Highstakes Heads-UP: GoMore21 vs. Isildur1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $5000
  • Heads-up
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Polish coach Gomore21 played HU on the NL5k tables against Isildur1 himself. In this microseries he reviews the most interesting hands that occured during te match.


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Comments (34)

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  • Rothko


    Please make this video basic lol
  • KTU


    content is kinda super basic :(
  • ChrisDePiss


    nice first hand :)
  • Jaschamc


  • redkillaa


    his voice is identical with Phil Gordon lol!
  • controle


    Only 4min, noooooooo
  • Flotallica


    not really helpful if you only show the big hands imo...
    pretty much no gameflow visible...
  • buroloco


    sollt ich da aus reiner neugier wieder grinden???
  • 46xpomo


    gold 4 week plz
  • Goamen


    OMG!!! AT is no good play
  • juanra016


    nice accent
  • juliver107


    4min... lol
  • Genius91


  • beastmode


    i wana watch this :S
  • Raymen


    pls do not speak the whole first 4 minutes
  • pokerjan


    I want my 4 minutes back.
  • kiromanAAKK


    A such event can easily be make public to all community! I dont think it is as "want ask to much".
  • Kariyou77


  • Wills


    WTF #18 learn english or stop trying to use it... I even cant guess ur intention

    @11 he said so in the video, ur comment is very "OMG!!!!!!1111"

    liked the vid
  • Wills


    41:30 he can easily valuebet a worse hand there, so I think your just saying "its a fold" now, because u know his cards now

    overall this vid is indeed a little bit boring, always the same spots, ur passive like hell and he is aggressive like hell, often its just a guessing game = gg hf
  • mr30dejo


    lol :)
  • GutsForSale


    12:50 I am not sure that A9 had you beat :-D
  • abakusschwarz


    BE Player shots NL5k =/ Content
  • jokin4party


    why isnt this coach a winning player on PTR? (on over 750k hands sample)!!
  • salyk


    #25 He is a wining player @FTP.

    playing with Isildur is swingyyy
  • SinPek


    Nice straight flush in the hand for Isildur1... XD
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, GoMore!

    Here is some questions from russian community:

    Why didn't you raise once with a big hand? I think if you are not going to raise it - your bluff range in 3-bet pots is going to be narrow. Looks like you're playing very straightforwardly. I think it is simply won't work against players like Isildur. Or maybe you actually did play it agressively? Or maybe you think this passive strategy is going to be better against him?

    Appriciate any assistance!
  • Maniatrix


    Why play HU vs good opponents?
  • JimmyChances


    Interesting to see how aggressive Isildur is. I bet you have never had to play so passively against an opponent.
  • ZIr00


    Still, when will 2nd part be available ????
  • ZIr00


    Still when the 2nd part will be available???
  • Dodozz


    Perfect video, good job man!
  • Piotr1993


    I wouldnt give u all session reviev against isildur, simply due to fact that its worth way more $$$
  • lixinfinito


    Part 2?