Userreview with Boomer2k10: Cataah

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded
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Boomer continues his series, where he reviews the play of fellow pokerstrategists. In this episode Cataah plays $0.5/$1 shorthanded on PokerStars.


PokerStars User Session Review Userreview with Boomer2k10

Comments (16)

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  • Augepaul


    Fürst :D
    Enjoy the new user session review by Boomer!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • FishermansFriend


    nice :)
  • Boomer2k10


    Looks like one of the perks of Diamond is first strike capability :-)
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    44:10 A2s UR

    why not cbetting the Turn?! He could have Overcards...of course all draws hit but he wuld peel any 2 overcards on the flop probably.

    I would not say that you have to Cbet the Turn but it's not awful imo, though c/f might be better, I don't know.

    nice vid again
  • taschendamenfalter


    thx for another nice vid boomer.

    apart from the content you deliver, i really appreciate the extra efforts you invest in the production of a vid, e.g. zooming in to the table of interest or dimming off the other tables like in this vid. it helps a lot to concentrate on the action you're talking about.

    improving my (spoken) english seems to be an additional bonus being a reg on your vids (or as my native friends told me: "your english became a lot poshier lately":))
  • GosuRage


    Video tittle:
    "Fixed-Limit | FL $0.50/$1 | Fullring"

    Its shorthanded :)

    btw nice voice, pro vioce :D
  • madorjan


    Thanks for the vid, it's great as usual. I totally agree with #5 about the extra value of the production.

    I have a quick question: I think you focus on balancing a bit too much for this stake. I mean from my experience on .5/1 (but even higher) the opponents are bad and they just don't care about your range, so I basically can see just a few spots where you want to have a balanced range. Am I wrong here?

    Thanks in advance, and once again, great vid!
  • Boomer2k10


    @ taschendamenfalter & GosuRage

    Thanks very much :)

    Since I'm from the North of England I find it quite funny being called posh but I promise I can do a good Liam Gallacher impression when called upon.

    @ madorjan

    Actually I'm usually one of the first to say exactly what you do, that balancing isn't neccessary vs bad opponents but in some cases it's a good idea to at least have an idea where a balanced strategy lies so you know how best to deviate. Also it's obviously better for your overall game as you move up to be able to think in that way but you're right that attempting to play hyper-balanced at this level is unnecessary.

    I'm not sure if you have a specific example for me?
  • madorjan


    I wrote the comment after seeing the A9 hand on the 9 hi flop (around 3:00), so that you'd go for the cfrt for balancing reasons. It's pretty funny, that I'd go for the cfrt too, but only because he'll fire twice here after 3betting like pretty much always, but I'm not sure I'd take that line with any 9x, that A helps a lot (reverse dominating better As).

    By the way balanced strategy... how do you balance in that spot? Peel with your entire range and then raising the turn with nutty hands or semibluffs? Or do you raise anything here on the flop? If so, how do you balance that out?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Augepaul


    Thanks :) It was an honour :)

    @Boomer: Hell yeah it is ;)
    Nice Vid again! Really like your Videos!

    @6 tried to fix that, but unfortunately couldn't :(
  • Boomer2k10



    To be honest it's kind of a combination of both reasons you state why I'd wait until the turn.

    re: Balancing in this spot I don't raise much here. I expect my opponent to barrel pretty much always and my peeling range is so huge I need to protect it. Additionally his range is going to be heavily SD bound considering his preflop 3-bet so bluff raising the flop is unlikely to work.

    If you're going to raise the flop at all as long as you've got to simply keep your % of ranges value vs bluffing in correct ratio, it's going to be very low here.

    The "call flop with everything you want to continue with" is also fine, it's the simplest way of keeping your range wide but it's not the only way to "balance" and it does mean you have to watch your turn raising ranges when you do.

    I'm going to go into this deeper in my next Hand Judging video using a Combo Counter.
  • Boomer2k10



    Looking back on it now it's not dreadful in a "Take the pot now" situation but a lot of those overcard hand have picked up gutshots/one card FDs and may bluff us off our hand. If they haven't they're probably going to fold so I would call this an "Open your throat" bet.

    Add to the fact that we probably have to x/f half the deck on the river it's just horrible.

    The only way I can see it being good is if you're going to bet the river come what may and turn your hand into a bluff vs A-high and pairs. Vs some opponents this may be fine. I don't think we can just bet and x/f unimproved though there's got to be consistency...we've just got to recognise we're bluffing here.
  • cataah


    6:13 Q4 on AA2 it is not an instant fold. He has a lot of bluffs in his hand and I could have a lot of A in my hand. It is not instand fold. Maybe a 3bet could be good. Or even a calldown :-S
  • datsmahname


    This is my favorite FL silver series so far but I had to stop watching this video at about 30 minutes in.

    The delivery contains far to many "uhh's" and then sometimes you'll repeat half a sentence before finishing it.

    I mean, its not really -EV but it induces huge variance and its definitely not +EV. Other than that, you're playing great sir.
  • Boomer2k10



    The reason I'm thinking immediate fold there is that I think a calldown with Q4-high is unnecessary here. If you want to call down some decent K-Highs I've no objection there but weak Queen highs he's not going to be bluffing enough in my opinion.

    Given we're probably not calling down and we can't call our pair outs anywhere near 100% clean I'm happy letting the hand go immediately
  • Boomer2k10



    Thanks for the honest feedback and yes it's something I'm trying to correct in my delivery. I'm trying a few new things like recording audio in bits etc to try and avoid this, narrating through an enitre video is hard even with notes :)

    Sorry you didn't feel you could get throuh it, I just ask you to bear with me while I try and improve it

    Thanks for the feedback