrategist´s play. In part 11 the hero is Matthnes, who plays NL100 SH on fulltilt.


Five Star General FullTilt series User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new episode of ge5sterne's userreview series!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • noisecore


    in the beginning of the video I would either ship the 1010 on the flop or call is c/r to let him fire again on a blank turn.
  • super1


    nice Video - get more
  • randomdonk


    i think defending KJs to the 3b goes a bit against that plan of not playing guessing games vs unknowns (which i think is really good btw), specially when he seems nitty so far.
    on the flop it seems like floating > raising, he's probably never folding an overpair on a heart turn and he'll c/f anything that folds to the raise on blanks anyways. he can also barrel his air (if any :/) when we hit our overcards.
    also i dont like the raise size, making it 32 accomplishes the same thing right? (same on the TT hand when he 3bets to 33.5, i'd go for 27 or something).

    how many FE do we need to make the flopraise +ev? i suck pretty hard at math :P

    nice vid, looking forward to the next one. ty !
  • MathhNes


    Thank you for commentating randomdonk, much appreciated. I completely agree with folding the KJs is probably better due to what you outlined.

    About the TT why do you prefer a small raise? I think the 33,5 gives us more value when he has a nut flush draw etc. It does look less like a bluff though but i do think his range is very strong at this point and i thought his chance of playing back (in case he did have air) is very small and probably non existend. Therefore i think the slightly smaller raise builds the pot better vs made hands (less likely he will fold overpair etc), also gives me better value vs his not fd if he decides not to shove it.
  • MathhNes


    About the KJs hand and the 32$ raise. If i raise smaller i will make him more likely to bluff shove over my raise with hands like AKo etc which i def. dont want. So i want it to look more like a made hand / draw that is comitted (therefore i raise to 32, smaller looks like bluff, bigger looks polarised to a fd only).
  • MathhNes


    Anyways more spews incomming in next part. Allways nice to realise that you are spewing in more spots than you thought you were so that you can start working on it :)
  • Tim64


    Spew? 3betting 52o in pos is std, shuuurrrely?
  • supeyrio


    dont like the plan to c/r QKo on J72fd board. he'll calling donk range is almost = to his call c/r range. we risk too much with a c/r. ofc this also assumes that he doesn't bluff 3b our donk, which i think is highly unlikely since we're unknown and he'll play more standard
  • Pendel0682


    Mouse epileptic :P
    nice video anyway
  • bladoeltiempo


    NICE !
  • ge5sterne


    @9: His Callingrange to both lines will be fairly similar obviously. But with this particular hand we will have a lot of good bluffing opportunities on future streets, based on the range that we represent with our c/r. And obviously is b/f range on J72 will be large enough for a c/r to show an instant profit plus we set ourselves up for bluffing into a bigger pot later on. Obviosuly we shouldn't be firing blindly on all Turns and Rivers if we get called on the Flop but the play will certainly be +EV if we don't go on making massive mistakes later on in the hand. And as I said in the video I don't really have a Donking-Range in that spot for the reasons explained in the vid.
  • DonCyrano


    Good Video!
    I did not like the fold with QQ, assuming he has very tight 3b range. I think the sample size was too small. After that hand his 3b size was 5.7. I think we could definitely call in position.
  • hohoho321


    about the QQ hand in the last minutes : since his 3bet range consists of non-bluffers should't we call with any pocket pair for a set minding since he will stack almost everytime with overpair ?
    And do we assume that that isn't going to happen ?
  • Freddz


    I think vilain folded an overpair in the KJs hand: vilain says "hit a set" in the chat, wich is really sick :).

    About the QQ I don't really like the fold to. Vilain usually have AK in his range. 16 combos of AK, 12 of KK+. Postflop gonna be pretty easy, call flop fold turn on every board without a K or A.
  • valdestrijus


    I think that spot with KJs 3bet 42$ was good if he was planing to go call a push :) so, but as #4 says if you don't know what to do after his push you can just not commit and 3bet only 27-32$, i allways 3bet more if i am planing to go all in
  • lifeiscrazy


    I dont like the fold with QQ neither, although it might not be the worst mistake.

    but what really troubles me is the comment on the guy who made the 3bet

    i mean its 64 hands... I normally play like 20/18 7;et and I can remember so many situations where I had like 12/11 stats over 60-100hands just due to bad card flow and table flow...

    so I defintly would stress out dont give stats so much credit for such a low samplesize... thats also why I set HM to show stats first at 500h+