Userreview with Boomer2k10: Overson

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  • $3/$6
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Boomer continues his series, where he reviews the play of fellow pokerstrategists. In this part the hero is Overson, who plays $3/$6 SH.


FullTilt User Session Review Userreview with Boomer2k10

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new userreview video by Boomer!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Boomer2k10


    Hey guys

    Obviously this video has gotten some mixed repsonses in the Voting Ratings.

    I'd really like to hear your comments on it. I hold myself to high standards with these videos and obviously therefore am never happy if someone's walking away from a video of mine disappointed so I'm not afraid of constructive feedback.

    "It's not a SnG Video and was advertised as one in the "10 vids you may have missed" article" isn't an excuse :)
  • Liverix


    Don't worry ;-) I think your videos are fantastic and I really like to watch them. You are doing a great job!

  • HamburgmeinePerle


    I think it's good, but 1h is too long imo, I just can't concentrate so long when listening someone explaining sth about Poker ;)

    47:10 KK

    I don't like raising the River: first of all you're right, that a 3-bet is nearly never a bluff but if so in 1 of 100 times our EV still goes down.

    But that isn't the main point.
    I just don't think that we have the 50% EQ we need for raising as he does have the J in most cases, Qx and 98 often c/r on the Flop and it's questionable if he raises T9 and T8 on the Turn. I think we're behind too often and raising wouldn't be an option for me.

    I liked your explanations about Overson's bluffs with "too strong" hands as his bluffing range would get too wide if he even bluffs such strong hands.

    But one thing to that point: there are situations when Khigh = 3high if Villains range is very strong or at least doesn't include hands worse than Khigh.

    And once this is given, it doesn't matter what hands you bluff, maybe the gameflow is perfect for a bluff but right in this situation you do have a hand that is in the top50% of your range. If you bluff it then, it's not said that you bluff any hand worse than that as you picked the spot only because the situation was good for it.

    Maybe the situation occurs very seldom but you have a rather "strong" hand of your range, you probably should bluff it though you wouldn't bluff any worse hand in that spot as default.

    And it could be better if you have chances to get the best hand by improving to not only have the low 10% of your range if you're bluffing so Villain can't guess if you did improve or not on later streets.

    I hope you understand what I mean.

    I gave 4 stars but that was right now, after you complained about too low ratings without explanations ;)

    I can't give 5 stars to any vid that has no big mistakes, as you wouldn't need the option to give 1 up to 5 stars then :)
  • Boomer2k10


    I don't know if I was complaining, more seeking feedback :)

    But you're right that an hour is the maximum limit and tbh I try and keep play video to 45 mins and theory to 30 minutes, it's just really hard to hold people's attention for any longer than that. You should have seen how long it would have been without me cropping it :D

    You are correct that there are situation where K-High essentially = nut low in a lot of situations and there are circumstances I'd trun K-high into a bluff, in fact it usually is in 3-bet pots becasue you can target pocket pairs and it's unlikely you can get to SD profitably.

    What I would say is that if you're defining what you should bluff by hand strength, standard way, then bluffing King high is going to lead to a heavily weighted bluffing range.

    If You're going for a % Bluff range, i.e. balance, so essentailly you're rolling a dice and bluffing on a 6 if you need to bluff 15% of the time, then yes bluff raising K-high is perfectly fine becasue you're not seeing Showdown anyway.

    It was mainly an a warning that if you are defining your bluffs by hand strength, which is easier, you should look towards the bottom of your range otherwise your bluffing % is going to skyrocket and it becomes a bad bluff.

    Your point is a great one though.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    yeah, true it's much easier to do it by hand strength. But it's better if you do it by rolling a dice...I admit that I don't do it either and I would agree if you argue that it doesn't matter at all on these limits if you bluff the bottom end of your range instead of randomise it.

    there are 20-side-dices (don't know if this word exists but I hope you understand it^^), so you can bluff in 5% steps, that's no problem but who does this really?!

    So I agree wiht you in this point, but the way you explain it in the vid sounds like "bluffing with too strong hands is bad as your bluffing frequency is too high then" (I exaggerate a bit).

    But I do understand what you want to say with that point.
  • Boomer2k10


    Haha, yes we have those dice, we call them D20's or at least in the Magic the Gathering Playing Community where they're used a ton we did :)

    There is actually a D100 (100-sided Dice) I think that ever lands on a face I don't know...unless it's the size of a football.
  • Boomer2k10


    @ Liverix

    Sorry I missed your comment, thanks very much :)

    I just wish I could speak German and enjoy the German content as well :)
  • Dollyy


    Vid is fine, timing is fine as well. People who can not focus longer than 45 mins, can watch it in two parts - without extra charging - or?
  • Mythoughts


    What Dollyy said... I like long videos. I can focus for quite a while, if you cant, watch it in 2 sessions.
  • Tillit


    How does PS manage those stars. Rounding at 4,5 or is one rating at 4 enough to screw full rating?
    Anyway, your vids are well prepared and really professional. Dry humored as well, so definitly no complains :).
  • Tarhonya


    If it's from Boomer, than the longer the better!

    I'm confortable with watching videos in more parts, even though I rarely do that.