Lowstakes MTT - Part 3

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seeberger reviews the hand history of a $2 on demand MTT that he recently won in one of his coachings. The third part covers the late stage and final table play.


FullTilt hand history review Low stakes MTT

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the final part of seebergers MTT series.

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • antoniocalado


    nice video...thx m8..loved the coments. Good luck
  • baiao1234


    i liked very much your videos, changed my idea of betting, i was playing too bad, bad bets , so these videos helped me alot :D
  • mmmaaarrrccc


    Nice video, pretty sick hands too (QQ hand!)
  • AdamLaw33


    g1 thanks, have a goodie..
  • Tiltberger


    thanks guys! i know i ran pretty awesome!
  • TexasBluff24


    why do you calculate the equity you need? in the replayer it already says that you got 38,1% LOL
  • Ricardp


    Thanks for the videos
  • Tiltberger


    its for you to see how its gonna be calculated...
  • Lipsius06


    Lol, you're a Simpsons fan, Seebi! I noticed a Tingel-Tangel-Bob quote in the chat. So, both thumbs up! And nice vid by the way - like your previous ones. Help me to loosen up my prob. too tight play. So keep on doing them, please.
  • anDre86


    You calculated the equity with the wrong hand. its 85o and not 53o.
  • alexgoncer


    good video
  • BigAl123456


    How do I learn to run as good as u. :)... hopefully u will be makeing more?
  • Metallee


    Nice video again! I have a few questions:

    When you raised 98o because of the dead money you said that if the SS goes all in you would call. Isn't a better idea to push it all in or is it looks weaker than a raise?

    There was a hand after BB is knocked out when you raised with 29o. (19 min) It seemed to me very loose because there were two resteal stacks behind you.
  • Redakloren


    Shame on you :p too much sets up ^^
  • DanielK6670


    Love your video will be watching the rest you have made and will try to do some of your great ideas. Thanks
  • dariusgeorgel


    Very nice, thanks a lot
  • Aude10


    Hmmm not that good play.:-)
  • suvex


    Great video, I loved it! You made it look so easy ;) Thank you very much!
  • AdamLaw33


    Thanks , well played.. It's nice to see someone running as well as I do... :) -_- :)
  • BlackmanCR11


    man, you're way toooo lucky
  • pokerjan


    If a Range has 38% not every Hand in this Range has 38%,too.
  • nicopoker90


    Nice video ! Thanks!
  • Harnas31


    Congratulations ! Jeaah !
  • nipplee


    Congrats:) very nice video.
  • larsra


    Very nice video, thx :)
  • Se7eNz


    Lol not so hard to win when you have AA like 5 times (twice hit the set of Aces and once AA vs KK) and also KK maybe twice and QQ hold up vs 2 x AK. Also hit like 3-4 gutshot straights and a full house on the river with 33. Clearly he is a thinking player and a good player too but it's always much easier when you run that good and then you are 2:1 chip leader at final table. Anyway I am not intending to criticise but would rather see a slightly higher stakes tour where there are more decent players and where you are not so high in chips. For me it is much tougher to play when you are outside of top 1/3 of players - love the effort and the video to show the tourney though. Great job on that and please keep them coming!
  • EquityMe


    16:28 !! :D
  • vagabondy


    After watching these videos I went from consistently placing 100-200 place. I just places 29th just from your vids and this site in one night! Tanks so much.
  • madasa


    very good video. :)
  • bobi7ang


    nice and understandable video, thanks