Spot the Spot - Part 1

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TheLastNail is back with a new series in which he reviews other players game on midstakes No-Limit. In this video the hero is one of our other producers, mbml.


series Spot the Spot User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by TheLastNail!

    As always, please keep the comments in English!
  • Gustl55


    Thx for a very good video. I especially liked mentioning differences between midstakes and highstakes and explaining how good players can exploit certain lines like c-betting the AKJ-Flop. I also enjoyed the explanations on perceived ranges. Sometimes I got a little impatient because of the English, but I really learned a lot and I hope there are more videos to come! Thx again.
  • i5bet72o


    "when god has gifted u the power of the button use it" :)
  • i5bet72o


    these games seem kinda rediculus, everyone seems to be a regular. btw, tln are u playing with poker chips in the backround?
  • peche025


    very good video, definately make more
  • mbml


    @#4: Yes I was playing at off-peak hours and didn't really bother to table select for the video,

    and yes TLN plays with his chips all the time I think.
  • Freddz


    What do you think about Roy's play on the last hand ? IMO his check on the turn is awful. As you said, our range is mainly composed of Kx/Qx with good kicker and FD. And this range will call nearly 100% of the time a turn bet, and check behind very often.

    So he probably missed a lot of value on the turn. Do you agree with that ?
  • Cornie4ever


    very enriching vid :)

    I really liked the moment around 49:50 3bet shoving AK on flop. Very nice explanation and good to see the math here :-) Also good comment "he aplied very exploitable exploiting play" :)

    as an improvement point - especially in the beginning I was a bit lost with what you mean and what you want to say (e.g. with that 3s6s FD IP it was bit chaotic, but in the hand I got the point). It always helps to give clear example, especially to noobs like me :-)

    look forward to your next videos! Thank you for sharing knowledge
  • Aerox88


    very good vid. let us hear some mor from u.
    top coach
  • TheLastNail


    hey guys, thx for the feedback,

    i ll try to improve my clarity in the future as well as not make so much noise w my chips - i am just a total chipplaying addict tho :P

    @7: i dont like esp the donk on F by him. Extra hard to balance well, hard to bluff oop when our range is going to be mostly calling also (if he doesnt believe we are superagro monkeys which raise any boards with just backdoors). This is not the type of board that ppl bluffraise ip as pfas much. If it was a different type he could do potentially some fancy d/min3bet which would be balancable, but not here. c/r is much better and standard, board is going to be cbetted by pfa much w air, why not to attack the wide range and let him put agro dead money in? seems like much more logical. As for turn as played, the c/r plan w the weird flop play is ok, coz he puts us on a strong range which will bet itself and cannot see much which will bluffraise him if he donks again..
  • dhw86


    40:00 table 2, your AK on Qxx

    you gave your opponent 3 FD combinations and 3 KK combinations and and used pokerstove. but: 2/3 of the KK combos had the Kd in it, which you had in your hand. doesn't this mean you stoved AK on that board against 3 FD hands and 1 KK hand, which means the actual equity against this range is way lower?
  • dhw86


    damn no edit possible.

    your at 34%
  • Peter87


    i am a player from the german comunity, so actually you dont know me. I think there are a lot of interesting spots in the vid and i like your way of thinking. Still, I have quite a bit of a different opinion in some of them (which is pretty normal, i guess). It is a little bit too comprehensive to discuss this in in the "comment" section. Are you interested to talk in skype about it?
  • v3rc3tt1


    very very nice vid TLN :)
    Definitely make a series!

    I hope you are willing to get into some more details about some of the topics you talked about either in the comments or hopefully in the next part.
    3:40 A6o 3b table 3
    If mbml's betsizing is too big given late positions/ranges what bet sizing would you recommend in this particular spot. Considering our range doesn't hit good enough many of the boards like K-Txxr, paired boards etc. etc. Does it mean that in these positions and boards we should go for leverage bets ? Is the opposite true for drawy/heavy drawy boards(bigger bets) and how big exactly - Flop-Turn-River? Different turns?
    38min AKo hand

    How do you construct villain's cbet raising range? He's supposed to be unknown like 200 hands so you don't know whether he folds to 3bets/cbets/even his raising range etc.
    You touched on the topic of having exploitable strategy in spots like the first one. Could you get in some more details on it for all streets?

  • Shevtshenko


    This vid was definitely good but not as good as the Unconventional lines -vid was.
  • TheLastNail


    @11&12: ah, yea, sorry, i made a mistake, our equity when AI is going to most likely a bit lower yea, but still: how often is he raising KK on this board and not stacking of PF? i think 1/3 of times is still possible, so i dont rly think we get much below 40% eq since most of the stackoff range is going to be just fds. Most important here is that he is going to bluffraise this w all sorts of backdoor hands/ total air, coz hero was too straight forwardish in these spots (i coach him, so i know- he is not anymore tho :) )

    @13: if u play up to NL1k, add me np, see my profile.

    @14: the betsize should go along what we can represent. Now if it was BB vs UTG and we (bb) 3betted, it's ok to bet bigger since obv our range is narrower (stronger), here it's late pos and early, trying to rep some OP on this board by betting bigger is just too unrealistic given our wide range. Therefore we should bet smaller, to rep wider, valuebetting fe any pair + also AQ high fe. Not only we get value from many more Aghihs vs weak floats by doing this, but also we INDUCE spazz, which we have space to fight back against still (compared to when we bomb it, his raise is also going to be bigger therefore we are udner more pressure). Ofc this is all levelling and impossible to discuss more thoroughly at this place..
  • TheLastNail


    also thx for all the positive feedback and evaluation, i will make more vids in the future.
  • AltisA


    About the AK hand at 45:00-49:00: why do you think that AQ doesn't make sense for the villain? It's obviously in his raising range preflop, and it makes perfect sense for him to call it against bmIm's 3-bet.

    Now the question is how he should play it on the flop. bmIm's range can be perceived as very wide given that he has been 3-betting left and right. So he can either call to provoke further bluffs or raise to provoke some spazz, semibluffs from all flush draws, and valueraises from Qx and maybe as low as TT since that raise really doesn't look like it contain a lot of value hands in it. I believe you can definitely put more fds like AsJs in his range as well as all AQ's.

    On the other hand, why would he raise weaker fd's? He can't call a push with JsTs and it is very unlikely that hero will call oop, so raising with JsTs is like forfeiting all hand equity.
  • z1pz0r


    TheLastNail, I'd really like some live video from you.
  • Fox128


    I agree with with #18:

    I don't think he's raising ALL the flushdraws ip, as he can't really call a shove and would forfeit his equity right there.. Maybe he could call if he had the nutFD, but we're blocking that!

    Also I would give him much more credit for AQ and even KQ. Actually the reason why it would make perfect sense is YOU saying it doesn't make sense: So if you're thinking about stacking off with AK there, you are absolutely nailed to stack off with any Draws there too (with even better EQ than AK), so him raising small can induce you to do that, and I would think villain knows about that. So it would make perfect sense with AQ and maybe even KQ. He isn't folding AQ on later streets anyway, but Hero is giving up many Turns with AK etc.etc. so raising there might even be a more valueably play with AQ from villain's pov.

    So as a conclusion I'm not so sure if jamming AKo is really going to pay-off there. However, it might, as I still see some bluffs there (instead of draws that are going to call), so fold-EQ is probably higher and actual EQ is lower. Definitely needs some recalculation under these assumptions too.
  • luizsilveira


    Where is the rest of the series?