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In his new video Jonathan reviews a series of hands he busted out from MTTs with. He will look for mistakes as he analyzes these key hands.


FullTilt hand history review Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by Jonathan Little!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Olorion


    spew less
  • xWoodayx


    very nice video again!

    i only dont like the play against your frind bebop with your 55. his donk is weird and of course you know him quite well, but i dont like the "bluffcatch-calldown" at all. u say he could hold "almost any hand" there. that being said, there are soooo many cards u don't want to see, u don't want to see any overcard and u don't want to see any diamond.
    and if you think he can have any 2 here, why not raise his donk bet? he will fold his bluffs and will probably only bring in good draws and hands, that have you beat anyway. i think i would probably raise small and fold to a shove. of course i know that you only make him fold hands that are probably worse than your's, but i think picking up the pot or fold to a raise (you will still have a decent stack afterwards) would be better in this spot than calling down, hoping he is on a bluff.
  • ihufa


  • Sevuninhooo


    very nice and interesting format!
    great video!
    hope for more vids like this :)
  • PBurdorf


    i would love to watch this vid. but its not running here.
    could you PS guys might fix it ?
  • JonathanLittle


    Looking back, I think raising bebops donkbet is probably best because there are simply too many bad cards to come. The only problem with a raise is it puts me in tricky spots if he pushes because he will not only push or call with hands I have beat. He isnt a standard straightforward opponent at all.
  • ByronJacobs


    6.18: It always strikes me as odd that QQ v AKo is always referred to as a "flip" (everyone says this). It's not really - it's around 57-43. This is pretty much the same as, say, A8o vs 97s and noone ever calls that a flip as the A8 hand is obviously ahead.

    I wonder if a UTG raise with AKo can sometimes be a fold against a pretty tight re-raiser as he won't have much AQ or worse in his range. If the re-raise comes from 99+, AQs+ and AK then you only have 43%. If you add AQo then it's 48.6% so you're OK with the dead money and money already committed.

    I know you like to raise pretty wide UTG but if the re-raiser doesn't know that their range will often be very tight. At best you might have a neutral EV call which, as you point out elsewhere in the vid, is a situation you want to avoid.