MSS for Beginners - Part 1

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Gerv presents you a new MSS video series. Through reviewing the coaches and various users play you will learn the basics of midstacking and get an insight to the most typical errors you should avoid.


MSS for Beginners series Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new MSS Basic series by Gerv!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Toti1989


    U showed us that the play with kings was okay with the equilator because we have 53%.

    But we would play similar when we have an overpair with queens at a jack high board and we have just 48%
    or with jacks on a t high board and so on

    So we are just ahead wehen he has just one overcard (kings against AK, queens against AQ)

    so i dont know if this a right prove that our play was ok.

    Dont understand me wrong. I know we are very often ahead because the guys ship it with junk, but i just dont like your equilate the specific situaion to show that the play is right.

    sorry for my bad english ;)
  • Gerv



    Can you provide me the time I explained this ? Furthermore can you illustrate to me how you get this 48%? ''QQ on Jxx board versus which range'' is what I mean.
  • Toti1989


    QQ (without clubs) against AcKx
    on a Jc8s2c board.

    so again overpair on a similiar board.

    but now villain have 2 overcards and the flush draw, but we would play the hand like

    KK on a Qc8c2c board.
  • tsitua


    Am I the only one that cannot watch the vid, I just get a pixeled something where i can see nothing, like a failed grafikcard, but the sound is OK. Ohter vids here on PS are fine.
  • Pikfrik


    very nice video....

    why did u raise preflop 4BB + 1BB/limpers instead of 3BB ??
  • pyure


    I notice you're auto rebuying to 40bb, is that just for handiness for the video, or something thats recommended ?
  • Gerv


    #5 I didn't use a different codec or something so please try to use a different browser or contact one of our CMs

    That's the only thing I missed out unfortunately. I had several advanced reasons for it but raising too much can't hurt with a tight range right? We just get more money in the end :)

    I think I let FTP rebuy my stack to the stack I bought in but I think it is more handy to apply what is said in the articles (let is slip down to 30bb and then rebuy)

    - Gerv
  • Gerv


    #2 & #4
    When Hero has an overpair (KK on Q82 or QQ on J82). I think Villain can raise all-in with a Top pair as well and not only those overcards+flushdraw combo's. I think it is pretty complex to use a range in that example which means we are mostly far ahead with 55-65%
  • variancekiller


    @#9 also we don't need to be ahead in equity right. Since there is already money in the pot we need to win less often than 50% of the time to make it profitable in the long run. Maybe even 40% winning is profitable in this spot (don't know the exact amount of % we need to win because I am lazy sorry)
  • Gerv


    Exactly variancekiller :)!
  • Pablo1337


    18 min: Why did you 3bet AJs... isn´t it way better calling it in position + playing against that limping fish in early? Think AJs is good enough playing it in position instead 3bet/folding. You have a strong hand against an iso bet from co, which is maybe more loose. So why isolating against worse hands???
  • Leffy


    Great video!

    This is perfect for me since I am playing at NL 0.2/0.5 FR Rush at Full Tilt and I've been trying out the MSS lately.

    I realized I had been doing some mistakes and now I'll work on correcting them.

    I just had my best session so far and I am sure this video played a part in it.
  • Parazitull


    Where can one find the quick fold script?
  • Gerv


    Since the purpose of this video is maintaining a straight SHC approach which means calling is -EV because of all the postflop mistakes one can make (incl. myself)

    Moreover I personally think it really depends. We miss the flop 60% of the time completely and I dont think CO is isolating with a loose range. Moreover UTG+1 fish may drain some equity from us which makes the call for Implied odds slightly more towards Reversed. Additionally we have a SPR of 3 on the Flop which means we dont have much wiggle room to maneuver around. Times we hit an Ace as toppair and villain keeps betting we are more likely to be up against AJ rather than AT-A9s

    Thanks for the feedback :)

    You can download it here:

    You have to setup it according to your own likings (the setup is the one I like atm with mx518 mouse)
  • Pablo1337


    ok sure - if you play like starting hand charts telling u its fine. but its way different play without that SHC I think...
  • Gerv


    #16 if I play differently , I play with statistics so we can make much more accurate decisions based on hand ranges & equity.
  • kingkong2


    gerv do u know how much money u won or lost when u made the video? by the way your SS vids have really helped my game . i was down to under $20 on pkr when i started watching your vids maybe 12 weeks ago, i have worked my BR from under $20 up 2 $760 tonight ,, i really hope u do more MSS vids for the basic
  • Gerv


    I think I lost a stack in this session but I think - results wise - the 10NL video was pretty amazing!

    Thanks for the feedback sir
  • M1rCea


    nice vid,

    Being a beginner myself I often find myself trying the fancy stuff.

    Keeping it simple FTW
  • xxmulcherxx


    how many BBs/Hr do you make with this system?
  • mattisks


    is this really a good strategy?

    I mean for Rush Poker where ppl tend to play stronger ranges than they would play in normal FR?

    What is point of 3 betting AJ there? I think we don't get enough equity for that kind of play especially if you play that short. Its rather shove or fold for me..

    I mean if I go and adjust my play for rush I would be playing probably something nitty and my range won't be worse than 77+, ATs+, KQs and AJo+ which is usual 3bet range.. So trying to gain edge with rather similar hand ranges is rather contraproductive. Especially if you underline that we don't know what to do. We get into lots of problems on pre and on the flop..
  • Gerv


    2-5bb/100 is a good range of winrates

    So you shove 40bb into a 4bb openraise with AJ? Did you do any math into this if this is even profitable if you compute your FEQ% and equity%?

    One takes advantage of both the nittiness of players (you for example) by stealing you and 3betting you lighter. And we take advantage of the loose player (fish) by still maintaining a solid play.

    Saying that we dont know what to do means you haven't look at the articles at all which gives you great guideline on what to do on Pre/Flop , Turn & River sir.

    Best regards
  • Nemster


    Hi Gerv, thanks for the video.

    When are you planning on making next videos for the series ?

  • mattisks


    I didn't say to shove AJ. I just said we 3bet/fold so I would rather be ready to 3bet/shove. For that purpose I would try to figure some better range.

    I mean if you're goin to 3bet range that is probably better or the same as yours it won't be +EV now, will it?

    Surely might be better against me.. Because I will try to steal more from CO, BU & UTG. But most of those fish are there just folding the blinds, waiting for big hands only.
  • mattisks


    I think it is nicely visible in your vid.. You 3bet/fold so often that it doesn't look profitable to me.. And you have to because many times you're just behind preflop and atlest 1/4 behind on flop. I don't see AJ good in that sort of range we use.
  • mattisks


    I give simple example. What will happen to you if I raise early with QQ you 3bet me with AJ and I call (instead of shoving). Here comes dry J high flop and I will check to you. What you goin to do now? Check back to me? I don't think so. You put more money in. Now you're commited and stacked almost 80% of time.

    I know this strategy will prevent many players from going broke too quickly. But my question is. Is the strategy you used profitable in the format of cash game that you used?

    - I am pretty much bad player. But I have to ask even though I already know the answer. LOL
  • Gerv


    #24 Nemster
    My 2nd video is already up on their server so it should be released next week then!
  • Gerv


    Tell me the EV of 3bet/shove regarding pot odds versus his range. I am sure one has to analyze this first to determine which of the options( 3bet/fold or 3bet/shove or 3bet/call ) is solid.

    Your last paragraph perfectly tells a beginner why 3bet is profitable versus fish: they 4bet only with KK+, call with everything worse and fold a lot. If Fish fold their openraises Hero makes money :)
  • Gerv


    I think one has to look at the Starting Hands Chart first. Because one will see that you can't 3bet AJ against an UTG raise hence the situation doesn't arise sir.

    Your question - no wait - your statement with your writing style is based only on the 3bet section of the whole strategy. One cannot conclude it is bad/good based on 1 aspect of a strategy. That is really narrow minded.

    Also if one thinks logically: Why would PokerStrategy release a losing strategy for beginners? Beginners need a simple strategy and if one add ''calling'' preflop in the beginner strategy. the P% chance that a beginner will make a mistake is 99 to infinity.

    The reason is that that aspect will put someone IP or OOP without iniative mostly facing 1, 2 or 3 barrels with a mediocre hand. I'm sure everyone makes the least money with coldcalling rather than being the aggressor.

    Best regards
  • mattisks


    ok Gerv :) I give up. I am bad cash game player after all :) Making money easy in SNGs is probably not as easy in cash game :)

    gl with this good strategy to all of your followers ;)
  • m213ti


    6:50 was the cbet with AQ made according to the chart? as we can see in the chart we should skip cbet on the drawy boards when we hit nothing even against 1 opponent.
  • Tupeeh


    18:40 you did got AJs. What is your cbet sizing if the opponent check flop to you? Do you go broke with gutshot after your cbet?
  • Gerv


    #32 No the cBet was made according to math & logic: we risk 60% to win 100% hence he needs to fold around 40% to be profitable.

    #33, I would actually shove because cBetting would require more than 50% of my effective stack. I think we have decent equity (when we get called by 99 or worse for example) and fold equity
  • zantt


    I'm wondering how to change the cards the way you have
  • gxtwo


    34:10 you folded 88. isnt this a rasing hand according to SHC?
  • axeboy90


    #35 Mee to..been searching for awile and found something, but you have to buy it
    But, it doesnt matter, because i made my own layout. :)
  • Gerv


    Send me a PM to get the cards!

    myeah it is OK to raise it now, I thought was on UTG there
  • DYSKO777


    From th eSteals and Resteals Chart..are w eonly stealing when no one else has entered thje pot? i.e. when it is folded to us??
  • Gerv


    Yes that's correct. It is called ''blind stealing'' so that means there should be no other player involved except Hero and the blinds
  • zwink


    At 31:00 when we dont cbet our AK on a dry board, is this always the recommended play in a 3way pot. I know the chart says c/f but I think I would normally cbet here. Is the chart just keeping it simple for beginners or is c/f always the right play?
  • FlikstRR


    Ive been trying to follow the MSS for about a week but have a very high volume of hands (At least for a part-time/new player) and I'm using PT3 to log hands / winnigns etc but NOT using the hud.. trying to make me read/take notes/ watch the table and play more than the cards..

    I started with the $50.. made a further $50 deposit to start collecting strat points + bonus.. I went up $35 in 2 sessions and was stoked.. then over 2 (very long 8hr+ sessions each) lost it I figure I need coaching as im clearly doing something wrong and losing in long run.

    Found your video and it was VERY helpful. Gonna check the rest out asap.

    3 key things i noticed.. That I need to change

    1/ any Ax (x = 6 - 9), K9+ I limp to hope for flush.. long run bad idea? or just totally bad idea all the time?

    2/ I stuggle to fold KQ/KJ/KT/QJ etc especially with no raise before me.. again I usually limp, again surely on the chance of a top pair/ 2 pair /3of a kind at 5c from late pos only this is not terrible?

    3/ notes.. do you not ALL limpers green? Then all donks (more info, played a hand etc) with purple.. what about in normal FR.. again all limpers green? or is it just in rush?

    All donk mistakes I guess.. I just need confirmation im an idiot to stop me doing it. lol

  • Gerv



    It depends on the reads/stats you have on opponents to make cbetting profitable. generally you need to multiply both fold equity with each other so if one is folding 90% and the other 10% your FEQ is then 9% ;)
  • Gerv



    I generally don't recommend playing 8hours straight without any significant breaks

    1/ Limping is really weak and cannot be balanced with AA because with AA we raise for value (by limping we dont get value)

    2/ As said before limping sucks and I rather raise it then but be careful with those hands because you can easily be outkicked often. Hitting 2pair or better is 2.5% chance by the way

    3/ I use my own colour system so generally I colour note limpers with green and then adjust when appropriate
  • Avskum


    "in the end.. you save money so.. you actually win money :>" Love that one :D
  • Wolverine6


    Hi. in min 31:06 i did not understand why you didn´t do a cbet.. Can you explain please?
  • lordoog