SnG Wizard Special Introduction

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  • salflip


    great vid very & helpful looking forward to the next 1
  • AussieIan


    where do you get the software from? also, is it something you advocate using while playing, or to be used to review your play afterwards?
  • Njord41


    Sit and go wizard don t run when i got pokerstars opened, does that change with registered version?
  • beachman


    No due to pokerstars policy SnG wizard will not run if pokerstars is open. This doesn't change with the registered version.
  • bckdrflush


    very userful video thanks - i'd like to know a bit more about how to use the edge value.
  • miskokvo


    use brain thath is all u need ... nl is simple game ... make your style and play sng by own .... playing acording program is pretty stupid .... (i recomend using HUDs to show stats,odds..)

    efective play is simple : 1 stage -tight as rock... 2 stage litlle bit loose ...3 stage very agresive try to steal pot,blinds,using big stack adv. to hammer buble position ... that is all u need to know ... play lots of hand and u will know read your oponents
  • miskokvo


    i started play on fulltilt but i play very bad .(now playing at mansion) .. after i learn how to play every stage i acomplished 22% ROI - SNG 10 players 5-10$ 4 at one time ... make me profit about 1200$ per month
  • bender834


    nice video :)
  • helemaalnicks


    @ miskokvo:

    We DONT advice playing according to the sng wizard software. It is a tool with which you can analyse your own game, and have the hands of each tourney in 1 row, so you can easily find your leaks. With a tracker this would be much harder.
  • mouse89


  • miskokvo


    hmm :) im using sng wiz for 2 months now and it helped a lot in my late game... it gives you nice psychologic advnacne coz you can check back your decesion etc
  • overbe


    Damn, i realized how useful SNG Wizard is only when started to play 50$ sngs.. :( This program is vital for playing profitably on higer limits!!! Trust me and you probably wont experience insane swings as i did.
  • vanao


    very nice video. I enjoyed it very much.
  • Varangino

    #14 in case you're wondering where to find it
  • QuarKUS7


    The video doesnt start :(
  • Angelface21


    in my SNG wizard I am not be able to click on the player names like yours. I also do not get that game chart up the way you got it. What I am doing wrong?
  • Harnas31


    thx , very useful soft