Cowboys Incognito - Part 1

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In his new series Gerv explores the anonymus tables on Prima network. In the first part he'll give you a theory introduction on what adjustments you have to make in this unique gametype.


Cowboys Incognito series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new series by Gerv!

    Please keep the comments in English.
  • JungleCall


  • Pechenushko


    Сделайте перевод плз
  • bach23


    this is NOT full anonymous tables .. when you back to table stavk size is BACK )) is not anonymous stack
  • fuzzyfish


    I can't say that I fully agree with the aggression thing. I've just finished a session and can confirm that opponents in Anonymous tables are pretty call-happy. I'm pretty aggressive myself, but I think especially when dealing with donkeys one needs to carefully choose spots for bluffing.

    Anyways, nice video, lots of useful information on taking notes etc. Can't wait to see the next ones. When will they be out?
  • Gerv


    Interesting because then we can discuss why you advocate a less aggressive approach and me a more aggressive approach.

    Other videos are going to be released next week :)
  • fuzzyfish


    IMO bluffing in good spots is always the way to go, but that requires

    a) reads
    b) opponents whose software has fold button

    At anonymous tables the amount of fish is greater than in regular ones, so when we face a unknown opponent his likely quite fishy. Fish like to call down with marginal hands, especially when they perceive you as very aggressive an you keep pushing them. Thats why common sense tells me to stay at bay when up against a random donk. However I'm sure a very aggressive approach could be interesting too, so I'm going to look forwards to those session videos :)
  • Gerv


    If we say ''aggressive'' , I think in terms of this PPT we are talking at best at thinvalue betting versus these players.

    Logically speaking one can summarize this in: Never bluff donks, just valuebet them. That's what I meant throughout the video :)
  • erptech


    wow, you timed everything perfectly to 45:00. sick.
  • dainauskiene


    I love the video, especially the funny terms like "agressive wild western style of play". If it was on the other crappy website, like 2+2 forum, I would even consider calling this video "fish friendly", by which I mean even people with little understanding about poker might consider watching it because of the humor inside.