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In this video pzhon shares essential knowledge about push/fold ranges in SNGs. He will show you how to adjust your ranges to your opponents in order to exploit them.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by pzhon!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Fistor


    FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU....best coach in here does ST and i can´t watch it -.-
  • madein1984


    very nice vid, thx. The only thing that could be improved is a cursor that indicates the numbers you are referring to.
  • itSmIn3z


    Very good vid. You can really work with this video and your own stats...
  • Dumm1984


    Now THAT was helpful! I'll compare my data with yours once I have a couple more SNGs to look at.
  • allbusiness


    all of my thumbs up!!! as ussual, great video!! thank you, =).
  • DonTabamsey


    incredibly good video, already your other videos were extremely good, but for me as a superturbo player, this was certainly the most helpful vid ever released on pokerstrategy
  • pzhon


    @3 Good suggestion. It's not easy to do that with my current production method, but I will look for ways to highlight the numbers under discussion in the future.
  • itSmIn3z


    How did you collect and filter the stats? Did you use HoldemManager for it? Would be nice if you could explain it, so maybe I can give it a try at my limits.
  • pzhon


    I used HEM for this analysis, yes. For the calls, I looked at the steal success rate by position, filtered by the number of players and effective stack depth. It was much more complicated to analyze the pushing ranges. I found a filter for the walks, then counted the times the SB open limped, then the times the SB open raised. Put together, these give the VPIP and PFR for the SB, and also the times that the button open-folded. Then I counted the buttons' open limps and open raises, etc.
  • ElNunho


    Great video, needs more!
  • spliff77


    thank you, vN!
  • aggronom


    Douglas, you are the best - more sng vods plz!!!
  • gimme136


    very very good! thank you
  • qnb07


    what site is that data from?
    ftp has 2$,5$,10$ so it can't be there.
  • SunnYeah


    Говорила мама: "Учи английский.."
  • elekadammate



    You mentioned, that there are more sites, where you can play these games. I only know, that FTP organise only superturbo SNG-s.
    Where is 15bb games?
    What sites can i play superturbos( except where u start 75bb )?
  • maniac



    i really enjoyed your video gj.How do think about bringing it all together? You´ve made a summary which is very cool, but how about a sum up screen in which you show us a whole overview about the situations. Could be a two line chart with four colums. In which you write their tendencies in various situations like sb shoves will be called to tight. I know you mention it preferctly in your video, but i think you want to teach better you need visualise a litte bit more bevore it gets to dry and to hard to keep in mind.

  • pzhon


    @17 Giocodigitale is an Italian site. I believe they have had 9-player 50-30-20 super turbos starting with 15 big blinds. PokerStars has some hyper turbo tournaments (both MTTs and STT satellites) which are quite similar, although on PokerStars there are antes.
  • pzhon


    @18 Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, some sort of graphic like that would be a helpful summary.
  • Kaiserludi


    Best Super Turbo Video, I have ever seen. *thumbs up*
    Please more of it.
  • PokerPirate1


    If I were an alien with ten hands, I would clap them all for the maker of this vid :)
  • taavi1337


  • Tim64


    Thanks, Douglas; good stuff.
  • davidgod


    OMG what a remarkable excellent vedio.
    i like it so much i watched it 5 times today.
    some suggestion 1 you should also put the calling range against a certain opponent's push range according to icm.
    2 make more vedio in superturbo.
    oh and i have questions
    1why all the game are 3.8 7.5 it is last year's data .
    2 what do you think about the future of superturbo after the dark friday.
  • pzhon


    @25 This data was from a couple of years ago or more. You do have to ask whether the games have changed since then, perhaps due to the exclusion of Americans from some sites on April 15th, 2011. I think the fundamental types of mistakes made by casual players will stay the same, but the percentage of casual players in the games may change.
  • brooksjohn


    From the comments this looks like an excellent video. Can it be made available to silver and below members.
  • JohnTheGreatest


    Tnx, pzhon!

    1) Can I apply exactly those same ranges you mentioned in video for turbo/normal speed SNGs? - or, I have to do NASH calculations for my own games, cause chip amount in the turbo/normal speed games is a bit different (more chipas in play I mean)

    2) Does NASH pushing/calling ranges is different in turbos/normal/super turbos in general? - or it just depends on how many BBs you have in front of you (in given concrete position)???
  • pzhon


    @28 Hi. The ICM and the Nash equilibrium do not depend on the speed of the tournament, only on the stack sizes and blinds. You do tend to hit different stack depths near the bubble when you play tournaments of different speeds, e.g., the pushing range for 4 equal 5 BB stacks is different from the pushing range for 4 equal 10 BB stacks, but once you know the stack depth the Nash range does not depend on the speed. Your opponents' calling ranges may depend on the speed systematically.

    The Nash equilibrium ranges in the video assumed that the stacks were equal. In practice the stacks will differ, which sometimes means the Nash pushing range is tighter, and sometimes looser.
  • Avatars91


    Simply excellent!


    1.nash equilibrium has been modeled for hu play.

    you were showing short handed play (with less than 10bbs) not hu play

    nash equilibrium is infinitely difficult if you do not play hu but 3-4-5 handed. there is an exponential function involved in the difficulty of getting answers of nash eq in 3-4-5 handed nl holdem/

    2. you were reccomend tightening my pushing range because i need 40% equity ? that's bs, coach. what about the amout of dead money and fold equity there? my sd equity can be tiny compared with those 2 together