Live session with TheNose: -$EV pushes in SNGs

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In his new video TheNose presents some live action from roomPoker. He focuses on -$EV pushes in SNGs.


Live Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by TheNose!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Fox999


  • looserbaby79


    30 min calling with JT was just great
    i like it was suited :-)

    anyway can anybody compare profitability betwen partypoker 10-20sng and 18-45players 5-20 on stars
  • maniac



    gj nose I like it. two things i would like to mention: first the TT oop. I think risk/reward wasn´t that bad to shove pre because your stack was a litte bit to shallow. playing tt op is pretty hard becaus if you don´t have the aggression its just a cc c/f very often imo unless you move sometimes. Nevertheless i think the way you played this one is fine too but iam intersted in your oppinion.

    Second: You explained it very smooth i liked that, but how do you think about differ -ev shoves and -ev calls in terms of wiz diff. I think the main problem for most player is to choose the best spot with less -ev.

    thanks for your vid and i hope i could give you some more thoughts for the next one.

  • Luupainaja


    At 32:13 with 34s on SB - why not to push after BU limps?
  • maniac


    @5 he assumes that the .de villain almost call any2 here. according to that 43s is just to weak to shove. if you compare this with the futurgame aspect than it does´t matter if he get those chips because we can abuse later on to get it back. you don´t have to use every edge you get if the risk/reward is bad. This is because he gots an edge on the villains which he mention in the vid.

  • pokertalent


    -$EV pushes in SNGs

    This describes the video good!
  • bohemiagrove


    hm I play same video I feel less fish cuz I will do 90% of what you did.And the guy with queen jack is even worse them me:).Best silver status s'n'g video thank you.Btw I will soon come to the to your tables
  • Tim64


    Thanks, TheNose. A institution!
  • shehanshah


    lol@9:10..guy haien gets angry in the bottom left table and says "can u pls fk ur head"..hahaha
  • Castle93


    cant believe his J10s got cracked by KK, thats so sick....
  • Castle93


  • Harnas31


    To [10] - guy says " fix ..."
  • Harnas31


    nice calm voice, thx , nice to listen
  • s0cru3l


    nice vid

    I have few questions
    about 6:00 down on the left, u raised AQo and on the flop u think that he is raising his Jx, but imo if he raised he would isolize himself against better hands...u opened the pot from UTG

    about 18:00 T6s upper left, why its not gonna be push...if we fold we r loosing our stack and FE.

    about 25:00 85s BU isnt it push?