PLO1k Live Session with GodlikeRoy

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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In his new video GodlikeRoy plays a live session at the PLO1K tables on stars and comments it live. Watch him get into some interesting action.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the highstakes action with GodlikeRoy!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • MeBetUFold222


  • nophun


    One of the best poker related blogs out there imo.
  • ZodiaC


    Finally some PLO 1k live video. I really like live videos but unfortunately there were not too many difficult spots.
    @min 42: right table: I really like the turn pot.
    @min 53: left table: Why don't you raise AsKQ9s?
    @min 54: right table: How would you play Aces in this spot as the flush comes on the turn?
  • GodlikeRoy


    Thanks :)

    @min53: the reason I didn't raise is that I very rarely like to raise out of the SB when there are limpers. Playing the pot out of position is a huge disadvantage and when we raise most players will put us on "big cards", so by actually having a hand like AKQ9ss it is difficult to get value when we do flop well (ie AKx flop) and when the flop is all low (like 456, 257, 368 etc) it is hard for us to represent much and our opponents can bluff us very easily. I would probably only raise my most premium hands (both big cards and double suited wraps/rundowns).

    @min54: with aces I would flat his turn lead and play the river, usually folding if he puts out another very large bet. I would also call the turn with most flushes and some of those I would call the river with for balance.
  • liafu


    I like the video, very well played, nice voice.

    Only the notetaking is pretty stupid.
  • Kyyberi


    Why is notetaking stupid?
  • Kojika


    Really enjoyed that video.
  • apopt


    Can you make a short stack live session, please?
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, GodLikeRoy. Here is one question from russian community:

    How many tables are you playing during your standart work session?