Strictly Six Max - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $215
  • Shorthanded
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faarcyde presents his new series on 6max SNGs. In the first part he playes FR and SH mixed and shows the most important differences you need to know about if you're considering transition to 6 handed SNGs.


FullTilt series Session Review Strictly Six Max

Comments (17)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by faarcyde!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • elekadammate


    Thank you, really great video.

    How do you seperate the hands by number of players?
  • LLuq


    Thank you for 6max content.
    I would push AQo in the BB at the bottom right table, because as you said before, just calling in the BB sucks because you have to check/fold many flops. I think he would call almost any Ax and KQ, and u have a lot of fold equity. The stack sizes suck a little bit but I think the push has a better EV than flatting. I also don't like the completing in the SB an the Bubble because the BB never fold to a small bet on the flop, and raises or pushes almost always if you complete.

    Nice video anyway.
    More of this please.
  • faarcyde


    @LLuq: Could you give the time of the hand you are referring to?
  • faarcyde


    @elekadammate: I assume you are speaking of HEM filters...go to "Additional Hud Filters" in the HUD options menu item and set them for 2-2, 3-4 and 5-6.
  • kanzler80


    I believe LLuq is referring to min 17:45. Lokking forward to the next parts of this series.
  • LLuq


  • LLuq


    Exactly :D
  • faarcyde


    @LLuq: If you play around in Wizard you will see it is almost impossible to make this a +EV shove unless he is opening greater than 50 percent and calling less than ten percent which I think is pretty ambitious of a thought. Basically I don't like any option here but I decided calling is best since he appeared to be a very poor player I think I could make it worth my while to flat.
  • pokertalent


    I don't see that 85o being so standard?
    The NashRanges are:

    SB 56.6%, 22+ Kx+ Q2s+ Q8o+ J4s+ J8o+ T4s+ T8o+ 95s+ 97o+ 85s+ 87o 74s+ 76o 64s+ 53s+
    BB 32.3%, 33+ Ax+ K5s+ K7o+ Q8s+ QTo+ J9s+ JTo

    How do you play in the BB against SB pushing 65% or more?

    In my point of view he can easily call this 33% as he is the smallstack and it is not the bubble.
  • Giulio9526


    Finally a SH video , thanks a lot , good job :D
  • ivelin67


    Hello , since there are no other SH Sng videos , could you make this one accessable for users with lower status or produce other SH SNG videos, on lower stakes maybe?
  • Tim64


    good stuff, thanks trfc.
  • faarcyde


    @Pokertalent: Could you give me the exact time. Thanks.

    @Iveline67: You are in luck, I believe my next video will be available to all users for a period of time.
  • ivelin67


    It would have been great for me to be able to watch your videos , but unfortunately , the next vid is also available for platinum users only. :(
    I don't know if there is enough demand for this kind of SNG's , but it will be great to produce some vid for at least gold members. :)
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, faarcyde. There are some questions from russian community:

    1)What stats are you using when HU starts and why?
    2)What do you think is better in HU - SAGE or Nash and why?

    We appriciate any assistance!
  • faarcyde


    @Inspire: HU I usually use the standard ones and c-bet, fold to c-bet, c/r, fold vs turn bet, aggro factors, WTSD and W$SD. SAGE is basically a cheap version of Nash meant to help you remember it a little bit easier. I just use Nash.